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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

Mashable » Supercut of Logan Paul's Japan visit shows his true colors

Friday 5 January 23:58:49 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookLike any vlogger, Logan Paul has always wanted to be the center of attention, but now that the spotlight is on him after he released a highly insensitive video involving suicide, he may be regretting some of the steps he took to get there. A supercut edited and released by We The Unicorns on Friday from Paul's visit to Japan highlights … [Link]

Slashdot » Apple Product Delays Have More Than Doubled Under Tim Cook's Watch, Says Report

Friday 5 January 23:40:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source): Of the three major new products since Mr. Cook became chief executive in 2011, both AirPods earbuds in 2016 and last year's HomePod speaker missed Apple's publicly projected shipping dates. The Apple Watch, promised for early 2015, arrived late that April with … [Link]

Mashable » The Internet of Things now includes everything and the kitchen sink

Friday 5 January 23:38:34 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEverything’s voice-activated these days — even the kitchen sink. The Delta Faucet Company announced Friday it's developing faucets that respond to voice commands. Along with turning off and on, they'll be able to measure amounts of water for cooking, and warm water, too.  SEE ALSO: Microsoft announces pre-order details for its Cortana-enabled thermostat It's all possible thanks to Wi-Fi and Amazon … [Link]

Mashable » Why there's so much hype about Facebook and cryptocurrency

Friday 5 January 23:36:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookFacebook may soon begin exploring uses for cryptocurrency technology. The company's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted his annual personal memo on Thursday — mostly about being a better CEO — but one throwaway reference to cryptocurrency technology captured much of the media's attention. SEE ALSO: Ripple overtakes Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency Writing about how the last year saw … [Link]

Slashdot » New US Customs Guidelines Limit Copying Files and Searching Cloud Data

Friday 5 January 23:00:00 UTC 2018

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has updated its guidelines for electronic border searches, adding new detail to border search rules that were last officially updated in 2009. The Verge reports: Officers can still request that people unlock electronic devices for inspection when they're entering the U.S., and they can still look through any files or apps on those … [Link]

Mashable » The hidden cost of a conveniently connected world

Friday 5 January 22:55:40 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookAs technology moves forward, the conversation shifts from "can we" to "should we." Anil Markose thinks society needs to draw a line in the sand. Read more…More about Tech, Google, Apple, Iphone, and Amazon [Link]

Mashable » Twitter attempts to explain why it won’t ban Trump

Friday 5 January 22:55:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe chances of Twitter banning President Trump over his "nuclear button" tweet just plummeted to slim-to-none. Twitter put out a statement Friday addressing the micro-blogging network's stance on political figures tweeting: Basically, Twitter said it won't block someone like Trump or remove their controversial tweets. The response comes a few days after Trump kicked off the new year with a barrage … [Link]

Mashable » This hilarious video is the only good SNL 'audition tape'

Friday 5 January 22:38:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookPerhaps you've spent hours watching the old Saturday Night Live audition tapes of some of the show's biggest stars. This is not that type of audition tape. Instead, this very good video (spotted by Vulture) from comedian Mary Houlihan offers her talents up for the role of anyone on SNL who isn't, like, Alec Baldwin. SEE ALSO: 2017 was the year … [Link]

Slashdot » Eben Upton Explains Why Raspberry Pi Isn't Vulnerable To Spectre Or Meltdown

Friday 5 January 22:20:00 UTC 2018

Raspberry Pi founder and CEO Eben Upton says the Raspberry Pi isn't susceptible to the "Spectre" or "Meltdown" vulnerabilities because of the particular ARM cores they use. "Spectre allows an attacker to bypass software checks to read data from arbitrary locations in the current address space; Meltdown allows an attacker to read data from arbitrary locations in the operating system … [Link]

New Scientist – News » ‘Thrill-seeking’ genes could help birds escape climate change

Friday 5 January 22:17:55 UTC 2018

Some birds may escape extinction if their genes favour exploring newer, more hospitable habitats [Link]

Mashable » FX says it didn't know about Louis C.K.'s sexual misconduct

Friday 5 January 22:06:12 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe head of FX said the network wasn't aware of Louis C.K.'s sexual misconduct while the comedian worked there, and also claimed an internal investigation didn't turn up any additional incidents of misconduct. FX CEO John Landgraf told reporters Friday that FX had "no awareness" of C.K.'s sexual misconduct before the initial accusations against him went public in November. C.K., who … [Link]

Mashable » The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' is a fitness beast of his own kind

Friday 5 January 21:43:18 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHafþór Júlíus Björnsson is a pro strongman and actor who works out even when he's not working. A 3-time 'Europe's Strongest Man' title holder, his fitness routine is in a class of its own. Read more…More about Celebrities, Health, Mashable Video, Fitness, and Celebrity [Link]

Slashdot » NASA Launches a Mission To Study the Border of Earth and Space

Friday 5 January 21:40:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A new NASA mission, the first to hitch a ride on a commercial communications satellite, will examine Earth's upper atmosphere to see how the boundary between Earth and space changes over time. GOLD stands for Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, and the mission will focus on the temperature and … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Eve Online ESI API Replacing CREST and XML APIs

Friday 5 January 21:38:50 UTC 2018

The popular community-driven space MMO, Eve Online published by CCP Games, made some major announcements regarding the ESI API it launched a little more than a year ago. One of the initial goals of the ESI API was to eventually replace the CREST API and the XML API with a single, comprehensive API. [Link]

Mashable » Snowboarder causes avalanche and races to make it out alive

Friday 5 January 21:20:30 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook It's a good old fashioned race for your life. A snowboarder carving up the side of the Pyrenees mountains found himself in a bit of a predicament when his line accidentally caused a pretty sizable avalanche. Luckily, his friends were there to film the experience and cheer him on as he raced to beat the pack of falling snow behind … [Link]

Mashable » Figure skater Jimmy Ma won us all over by performing to a Lil Jon song

Friday 5 January 21:18:20 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookJimmy Ma just made figure skating the go-to sport of 2018. At the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championship Thursday, Jimmy Ma performed a figure skating routine to "Turn Down For What" by DJ Snake and Lil Jon.  SEE ALSO: I can't get enough of this weird trend where people make music out of other people talking Jimmy Ma brings it at … [Link]

Mashable » Philly cheesesteak-loving dad measured his child with them for a year

Friday 5 January 21:09:46 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWhy record the growth of your newborn child the normal way when you could do it with your favorite food? Twitter user Brad Williams is getting a lot of notoriety for measuring his son in Philly cheesesteaks every month for the first year of his life.  It's not only cute, but also ensured that he got a Philly cheesesteak once a … [Link]

Mashable » The Octopus is a habit tracking smartwatch for kids and it's adorable

Friday 5 January 21:08:57 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Remember when you were a kid and felt like you had all the time in the world? It's difficult to teach a child how to manage their time because they don't have … [Link]

Mashable » Become a boss (literally) in 2018 with this $29 'Learn to Lead' online course pack for managers

Friday 5 January 21:00:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Every January, the internet is sprawling with articles and listicles on how to be a better person and how to become more successful in your career. Some of them are genuinely helpful, but … [Link]

Slashdot » Ex-NSA Hacker Is Building an AI To Find Hate and Far-Right Symbols on Twitter and Facebook

Friday 5 January 21:00:00 UTC 2018

Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai has interviewed Emily Crose, a former NSA hacker, who has built NEMESIS, an AI-powered program that can help spot symbols that have been co-opted by hate groups to signal to each other in plain sight. Crose, who has also moderated Reddit in the past, thought of building NEMESIS after the Charlottesville, Virginia incident last year. From … [Link]

Mashable » Trump rumors are fun, but they're a dangerous fantasy

Friday 5 January 20:58:42 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookDonald Trump's presidency has caused a number of divisions in America. One of the most damaging has been the divide between rational people and the truth. I'm not even talking about Russian rumor mills peddling bombastic stories to impressionable social media users. I'm talking about a growing problem I've noticed on the left side of the political spectrum: believing the absolute … [Link]

Mashable » As your 12-year-old cousin, none of your New York City experiences will ever top my life at Rineton Middle School

Friday 5 January 20:55:07 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookFamily gatherings are my kingdoms to rule.  Everyone gets asked about their lives, but my stories are always the best. I'm 12 years old and in the 7th grade at Rineton Middle School, but that doesn't mean I'm not way more badass then any of my older cousins at this table. SEE ALSO: As a powerful male CEO, I didn’t believe … [Link]

Mashable » Cree Nation leader calls out negative portrayal of historical figure in 'Civ 6'

Friday 5 January 20:54:19 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe real-time strategy game Civilization 6 announced a new playable leader for players to conquer the world with this week, and the people of the Poundmaker Cree Nation are not taking very kindly to it. Poundmaker Cree Nation headman Milton Tootoosis spoke out against Civ 6's use of the namesake of his nation, Chief Poundmaker (Pîhtokahanapiwiyin), telling CBC Radio program Saskatoon … [Link]

Mashable » SE Ranking is a tool to help you land your website on the first page of Google search results

Friday 5 January 20:42:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. When was the last time you went beyond the first page of Google search results? Can't remember? Almost no one else does either. According to a 2014 study, the click-through rate (CTR) … [Link]

Mashable » Specialize in the Internet of Things with this bundle of online courses

Friday 5 January 20:21:51 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. It seems like everything you own can connect to the internet these days, from fitness trackers and light bulbs to basically anything Amazon makes and even refrigerators. The Internet of Things has … [Link]

Slashdot » Ford is Giving Its Factory Workers Robot Exo-suits To Ease To Burden of Building Cars

Friday 5 January 20:19:00 UTC 2018

Mike Murphy, writing for Quartz: Ford's cars are getting closer to driving themselves, but they still need humans to build them. And because people aren't quite as durable as robots, it's trying to make those jobs easier by developing a suit with Ekso Bionics that takes the stress out of working long hours on a car assembly floor. Ekes, founded … [Link]

Mashable » Apple admits that new updates slow older iPhones—but for a good reason

Friday 5 January 20:14:11 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookApple is slowing down older phones to save battery life and to prevent your iPhone from shutting down. If your phone draws more power than its battery is capable of, the phone will shut down. Older batteries will also not perform as well as newer batteries. Apple is offering discounted battery replacement for customers who own an iPhone 6 or later. … [Link]

Mashable » This pizza-loving robot chef is being taught the craft by one of the masters

Friday 5 January 20:09:41 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookA group of engineers from PRISMA Lab at the University of Naples Federico II, led by Prof. Bruno Siciliano, is developing a service robot that is mastering the craft of pizza-making. In order for RoDyMan to learn from the best, the project has engaged a famous Neapolitan pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia, who had to wear a biokinetic sensorized suit so that the … [Link]

Mashable » Could this be the answer to your sinus problems?

Friday 5 January 20:08:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Naväge Nose Cleaner is the neti pot of the 21st century. It uses a gentle suction to pull water into one nose and out the other. It claims to flush out allergens, mucus, germs, and dust and relieve congestion. All your snot will go into the bottom portion of the device, which is a bit gross, but not as messy … [Link]

Mashable » Star Wars fans worldwide are attending lightsaber schools

Friday 5 January 20:08:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookStar Wars fans worldwide are taking courses that combine various schools of fencing and martial arts to fight like Jedi knights. The Saber Authority, LudoSport International, and the School of Saberfighting are a few that offer classes. Read more…More about Film, Movies, Mashable Video, Star Wars, and Fans [Link]

Mashable » What you need to know about the Intel class-action lawsuits over Meltdown and Spectre

Friday 5 January 19:57:54 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. With the tech world still reeling from the revelations about the serious Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities to central processing units (CPUs), the first class-action lawsuits have been filed, just like clockwork.  SEE ALSO: Those huge CPU … [Link]

New Scientist – News » ‘Thrill-seeking’ genes could help birds escape climate change

Friday 5 January 19:44:47 UTC 2018

Some birds may escape extinction if their genes favour exploring newer, more hospitable habitats [Link]

New Scientist – News » The universe could be full of more huge stars than we thought

Friday 5 January 19:44:46 UTC 2018

Part of the Large Magellanic Cloud has 32 per cent more giant stars than we expected. That could mean the universe has more supernovae and black holes, too [Link]

Mashable » We've never seen an East Coast winter storm intensify as fast as the 'bomb cyclone'

Friday 5 January 19:43:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe "bomb cyclone" that slammed the East Coast on Wednesday and Thursday exceeded weather forecasters' expectations in nearly every way. It  dumped more than a foot of snow on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, including 16 inches in Islip, Long Island, and flooded parts of downtown Boston with a storm surge that sent water rising to historic levels.  The storm got its … [Link]

Slashdot » Arbitrary Deadlines Are the Enemy of Creativity, According to Harvard Research

Friday 5 January 19:40:00 UTC 2018

Time can feel like the enemy to an employee in any role, and in any industry, but it's most acutely threatening to creative types. From a report: We may tease them for their diva-like behaviors when they feel persecuted by a deadline, but we have to admit that "develop an amazing new idea" is not something that slides into your … [Link]

Mashable » Get better at SEO by taking this online course

Friday 5 January 19:33:29 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Search engine optimization is something we seriously can't seem to get away from — whether we like it or not, it's the new "it" skill that almost every employer looks for. The … [Link]

Mashable » Every 'Black Mirror' episode ever, ranked by overall dread

Friday 5 January 19:25:44 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Warning: This story contains spoilers for every Black Mirror episode ever. Black Mirror is known worldwide as spooky, scary, and bluntly cynical. Who among us doesn't have a friend who keeps their distance from the show lest they spiral into existential dread? Fresh from the new season on Netflix, we decided to figure out just how despondent this show is … [Link]

Mashable » Light Stax are the light-up blocks that adults will want to play with too

Friday 5 January 19:01:26 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Parents everywhere agree: Stepping on a Lego is the absolute worst.  The frustration that happens when kids refuse to clean up their toys is all too common, especially when the toys are … [Link]

Mashable » Butter Baby is just trying to live her best life. And that life is covered in butter.

Friday 5 January 19:00:32 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook This child is going places.  After discovering a tub of butter left out in the open, this toddler did what just about anyone would do, and decide to rub that deliciously greasy lubricant all over her body and head. Some parents may be upset to find their little one all buttered up and ready for cooking, but the person who … [Link]

Slashdot » Leading Lobbying Group for Amazon, Facebook, Google and Other Tech Giants is Joining the Legal Battle To Restore Net Neutrality

Friday 5 January 19:00:00 UTC 2018

A leading lobbying group for Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter and other tech giants said Friday that it would be joining the coming legal crusade to restore the U.S. government's net neutrality rules. From a report: The Washington, D.C.-based Internet Association specifically plans to join a lawsuit as an intervening party, aiding the challenge to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's vote … [Link]

Mashable » We regret to inform you that Trump does not watch 'The Gorilla Channel'

Friday 5 January 18:52:33 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookAs life has become increasingly bad, it's been harder for people to recognize the difference between fictional dystopias and the real one we're living in. Comedian @pixelatedboat understands this dilemma well. Yesterday, he tweeted a seemingly obvious fictional excerpt from Michael Wolff's jaw-dropping new book about the Trump administration, Fire and Fury.  Tragically — and yet unsurprisingly — nearly everyone seemed … [Link]

Mashable » Udemy's having a huge sale on their online courses right now so you can learn something new this year

Friday 5 January 18:50:05 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. You've probably come up with a few resolutions for 2018. Perhaps you want to get smarter about nutrition or are curious about investing in Bitcoin. Or maybe this is the year you … [Link]

Mashable » These melting laptops just prompted HP to issue a (voluntary) recall

Friday 5 January 18:29:49 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSome Hewlett Packard owners reported their laptop batteries have charred and melted, prompting the tech company to issue a voluntary recall for the affected devices. In the Jan. 4 recall, HP cites eight reports of overheating, one in which caused a minor first-degree burn injury.  SEE ALSO: This nasty Android malware caused a phone to overload and bulge The recall applies … [Link]

Mashable » 'Wonder Woman' just took a big step toward an Oscar nomination

Friday 5 January 18:22:26 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIs there anything Diana can't do? Wonder Woman's already wooed critics, won fans, and ruled the box office – and now she's emerged as an unexpected contender in the 2018 awards race. SEE ALSO: Gal Gadot non-response to James Cameron's bad 'Wonder Woman' take was the perfect answer Today, the Producers Guild of America announced their nominations for the 2018 PGA … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » How Adopting APIs can Boost Your Profits

Friday 5 January 18:13:28 UTC 2018

API creation and adoption are having a moment. As of January 2018, there are nearly 19,000 public APIs in ProgrammableWeb’s API directory. According to recent research, 94% of companies say they either have or are developing an API strategy. APIs are seen as an enterprise necessity. [Link]

Slashdot » What Happens When States Have Their Own Net Neutrality Rules?

Friday 5 January 18:12:00 UTC 2018

Last month FCC Chairman Ajit Pai dismantled Obama-era rules on net neutrality. A handful of lawmakers in liberal-leaning U.S. states plan to spend this year building them back up. FCC anticipated the move — the commission's rules include language forbidding states from doing this, warning against an unwieldy patchwork of regulations. But lawmakers in New York and California aren't aiming … [Link]

Mashable » This powerful greenhouse gas has been rising sharply for a decade. Now we know why

Friday 5 January 18:01:34 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookJust over a decade ago, scientists found that methane — a potent greenhouse gas — had begun to rapidly increase in our atmosphere. The amounts of gas leaking into the sky has risen each year since, and there are two obvious candidates for this surge: Either the release of methane from the oil and gas industry, or naturally released methane from … [Link]

New Scientist – News » A daily blast of sound and electrical pulses may tame tinnitus

Friday 5 January 18:00:00 UTC 2018

A new technique to tackle the phantom noises of tinnitus brought total relief for some patients and eased symptoms in half those who tried it [Link]

Mashable » These camera-sunglasses can post photos and videos directly to Facebook and YouTube

Friday 5 January 17:26:45 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookLet’s be honest: We all document our lives on Facebook and Instagram. But have you ever wanted to do that secretly?  If so, these very strange-looking sunglasses could be for you. Acton, a company which primarily sells electric skateboards, has launched ACE Eyewear, a pair of sunglasses that doubles as a covert camera. (The sunglasses were first discovered by The Verge.) … [Link]

Mashable » Trump's White House reportedly requested a screening of 'The Post'

Friday 5 January 17:26:07 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookDespite Donald Trump's distaste for Hollywood gem Meryl Streep, the White House has requested to view The Post when it comes out this month, and Hollywood has reportedly granted them that request, The Hollywood Reporter reported Friday. The Post, a Steven Spielberg movie about The Washington Post's involvement with the Pentagon Papers and the U.S. government's coverup of operations in the … [Link]

Slashdot » Jimmy Iovine To Leave Apple Music in August: Report

Friday 5 January 17:25:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader shares a report: Look for Jimmy Iovine to leave Apple Music in August. The former Interscope CEO joined Apple in 2014 after selling Beats, the the music service and electronics business that he and Dr. Dre co-founded, to the tech giant for $3 billion. It is believed his departure is timed to his Apple shares fully vesting, … [Link]

Mashable » 15 of the geekiest cookie jars you need for your kitchen right now

Friday 5 January 17:24:29 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. The time is always right for cookies. (Except if there are raisins in them — gross.) But your cookies deserve some nerdy storage to match your obsessions.  SEE ALSO: Learn how to … [Link]

Mashable » Logan Paul's fans still love him and some think he's done nothing wrong

Friday 5 January 17:18:54 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookLogan Paul told his fans he wasn't expecting forgiveness after he published a video of an apparent suicide victim to millions of viewers. "I'm simply here to apologise," he says. But, despite his egregious and irresponsible actions, forgiveness has been granted by scores of his dedicated teen fans, some of whom believe he did nothing wrong.  SEE ALSO: Here's why Logan … [Link]

Mashable » Helena Bonham Carter is reportedly the new Princess Margaret in 'The Crown' Season 3

Friday 5 January 17:16:31 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookNetflix’s The Crown is about to get a new princess. Months after Olivia Colman was crowned the new Queen Elizabeth II for Season 3, Variety reports Helena Bonham Carter has been tapped for the role of Princess Margaret.  SEE ALSO: 27 reasons 2018 might not totally suck (pop culture edition) The Evening Standard first broke the news. The first two seasons … [Link]

Mashable » Save $94 on this Bluetooth speaker by Nyne at Best Buy today

Friday 5 January 17:05:57 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Whether you're hosting a party with a fire playlist or you just don't want to get up from the tub to change your music during a relaxing bath, this portable Bluetooth speaker … [Link]

Mashable » David Letterman's new Netflix series needs no introduction (but the first episode features Barack Obama)

Friday 5 January 17:01:36 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook David Letterman is retiring from retirement. The former late-night host is returning to TV with a new talk show called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, debuting January 12 on Netflix. SEE ALSO: David Letterman and Michael Stipe are basically the same person and here's the proof With a title like that, Letterman will need to bring … [Link]

Slashdot » White Noise Video on YouTube Hit By Five Copyright Claims

Friday 5 January 16:44:00 UTC 2018

Chris Baraniuk, reporting for BBC: A musician who made a 10-hour long video of continuous white noise — indistinct electronic hissing — has said five copyright infringement claims have been made against him. Sebastian Tomczak, who is based in Australia, said he made the video in 2015 and uploaded it to YouTube. The claimants accusing him of infringement include publishers … [Link]

Mashable » Apple Music mogul Jimmy Iovine is reportedly leaving the company

Friday 5 January 16:41:14 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookMusic industry mogul Jimmy Iovine — who recently voiced concerns about the future viability of music streaming — will leave Apple Music this year, according to a Billboard report. Iovine helped Apple launch its streaming service back in 2015. Since then, Apple Music has grown dramatically, acquiring 30 million paid subscribers, second in the world behind streaming powerhouse Spotify, who yesterday … [Link]

Mashable » This startup wants you to rent a gaming PC in the cloud just like you do Netflix

Friday 5 January 16:39:15 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookPC ownership is dead. The future of PCs is subscription-based, just like Netflix. That's what Asher Kagan, president and co-founder of Blade, a French cloud-based computer startup, basically told me as he showed off the full-fledged PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider — detailed 3D graphics and all — running on a phone, tablet, and MacBook Pro. SEE ALSO: … [Link]

Mashable » Cameraman didn't believe a dude's name was real, so they made up a new one

Friday 5 January 16:27:30 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIn 2018, names aren't sacred anymore, not even to news stations.  Hunter Fisher (@hunterfisher21) had the opportunity to be on live television on New Years Day, but the cameraman had a different agenda. He didn't believe Hunter Fisher can be a real name (makes sense), so decided to give him a brand new name – Benjamin Holcomb.  So much for leaving … [Link]

Mashable » Amazon has the perfect sex toy for your cockatiel

Friday 5 January 16:27:04 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Today, I read one of the best Amazon reviews I have ever encountered. Interestingly, it is also one of the most useless… unless you are a bird in the market for a dildo. On Nov. 18 … [Link]

Mashable » Your new phone deserves a wireless charger, so pick one up for only $10

Friday 5 January 16:26:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. If you got a new phone recently, then it probably has a fancy new wireless charging function. Treat it right with this Qi wireless charger that's 44% off on Amazon today. SEE … [Link]

Mashable » Frozen weather reporter, desperate for coffee, gets a happy ending in the blizzard

Friday 5 January 16:23:46 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook If you had to report on the weather in the middle of a blizzard for hours, wouldn't you start yelling on air for coffee too? After reporting in the thick of the winter storm that struck the East Coast this week, Tracie Strahan yelled toward anyone or any building she saw on a seemingly hopeless quest for coffee. She had … [Link]

Mashable » A 'Time's Up' pin is here — just in time for the Golden Globes

Friday 5 January 16:23:19 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookForget the jewelry and clutches, this year's most talked about awards show accessory might end up being a pin. As the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards approach, prominent women in Hollywood have already made it clear they'll be using the night to make a powerful statement against sexual misconduct. Many are already planning to wear black as a public symbol of … [Link]

Mashable » Ready or not, Windows 10 laptops are going all-in on USB-C ports

Friday 5 January 16:22:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookApple got dragged big time for dumping all full-sized USB-A ports for the smaller, reversible, and overall more versatile USB-C ports in its MacBooks, but it was clearly ahead of the curve, since now Windows 10 laptops are following suit. Ahead of CES 2018, Dell has unveiled its revamped XPS 13 laptop. Completely overhauled inside and out, the new XPS 13 … [Link]

Mashable » Spectre and Meltdown are a danger for your bitcoins, but there are ways to keep them safe

Friday 5 January 16:14:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. The recently discovered vulnerability in Intel chips that paves the way for two dangerous exploits — Meltdown and Spectre — is worrisome for nearly every computer user. But for many people, their computers aren't only the … [Link]

Mashable » Frozen iguanas are falling out of trees in South Florida

Friday 5 January 16:12:47 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIf this cold snap has taught us anything, it's that iguanas are zombies and that we humans are merely their unsuspecting victims. Residents of South Florida reported on Thursday that frozen iguanas were falling from trees all over the usually-temperate Florida landscape.  SEE ALSO: It's snowing in the South and people are losing their damn minds Thanks to the bomb cyclone … [Link]

Slashdot » Amazon Alexa is Coming To Headphones, Smart Watches, Bathrooms and More

Friday 5 January 16:05:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader shares a CNBC report: Amazon announced new tools on Friday that will allow gadget-makers to include the smart voice assistant in a whole array of new products. Alexa is Amazon's smart voice assistant and it has slowly made its way from the Amazon Echo into third-party speakers, refrigerators and, soon, even microwaves. Now, with Amazon's Alexa Mobile … [Link]

Mashable » LG to show its drool-worthy 4K projector at CES

Friday 5 January 15:57:27 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. There's a niche of TV and movie enthusiasts who, when asked, will tell you that projectors are vastly superior to regular TVs. I've seen too many washed-out and blurry projections over the years to be easily … [Link]

Mashable » These $170 wireless, waterproof headphones can be yours for only $27.33 with Amazon's lightning deal

Friday 5 January 15:43:17 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Wireless headphones are just what you need to make your New Year's fitness resolution a little easier, so why not pick some up for a whopping 84% off? SEE ALSO: Banish phone … [Link]

Mashable » The heartwarming moment a hockey player tells his dad he made the Olympics

Friday 5 January 15:41:42 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookNow that the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics are just a little over a month away, it's time to begin our biennial tradition of tearing up to videos of athletes doing…pretty much anything. Today, that means watching this sweet clip of Milwaukee Admirals hockey player Bobby Butler telling his dad that he's made the U.S. Olympic team.  TFW you tell your dad … [Link]

Slashdot » HP Recalls 50,000 Lithium-Ion Laptop Batteries Over Fire Risk

Friday 5 January 15:23:00 UTC 2018

HP announced this week that it is recalling the lithium-ion batteries in more than 50,000 laptops because of the danger of fire in cases of battery malfunction. From a report: "These batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers," the company said in a statement. "For this reason, it is extremely important to check … [Link]

Mashable » An injured puppy wore a 3D printed exoskeleton to stabilize her skull

Friday 5 January 14:49:58 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookA young dog named Loca suffered a broken skull after an attack by another dog and was fitted for a 3D-printed exoskeleton by UC Davis biomedical engineering students and veterinary surgeons. Read more…More about Animals, Mashable Video, Dog, Medicine, and Puppy [Link]

Mashable » This water bottle will make sure you're never dehydrated

Friday 5 January 14:47:39 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHidrate Spark lights up when you need to take a drink of water. Read more…More about Health, Mashable Video, Fitness, Water, and Smart [Link]

Mashable » Kylo Ren had a shirtless moment in Star Wars and the internet wanted to join in on the fun

Friday 5 January 14:45:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHow much whey protein does it take to become commander of the First Order? Read more…More about Mashable Video, Shirtless, Star Wars, Kylo Ren, and Real Time [Link]

Mashable » Why surprise Golden Globe nominee 'The Sinner' is a must watch

Friday 5 January 14:44:52 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookJessica Biel's The Sinner garnered almost unanimous critical acclaim, surprisingly successful ratings, and two Golden Globes nominations in the star-studded categories of Best Miniseries and Best Actress in a Miniseries alongside heavy-hitters like Big Little Lies and FEUD. Yet somehow, most of us totally missed it when it aired back in August. For all the positive buzz generated by reviewers, the … [Link]

Mashable » This amazing snow sweeper will save your roof from winter

Friday 5 January 14:44:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Avalanche snow remover saves home owners from shoveling at dangerous heights. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Weather, Snow, Winter, and Winter Storm [Link]

Slashdot » Nope, No Intel Chip Recall After Spectre and Meltdown, CEO Says

Friday 5 January 14:44:00 UTC 2018

Hoping the Meltdown and Spectre security problems might mean Intel would be buying you a shiny new computer after a chip recall? Sorry, that's not on the cards. From a report: Intel famously paid hundreds of millions of dollars to recall its Pentium processors after the 1994 discovery of the "FDIV bug" that revealed rare but real calculation errors. But … [Link]

Mashable » All it takes to destroy grunge rock is to play 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' in a major chord

Friday 5 January 14:39:57 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook When Nirvana put out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991, it became one of the defining songs of a decade and an anthem for disaffected Generation Xers everywhere.  And now, 27 years later, one key change has completely destroyed it. Sleep Good, a musician from Austin, Texas, took Nirvana's classic song, and remixed it all in a major chord. The … [Link]

Mashable » Why 'Fire and Fury' could mark the end of the road for Trump

Friday 5 January 14:35:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s safe to say that Fire and Fury, which lived up to its title in the way it hit bookstores Friday, is not the most rigorously fact-checked book in history.  The author of the tome that has set Washington ablaze, Michael Wolff, has a reputation from his New York media columnist days for "reconstructing" conversations with his subjects inaccurately. And it … [Link]

Slashdot » When F00F Bug Hit 20 Years Ago, Intel Reacted the Same Way

Friday 5 January 14:02:00 UTC 2018

troublemaker_23 writes: A little more than 20 years ago, Intel faced a problem with its processors, though it was not as big an issue as compared to the speculative execution bugs that were revealed this week. The 1997 bug, which came to be known as the F00F bug, allowed a malicious person to freeze up Pentium MMX and "classic" Pentium … [Link]

Slashdot » The FCC Is Preparing To Weaken the Definition of Broadband

Friday 5 January 13:00:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from DSLReports: Under Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act, the FCC is required to consistently measure whether broadband is being deployed to all Americans uniformly and "in a reasonable and timely fashion." If the FCC finds that broadband isn't being deployed quickly enough to the public, the agency is required by law to "take … [Link]

Mashable » Stephen Colbert's rant about the new Trump tell-all book is as hilarious as you'd think

Friday 5 January 10:56:46 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook The publication of some juicy excerpts from Michael Wolff's tell-all book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House about the administration of President Donald Trump is such a gift to Stephen Colbert. SEE ALSO: Trump calls Steve Bannon 'Sloppy Steve' in a tweet The Late Show host laid into the president in his opening monologue, with some hilarious thoughts … [Link]

Mashable » Sorry, millennials: A latte tax might be coming to make takeaway coffee cups more expensive

Friday 5 January 10:49:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThey may take our lattes, but they will never take our freedom.  UK politicians want the government to introduce a 25p (33 cents) "latte levy" on disposable coffee cups in an effort to eliminate waste. MPs say if cup recycling doesn't improve drastically by 2023, they'll be banned completely.  SEE ALSO: I'm a millennial and, believe me, coffee is not the … [Link]

Slashdot » The Alien Megastructure Around Mysterious 'Tabby's Star' Is Probably Just Dust, Analysis Shows

Friday 5 January 10:00:00 UTC 2018

An analysis by more than 200 astronomers has been published that shows the mysterious dimming of star KIC 8462852 — nicknamed Tabby's star — is not being produced by an alien megastructure. "The evidence points most strongly to a giant cloud of dust occasionally obscuring the star," reports The Guardian. From the report: KIC 8462852 is approximately 1,500 light years … [Link]

Mashable » 13 tiny details in 'Black Mirror' Season 4 you probably missed

Friday 5 January 9:40:17 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWarning: Contains spoilers for Black Mirror Season 4. In a lot of ways, Black Mirror Season 4 is familiar territory. You've got your gnawing tension, your twist endings. That same old sense of humanity's inevitable, yawning doom, lurking just one or two iPhone updates away. All that good stuff. SEE ALSO: Karl Pilkington totally predicted 2 'Black Mirror' Season 4 storylines … [Link]

Mashable » Trump calls Steve Bannon 'Sloppy Steve' in a tweet

Friday 5 January 7:28:04 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe "adult day-care centre" that is the White House is getting even cattier, with the president referring to Steve Bannon as "Sloppy Steve" in a tweet. Donald Trump has been a bit tetchy over the last few days, after excerpts from Michael Wolff's upcoming book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House were made public. SEE ALSO: Trump and Bannon … [Link]

Mashable » SoundCloud rejects claims of reduced sound quality on its streams

Friday 5 January 7:17:24 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSoundCloud is still the place to be for budding and established music makers, and it's fair enough that they won't budge on sound quality. Since Wednesday, the company has been on the receiving end of users bemused and angry over a purported change to the format it streams music in.  SEE ALSO: SoundCloud's new CEO says update won't change what makes … [Link]

Slashdot » SpaceX's Latest Advantage? Blowing Up Its Own Rocket, Automatically

Friday 5 January 7:00:00 UTC 2018

SpaceX has reportedly worked with the Air Force to develop a GPS-equipped on-board computer, called the "Automatic Flight Safety System," that will safely and automatically detonate a Falcon 9 rocket in the sky if the launch threatens to go awry. Previously, an Air Force range-safety officer was required to be in place, ready to transmit a signal to detonate the … [Link]

Mashable » The first draft of that steamed hams script from 'The Simpsons' was excellent too

Friday 5 January 6:12:13 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSo, the steamed hams skit in The Simpsons' "22 Short Films About Springfield" is a pretty hot meme right now. Also known as "Skinner & The Superintendent," the scene featuring Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner is one of the show's funniest, but has landed an extra bit of comedic oomph thanks to the plethora of remixes by people on the internet. … [Link]

Mashable » 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek wants to let you know that he's alright, folks

Friday 5 January 6:06:38 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe production of long-running TV game show Jeopardy! will be on hiatus after its host Alex Trebek is recovering from surgery. Trebek, 77, had an operation to remove blood clots on the brain, a condition called subdural hematoma, after a fall he endured in October. SEE ALSO: A Rose McGowan documentary series about her life as an activist is coming to … [Link]

Mashable » Justin Timberlake drops Steve Jobs-inspired video for 'Filthy'

Friday 5 January 5:15:28 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Justin Timberlake has been teasing his new album, Man of the Woods, for a few days, and now he's dropped the first taste. The pop star dropped the album's first single, "Filthy," at midnight on Thursday, with a video to boot. SEE ALSO: Justin Timberlake went to the woods and announced a new album Timberlake had teased a 10-second snippet … [Link]

Slashdot » France's President Macron Wants To Block Websites During Elections To Fight 'Fake News'

Friday 5 January 5:00:00 UTC 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron has a rather extreme approach to combat fake news: ban entire websites. In a speech to journalists on Wednesday, Macron said he planned to introduce new legislation to strictly regulate fake news during online political campaigns. Gizmodo reports: His proposal included a number of measures, most drastically "an emergency legal action" that could enable the government … [Link]

Mashable » Take a first peek at Ed Sheeran on 'The Simpsons'

Friday 5 January 4:54:31 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook First Game of Thrones, now The Simpsons. Ed Sheeran is making television cameos with a Stan Lee-like finesse of late. The singer's next appearance will be amongst America's favourite Springfield family, as part of their 29th season. Sheeran will appear in a musical-themed episode titled "Haw-Haw Land" — a dig at La La Land. He'll play Brandon, a British lad … [Link]

Mashable » Hold your breath for the world's first underwater band

Friday 5 January 4:32:40 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHanson appearing to sing underwater in the "Weird" video is one thing, but actually playing music underwater?  AquaSonic is the world's first underwater band, an ambitious project from five Danish musicians who perform submerged in aquariums. SEE ALSO: This fearless artist was lifted by 20,000 balloons for 9 hours Hailing from Denmark, avant-garde ensemble Between Music spent years experimenting with underwater … [Link]

Slashdot » How Do Americans Define Online Harassment?

Friday 5 January 3:30:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: According to a new Pew Research Center survey, defining online harassment is just as complicated for the average American user as it is for huge social media companies — and the line gets even more fuzzy when gender or race come into the picture. The survey polled 4,151 respondents on various … [Link]

Mashable » Those huge CPU vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre, explained

Friday 5 January 3:21:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookBy now you've probably heard. A large portion of the world's computer processors are vulnerable to at least one of two exploits that render them susceptible to hackers. But what, exactly, is going on — and what can you do to protect yourself? While the answer to the first question is complicated, thankfully the answer to the second isn't. It turns … [Link]

Mashable » 'Breaking Bad' collides with 'Black Mirror' in nifty promo

Friday 5 January 2:09:35 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook* Mild spoiler warning for the first episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror, "USS Callister." * Look, we're still rethinking how we treat game characters after watching that first episode of season four of Black Mirror, "USS Callister." SEE ALSO: The horribly bleak answer to that lingering question in 'Black Mirror' While a chilling episode in the series' typical … [Link]

Mashable » 'She's Gotta Have It' actress to co-star in 'Captain Marvel' alongside Brie Larson

Friday 5 January 2:08:17 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s a good day to be the gorgeously talented breakout star of Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It, DeWanda Wise. Aside from the news that the Netflix show is getting a second season, she's also joining the star-studded cast of Captain Marvel in a role opposite Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson. Deadline broke the news in an exclusive, but details on her … [Link]

Slashdot » The Most Productive Days and Times In 2017

Friday 5 January 2:05:00 UTC 2018

In a blog post, personal analytics service RescueTime revealed exactly what days and times we were most productive in 2017, by studying the anonymized data of how people spent their time on their computers and phones over the past 12 months. From the report: Simply put, our data shows that people were the most productive on November 14th. In fact, … [Link]

Mashable » TSA makes super WTF video of most unusual items confiscated in 2017

Friday 5 January 1:51:31 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook The most unusual find at the airport might just be the Transportation Security Administration's video of confiscated items. SEE ALSO: American Airlines tried to charge a mother $150 for traveling with breast milk Curtis Robert "Blogger Bob" Burns, who works for the TSA, hosted the video list again this year and included his bizarre takes on why someone would want … [Link]

Slashdot » iMac Pro Teardown Highlights Modular RAM, CPU and SSD Along With Redesigned Internals

Friday 5 January 1:25:00 UTC 2018

Popular repair site iFixit has acquired an iMac Pro and opened it up to see what's inside. They tore down the base iMac Pro with an 8-core processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Mac Rumors reports the findings: iFixit found that the RAM, CPU, and SSDs in the iMac Pro are modular and can potentially be replaced following … [Link]

Mashable » Apple on Meltdown and Spectre bugs: 'All Mac systems and iOS devices are affected'

Friday 5 January 0:58:50 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookApple just confirmed that nearly all of its devices are impacted by the serious vulnerabilities affecting processors made by Intel and other chip makers. In the company's first public statement on the vulnerabilities, Apple confirmed that all of its Mac and iOS devices are affected by the bugs known as Meltdown and Spectre. SEE ALSO: Cybersecurity agency: The only sure defense … [Link]

Slashdot » Google Says CPU Patches Cause 'Negligible Impact On Performance' With New 'Retpoline' Technique

Friday 5 January 0:45:00 UTC 2018

In a post on Google's Online Security Blog, two engineers described a novel chip-level patch that has been deployed across the company's entire infrastructure, resulting in only minor declines in performance in most cases. "The company has also posted details of the new technique, called Retpoline, in the hopes that other companies will be able to follow the same technique," … [Link]

Mashable » Mom scares the crap out of kid that snuck out of bed for playtime

Friday 5 January 0:43:52 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook As a kid, sneaking out of bed for some extra playtime is dangerous, but a treat worth the risk. That is, until mom catches you, and punishes you by scaring the living daylights out of you.  This little kid will probably never stay up past their bedtime again.  Read more… More about Funny, Parenting, Kids, Viral Videos, and Culture [Link]

Mashable » The horribly bleak answer to that lingering question in 'Black Mirror'

Friday 5 January 0:36:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThis story contains spoilers for Black Mirror Season 4, episode 1. The premiere and most talked about episode of Black Mirror's fourth season, "USS Callister," ended on an uncharacteristically happy note — or at least happy for a show seemingly engineered to induce sickening paranoia in its viewers. Or so we thought.  Because according to actor Jimmi Simpson, and in true … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » How to Set Up APIs to Avoid Website Performance Disasters

Friday 5 January 0:24:36 UTC 2018

As more retail websites adopt a global outlook, the Western holiday season will not be the only time marketing teams look to flash sales to boost sales. In order to make these events worth the cross departmental effort they require, web teams need to make sure their websites are set up properly to handle the added strain from extra web … [Link]

Mashable » The photo that proves we're living in the darkest timeline

Friday 5 January 0:24:01 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSure, things are bad, but it’s not like we’ve gone full dystopia yet.  I mean, our Great Leader isn’t lavishing praise on kowtowing corporations from giant screens while his dutiful lackey looks stone-faced into the distance … Mandatory Credit: Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9307528a) Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a news conference at the White House, Washington, USA - 04 Jan 2018 White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands beside monitors showing US President Donald J. Trump delivering a statement on the economy, at the beginning of a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 04 January 2018. Image: MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/REX/ShutterstockAh~ yes, I see I spoke too soon. Welcome to just another day in 2018, which is turning out to be as … [Link]

Mashable » Tweet perfectly sums up how people feel about Jeff Sessions coming for legal weed

Friday 5 January 0:23:11 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookU.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a New Year's surprise for America: he's coming for your legal weed. Defying the will of the voters, Sessions announced on Thursday a rollback of policies put in place by the Obama administration that protects states that legalize cannabis. The announcement comes just days after California officially launched recreational cannabis sales, and stands to become … [Link]

Slashdot » White House Bans Use of Personal Devices From West Wing

Friday 5 January 0:05:00 UTC 2018

In the wake of damaging reports of a chaotic Trump administration detailed in a new book from Michael Wolff, the White House is instituting new policies on the use of personal cellphones in the West Wing. CBS News reports: White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders released the following statement on the policy change: "The security and integrity of the … [Link]


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