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Odds and sods I look at regularly, just because they amuse me. I hope they do the same for you. Incidentally, I found this page’s title on Greg Ross’s Futility Closet (it’s somewhere on this page) in a mini-article which also includes the delightful sentence in Icelandic: Barbara Ara bar Ara araba bara rabbabara. Ross points out that this, “besides being fun to say, is spelled with only three letters. It means “Barbara, daughter of Ari, brought only rhubarb to Ari the Arab.” RSS

'Swallowed by collapsed cesspool' is not how you want to die [Scary]

Posted 30 minutes ago

Scary [link] [32 comments] [Link]

Scientists injected seals with love and they all became best friends. Which is just adorable [Sappy]

Posted 60 minutes ago

Sappy [link] [31 comments] [Link]

Overheard In The Office

The Sash and Tiara Are Just One Facet Of the Office

Posted 28 hours ago

Office drone on phone: There's a woman out there. Oh, that's not a woman, that's the governor. Providence, Rhode Island Overheard by: evelyn [Link]

Due to a Dramatic Rise in Panty-Bunching

Posted 2 days ago

Matronly German supervisor: When you do not clean the counters correctly, my balls get very unhappy! Bahia Vista Street
Sarasota, Florida [Link]

<title>Weird Universe

“Follow Me” Cooler

Posted 5 hours ago

Engineers have created a cooler that will follow you wherever you go. Science marches on!

More info at


Sathya Sai Baba

Posted 7 hours ago

"Sai Baba's materialisations of vibhuti (holy ash) and other small objects such as rings, necklaces, and watches, along with reports of miraculous healings, resurrections, clairvoyance, bilocation, and alleged omnipotence and omniscience, were a source of both fame and controversy."

Wikipedia page.


Coming soon, from Pixar…

Posted 14 months ago

Harry says this little scene was the culmination of “a classic washing-up feud” at his office in London. (Kind of adorable, right? I would SO watch a movie about anthropomorphic milk bottles with British accents.) What are you doing here? related: Sorry, I can’t hear you over all the chattering appliances [Link]

Donna, bring a sweater

Posted 15 months ago

Our submitter spotted this namanasty-gram taped to the thermostat of her hot yoga studio in Boise, Idaho. related: Namaste, asshole [Link]

The Oatmeal – Comics, Quizzes, & Stories

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you

Posted 3 weeks ago

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell youThis is a comic about the backfire effect.View [Link]

I need 50,000 comments on a government website.

Posted 11 weeks ago

I need 50,000 comments on a government website.View [Link]

Futility Closet

Room 101

Posted 23 hours ago

In 1941, the BBC established an Eastern Services Committee to discuss programming in India. The meetings were held in Room 101 at 55 Portland Place in London. George Orwell attended at least 12 meetings there and was asked to convene a subcommittee to consider organizing drama and poetry competitions. Orwell scholar Peter Davison writes, “In Nineteen Eighty-Four O’Brien tells Orwell … [Link]

Crescent Lake

Posted 46 hours ago

Six kilometers south of Dunhuang in western China lies Crescent Lake, an oasis that once served as a waypoint to the West along the Silk Road. British missionaries Mildred Cable and Francesca French recorded their first sight of it during their travels through the Gobi Desert in the 1920s: All around us we saw tier on tier of lofty sand-hills, … [Link]


What my dad says after "you know what I always say…"

Posted 3 days ago

What my dad says after Graph by: DOOF Share on Facebook [Link]

My Cat's Decision-Making Tree

Posted 3 days ago

LoL by: (via Tastefully Offensive) Tagged: flow charts , decision making , Cats , charts , belongings , mine , annoying , yes , no , categoryimage Share on Facebook [Link]

10 Fascinating "Only Known" Photos

Posted 11 hours ago

Check out ten riveting historical photos which may be the only images of their kind in existence. [Link]

9 Impressive Wooden Sculptures Made From Single Trees

Posted 38 hours ago

Take a look at these amazing pieces by talented sculptors who bring the art of wood carving to another level. [Link]

Mental Floss

Check Out Friday's Awesome Amazon Deals

Posted 4 weeks ago

From the Smart Shopping Team… [Link]

World Capitals

Posted 4 weeks ago



Posted 4 months ago

My life goal is to launch a barge into the air and have it land on one of Elon Musk's rockets. [Link]

Voice Commands

Posted 4 months ago

Dvorak words may sound hard to pronounce, but studies show they actually put less stress on the vocal chords. [Link]

The Onion

Mom Has Stacked Dinner Party Roster

Posted 13 months ago

GOLDEN, CO—Their eyes widening in amazement as the 43-year-old rattled off the names of heavy hitter after heavy hitter, impressed members of the Dreeshen household confirmed Friday that the roster for their mom’s upcoming dinner party was absolutely stacked. “Wow, she’s got Joyce from work, Cheri, Dana from yoga, Carol, Carol’s new husband—that’s all of the A-listers, together under one … [Link]

Explosions: The Loud Killer

Posted 13 months ago



JustRidingMyBike says FML

Posted 5 months ago

Today, I started my new job as a supervisor. I began by cleaning out my new office, including recycling large sheets of cardboard left over from the new calendars. When the 2nd shift came in, however, they got very upset and yelled at me. Apparently, I had thrown away my Muslim workers' prayer mats. FML [Link]

Zanquis says FML

Posted 5 months ago

Today, I got stuck with a water damaged kitchen. The manufactor says their warranty doesn't cover it as it's user error, my insurance says they don't cover it as it's a manufacturer error. FML [Link]


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