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If I were consistent enough to have a core business instead of dabbling in too many things, it would be translation – at least, it is my steadiest source of income. If you happen to be looking for a Spanish-English translator, I hope you don’t need a detailed CV as I haven’t updated it in a long while, but here is a kind of mini-profile:

Languages: Spanish to English. Accepted good practice is to translate only into your native tongue, so under normal circumstances, I only translate from Spanish to English. I occasionally translate into Spanish, but there needs to be a good reason. I have varying degrees of proficiency in other languages – French, Portuguese, even Latin – but don’t work with them.
Specialities: air traffic control; civil engineering tenders; radar systems; presence and access control, etc. The full list is very long, as I have been translating professionally since 1991, approximately. Inevitably, I have worked with most language areas, though the bulk of the work that comes my way is technical.
Availability/Output: I am usually available for translation work. I turn out around 3,500-4,500 words a day comfortably and can accept up to 2,000-2,500 words a day from a single client, more when a relationship of trust has been established.
Rates and Payment: normal Spanish rates, by which I mean rates in Spain, that being where I live and have to buy my groceries. I rarely haggle, but the better the rate you offer, the more likely I am to be available. Payment on delivery would be nice, but the truth is most people pay me at 45-60 days.
Contact: send queries to jgross52 AT, please.

And now, for your edification and amusement (if you are interested in language at least), the following are feeds from some of the sites I browse regularly to keep up to date or put myself in a translation frame of mind (this page is about the translation business – you’ll find more general, usually lighter articles about linguistics and language on the Language Stuff page). If you know a site related with translation or the translation business that would be in good company on this page, do drop me an e-mail or, better still, a comment.

Thoughts On Translation

Beyond the Basics of Freelancing: starts Monday

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My online course Beyond the Basics of Freelancing is for mid-career translators who want to:earn more moneyenjoy their work moreavoid stagnationmarket to better clientsThe next session starts on Monday (February 19) and runs for four weeks. It’s fully online and open to translators anywhere in the world, in any language combination. Registration is $410 and includes self-paced video lessons, two … [Link]

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Back in 2011, I wrote this post about how much freelance translators earn. After almost seven years, it’s still the most popular post on this site, with over 21,000 views. A reader recently sent me a series of questions about translator income:“I’m in college and deciding whether to try to make a career as a freelance translator or interpreter. I’m … [Link]

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Turns out the cowardly lion was good… Photo courtesy of Annette Lo. Menu found in Hong Kong. [Link]

A little romrncing…

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Do I want to know what bushing is? Photo courtesy of Anna Goldstein. T-shirt found in Japan. [Link]

Translation Journal Blog

Promote Yourself—in the Right Way

Posted 5 years ago

The first thing any business should do is to look for and attract clients. The translation business is no different, except that we're not selling nuts and bolts where most vendors offer basically the same merchandise, the only difference being price, service, and other intangibles like the vendor's reputation. Translation is different in that each job is custom-made for a … [Link]

How to Make More $$ without Really Trying

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