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Beautiful Houses: Weston Residence

Posted 82 minutes ago

Today we will show you the beautiful Weston Residence in Connecticut, a project by Specht Harpman Architects. This house is breathtaking. Not only the surroundings are amazing but the whole place is very stylish and cozy. From materials to layout, colors and outdoor space, everything is pretty unique. Certainly a great place to live. Make sure to check out Specht Harpman … [Link]

Great Photoshop Brushes Freebies

Posted 104 minutes ago

As a designer sometimes it gets frustrating to come up with new pieces with the same old brushes all the time. For that we have some very generous designers sharing great Photoshop brushes for free! Kudos for these guys for sharing such great presets. Here you can see a nice selection of some super useful brushes. To download these freebies all … [Link]

Friday Fresh Free Fonts – Atletico, Meticulous, Russo Sans

Posted 5 hours ago

Friday fresh free fonts is a series of free fonts posted every Friday, yes I know it's awesome. I will look forward to bring a lot of great fonts that will sure help you improve your typography work. Check out what I selected for you on this FFFF post and make sure to comeback for more next week. View all FFFF … [Link]

Vandelay Design

These 50+ Awesome Photoshop Plugins Will Save You A Lot of Time and Money

Posted 24 hours ago

We all know Photoshop is an extremely powerful program that offers unlimited opportunities for designers and photographers alike. However, if you want to take Photoshop even further, or improve your… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link]

21 Beautiful Gmail Redesign Concepts

Posted 39 hours ago

Gmail has needed a redesign for awhile now. The interface is quite cluttered and not at all easy to use, and the apps for iOS and especially Android are even worse. While drastic improvements have… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link]

55 of the Best Church Website Designs

Posted 47 hours ago

For many churches the website is an invaluable communications tool. The website can be extremely useful for helping new people to find the church, which can increase the growth of the church. Also,… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link] – Web Design & Development

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Single-Page Portfolio Website

Posted 10 days ago

Advertise here with BSAMany trends in general web design can also be applied to single page layouts. But there are some unique features to the lone webpage which can add more flavor into a design. Like most of the web design field, common sense and user experience always trumps inessential creative ideas. But that doesn’t mean anybody can just understand the … [Link]

35 Mobile Responsive Portfolio Website Layouts

Posted 16 days ago

Advertise here with BSAA portfolio is used to showcase your creative work to anyone with Internet access. The goal is to present your talent front & center making it easy to navigate. Responsive layouts will look stunning on any device allowing visitors to can check out your work from their laptop, tablet, or even smartphone. It’s tough to build a naturally … [Link]

100 Must Read Freelance Intelligence Tips & Tricks

Posted 18 days ago

Advertise here with BSABad news people – you need to read all these 10 articles in order to become a better freelancer! That’s it, don’t make plans for the weekend! Visit Source. Advertise here with BSA [Link]


Standard Issue Vector Textures for Premium Members

Posted 15 hours ago

Dustin from RetroSupply is back again to share more top quality premium design resources with Access All Areas members. The Standard Issue Vector Texture Pack is a comprehensive collection of vector graphics that are ideal for giving your work authentic distressed or subtle textures fast. Open the Illustrator file to find 10 scalable vector textures conveniently separated into layers, allowing … [Link]

How To Create a Washed Out Vintage Matte Photo Effect

Posted 5 days ago

Washed out matte effects seem to be really popular in the Photography scene at the moment. These effects look particular cool when combined with warm vintage tones to add a classic nostalgic feeling to your images. Follow this step by step tutorial to process and transform your shots in Photoshop to create a warm washed out vintage matte effect using … [Link]

Retro Party Invitation Design Templates for Members

Posted 8 days ago

I’ve teamed up with Wing’s Art and Design Studio to add some awesome new resources to the Access All Areas section. Members can now download a collection of 4 cool, retro style invitations featuring vector illustrations and seamless patterns. Use them to quickly knock up invites for a children’s party, or make use of the individual retro style graphics and … [Link]

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20 Coolest PSD Freebies of the Month

Posted 3 hours ago

Graphic designers have to stay permanently updated with the latest design trends on the web, and that is why we always love new, high quality freebies! PSD freebies are not only a great source of inspiration, but they will also save us a lot of time in our design process. Update your freebies collection with these 20 PSD freebies of … [Link]

How to Put Your Image in List Item with CSS

Posted 22 hours ago

Lists are useful when you want to list your text in a number or bullet style. But you don’t always want to use the default, boring list style. What would look even better is if you use your own image or style instead. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to put your own image in list item using CSS. … [Link]

How to Add More Than One Background Image with CSS

Posted 2 days ago

Sometimes, you may want to use more than one background in your page. For example, you may want one background for one paragraph and another background for another paragraph. Follow the steps provided in this tutorial to add more than one background image with CSS. Steps to add more than one background image with CSS 1. First of all, create … [Link]


Lean UX – How to Apply Lean Principles to User Experience Design

Posted 5 months ago

Advertise here with BSAThe process of putting together a good user experience design has always been talked about as a deliverables-based practice where bureaucracy, specification documents, wireframes, mockups and site maps took the center stage. This deliverable based practice, meaning that everything, each step of the process, has to be delivered with proper timing and documentation, witch often demands a lot … [Link]

40 Brilliant Examples of Digital CG Concept Artwork

Posted 5 months ago

Advertise here with BSAConcept artwork is typically related to video game design. But it can also be very useful in other forms of media. There are many Hollywood movies, TV shows, video advertisements, and other projects which often hire concept artists. CG is typically thought of as 2D art while CGI is usually computer generated 3D effects. This gallery focuses around … [Link]

17 Themes for Your Wedding Day

Posted 6 months ago

Advertise here with BSAA growing trend for people in the digital age is to provide an online destination to feature their wedding. In doing so, you can provide your loved ones with a card that cannot be lost, and a scrapbook that can last a lifetime. In this post, I’ll share with you 17 wedding themes that will make your big … [Link]

Webdesigner Depot

5 essential elements of a successful 404 error page

Posted 14 hours ago

404 pages are one of the most overlooked aspects of any website design, and when they’re not overlooked, the tendency is to create something fun—in the hope that a bit of humour will lessen the user’s irritation at the missing information. Many designers opt for the default 404 believing that the rest of their scheme is so full-proof as to not … [Link]

Deal of the week: Full Smashing Library

Posted 26 hours ago

Smashing Magazine always produces high-quality articles, loved by designers and developers alike. And that same quality carries over to their awesome eBooks. The Smashing Library is a collection of more than 60 eBooks that is continually being updated; it’s an amazing resource for web design newbies, and old-hands alike. And with each book averaging 175 pages, it’s sure to keep you … [Link]

4 ways to create richer web experiences

Posted 38 hours ago

The Web has evolved a lot from being a simple document repository, and we now have browsers capable of rich visual interactions on desktop as well as mobile. Because I’d like to talk about where the Web is headed in this article, many of the features I’ll cover may have limited support, so it is important to use resources like … [Link]

Smashing Magazine

Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages

Posted 10 hours ago

I recently migrated my blog from WordPress to Jekyll, a fantastic website generator that’s designed for building minimal, static blogs to be hosted on GitHub Pages. The simplicity of Jekyll’s theming layer and writing workflow is fantastic; however, setting up my website took a lot longer than expected. In this article we’ll walk through the following: the quickest way to … [Link]

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: August 2014

Posted 37 hours ago

We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork. And as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration. As a matter of fact, we’ve discovered the best one—desktop wallpapers that are a little more distinctive than the usual crowd. This creativity mission has been going on for six years … [Link]

Declarative Programming And The Web

Posted 2 days ago

Like most web developers, I spend my days giving instructions to computers. These instructions generally involve some input (a request for a web page), some logic (get the right content from a database) and some output (send the content to the requesting browser). This process of telling a computer how to perform a task, such as generating a web page, … [Link]

PSD : Photoshop Disasters

iSofas: Chesterfield Sofa For Dolls

Posted 7 hours ago

Something is a bit off about the scale of this sofa…. It seems like anyone who could sit comfortably on that sofa might have a little trouble climbing those gigantic stairs, not to mention reaching that shelf in the back. Found here. Thanks, Jonathan. The post iSofas: Chesterfield Sofa For Dolls appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters . [Link]

Kjaerulff: Rubber Remote Control

Posted 33 hours ago

Ummm, that looks like it hurts. This guy clearly doesn’t know his own strength! Either that, or the remote is made out of something pliable like rubber. Which would be odd. Found on this site. Thanks, Phoenix. The post Kjaerulff: Rubber Remote Control appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters . [Link]

AutoTrader: Square Tire

Posted 2 days ago

Looks like somebody hit a pothole or two. Found on AutoTrader. Let’s hope this dealer offers a discount on new tires! Thanks for sending this in, Shine. The post AutoTrader: Square Tire appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters . [Link]

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My First Design Project Skype Mobile App Redesign!

Posted 67 minutes ago

Hey guys i am new to the forums around here but i think it would be awesome if you guys could check out my latest Speedart it is a speedart of a skype mobile app redesign i have made and i would love as much feedback as possible! Channel – Video – Portfolio – google_ad_section_end –> [Link]

Are branding books worth it?

Posted 3 hours ago

Seeing as i'm a beginner when it comes to designing I want to learn and improve, obviously. I've come across some blogs through my own searching and recommendations, but also books have been recommended. Are they worth buying? Now this could bring up the discussion of digital vs traditional. I'm not interested in that as I already know my preferences which … [Link]

illustrator needed for children's book

Posted 5 hours ago

Hello! Hope I'm in the right thread! I'm Matt. I'm a teacher in the UK and have written a children's book that I would like to self-publish, probably on Amazon Books. I need an illustrator. My story is about a young boy (5-6 years old) who learns the importance of covering his mouth when he coughs and sneezes! I've read the … [Link]

Outlaw Design Blog

Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis

Posted 15 months ago

Dribbble - Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis Dribbble – Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis. [Link]

Western Youths

Posted 15 months ago

Western Youths. [Link]

Inky Email App

Posted 15 months ago

Inky. [Link]

JUST™ Creative

How to Launch Anything Online

Posted 47 hours ago

This article has been contributed by Zach Kitschke. For the weeks leading up to Canva’s launch, we had a big television screen set up in the office with a countdown timer. Each day it would tick over, bringing us closer to launch day. We’d watch it with a sense of excitement and anticipation as we geared up to launch Canva. … [Link]

Obligation and Choice

Posted 13 days ago

This article has been contributed by Tyler Wentzel, looking at the differences between obligation and choice and the effects it can have on us. All too often people place the majority of their stock into making a living when it comes to choosing a profession. The necessity of earning a living obligates us to find work—any work—that can sustain us … [Link]

Paula Scher on Designing Adaptable Brand Identities

Posted 3 weeks ago

Pentagram partner, Paula Scher has just released her first online design class on Skillshare focused on designing flexible and adaptable brand identities. The trailer for her class has some real nuggets of wisdom and I highly recommend watching. Brand Identity: Design Adaptable Branding Systems An Online Skillshare Class by Paula Scher Paula Scher is known for her award-winning work designing … [Link]


The Evolution of Code Free, Website Creation

Posted 2 days ago

Advertise here with BSA Designers, in general, are very interested in new gadgets, software, and any other shred of technological advancement that has the power to impact the way they perform their work. Today, graphic and web designers can depend on cloud software like Webydo, which does not require any technical coding skills, and helps design professionals create interesting websites using … [Link]

Mixing Artistic Ideas into your Web Design Workflow

Posted 3 days ago

Advertise here with BSAThere is a broad spectrum of designers who have never studied art yet still have the skills to create brilliant websites. Whether consciously or not, designers borrow a lot of aesthetic principles from the art world. Before digital interfaces old-world artisans would design objects like clothes, furniture, decorations, and these would follow very similar ideas. art easel pastels colors photo So what is … [Link]

The Benefits of Animated UI/UX GIFs Created with After Effects

Posted 11 days ago

Advertise here with BSAI’ve seen this trend becoming much more popular amongst mobile and web designers. Adobe After Effects is a powerful software suite typically used for adding effects into videos. But it can also create animations for user interfaces in smartphone apps, tablets, and website layouts. It takes a lot of practice but After Effects is quite the interesting program. … [Link]

Web Designer Wall – Design Trends and Tutorials

IconDock is Redesigned

Posted 7 weeks ago

IconDock has been a labour of love for me: thousands of people have purchased and used my icons in all sorts of projects. After so many years of the classic IconDock design, I decided to update the look and feel to reflect the current trends in web design that I follow, and give it a […] [Link]

Themify Icons: iOS7 Inspired Icon Set

Posted 10 weeks ago

Are you looking for an alternative for Font Awesome? I have a good news for you! Themify has just released a new icon font called Themify Icons — a complete icon set consisting of 320+ pixel-perfect icons inspired by the iOS7 design. It is 100% free, with the ability to use and distribute for any […] [Link]

Animating Background Colors

Posted 13 weeks ago

As promised in my previous post, I will be sharing some of the scripts used on the Themify redesign. Today I'm going to share the animating background color script as seen on the site. It is a simple jQuery script that animates a series of background colors in a loop. It runs smoothly on desktop, […] [Link]

Fuel Your Creativity

Is Crowdsourcing Crowding the Freelance Graphic Designer?

Posted 7 weeks ago

Over the past few years the demand for crowdsourcing services has skyrocketed. This is particularly true for the design industry where crowdsourcing platforms such as DesignCrowd offer a cost effective way for small to medium businesses, start-ups and even individuals to get graphic design services done with very little effort. The processes are managed completely online and the platform provides … [Link]

The Traditional Online Logo Design Service Can’t Keep Up! Crowdsourcing Steams Ahead

Posted 9 weeks ago

By Clancy Clarke The Traditional online logo design service is dead! There are no two ways about it – crowdsourcing design has disrupted the market, both from an agency point of view and for all those logo template sites. In 2014, using a design agency to create a bespoke logo for your company is outrageous! Just think about it, think … [Link]

How To: Create a Logo Contest and Be Amazed by the Results

Posted 9 weeks ago

By Clancy Clarke Getting a logo designed for your business can be a dauntingg task. There are a million factors to think about: Who do you get to design your logo? How do you want your logo to look and feel? What personality should the logo convey about your brand? Where will the logo be used? However, compared to the … [Link]

Six Revisions

How to Make Sure You’re Not Using a Shady WordPress Theme

Posted 12 hours ago

I can still remember how excited I was back in 2008 when I first discovered WordPress (late-adopter, I know). What was particularly impressive for me was that I could change the designs of my WordPress sites with minimal effort. And so the hunt for the perfect theme began! As far as I can recall, there weren’t that many paid/premium themes … [Link]

Top 10 Free Programming Fonts

Posted 4 days ago

When your profession involves writing code for significantly long periods of time, even deceptively trivial things such the font you’re using can make a huge difference. This is a list of fonts for people who love code. For your convenience, I have created a sample page for all the fonts mentioned here, which may help you choose the one that’s … [Link]

6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git

Posted 10 days ago

Nowadays, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional developer who doesn’t use a version control system (VCS) such as Git. But, there are still a few among us who choose not to use a VCS due to preconceived notions they might have about version control. Here are some myths and excuses that dissuade developers from integrating Git — and … [Link]

Web Design Ledger

20 Geometric Texures and Pattern Sets Free to Download

Posted 2 days ago

Advertise here with BSAGeometric shapes are widely used in web and graphic design. From complex large-scale patterns to simple shapes, geometry is one of the biggest trends that is easy to define. Textures with geometric shapes like triangles or circles are used for various illustrations, backgrounds, foregrounds, banners, buttons, and other design elements. Polygon graphics (3D-shaped textures) are especially trendy these … [Link]

20 Useful Infographics Featuring Web Design Tips & Tricks

Posted 4 days ago

Advertise here with BSAInfographics are a good way to turn some boring data into an informative attractive graphic which is easier for a reader to digest. With the rise of the visual web, the number of infographics on various topics increases day by day. I handpicked 20 infographics related to web design that feature useful tips and tricks, trends, and other … [Link]

25 Web and Graphic Design Studio Websites for Your Inspiration

Posted 9 days ago

Advertise here with BSAIt’s always interesting to see what design creative studios and agencies crafted for themselves. These people design websites for the whole world and come up with new trends and tendencies to follow. Someone may think they would use the craziest and far-out designs. But you’d be surprised to know that these creative agencies and design studios choose functional, … [Link]

You The Designer

The History of Typography in Stop Motion

Posted 9 hours ago

If you enjoy Typefaces and lettering – you may be interested to know that the History of Typography is rather rich and charming. I always put stock into knowing the history of your craft. My college education left me with a lot of art history and design theory – but not a lot of Graphic Design history. It was treated … [Link]

Astonishing Drawings of Christina Mrozik

Posted 15 hours ago

Talented artist Christina Mrozik from Michigan, USA has magical hands that will leave everyone stunned once they saw her outstanding drawing and ideas. usually draws using ink or marker on paper and add lively color by using watercolor and high-pigmented acrylics. It’s funny that Christina comes up with best ideas for her projects when she’s tired. She brainstorms before going … [Link]

Your Guide to the Generic Logo

Posted 21 hours ago

It’s easy to spot a generic logo in the wild. I think a healthy part of being a graphic designer is also kind of being a logo snob. If you practice in the industry, part of you gets trained to kind of spot out both really half-baked designs and collateral’s the same way that a coffee nerd can distinguish between … [Link]


This Week in Fonts

Posted 10 days ago

A friendly brush script by Nikola Giacintová, a new classic from Jason Vandenberg, a flexible sans by Fatype, fluid & friendly structure from Latinotype, a new sans by Monotype, a multi-colored face from Underware, an elegant serif by FontFont, and a practical sans from Ludwig Type. Nikola Giacintová: Rukola Designed by Nikola Giacintová Rukola is a friendly brush script that … [Link]

BundesSans and BundesSerif — truly democratic typefaces

Posted 21 days ago

Three years ago MetaDesign Berlin asked us to design a custom Serif and Sans typeface for the German federal government. They had been assigned to redevelop the government’s corporate design with the typefaces as part of the update. The project was to cover all communication issued by the government and their ministries, online or offline, national or international. It was … [Link]

This Week in Fonts

Posted 5 weeks ago

An Erik Spiekermann exclusive from Hamilton Wood Type, a sturdy slab by Rene Bieder, a high-class display from Avondale Type Co, a brush script by Mika Melvas, a modest slab serif from Type Me Fonts, a monospaced family by Matthew Butterick, a contemporary script from Petra Dočekalová, and a super family by Playtype. Hamilton Wood Type: HWT Artz Designed by … [Link]


Line25 Sites of the Week for August 1st 2014

Posted 15 hours ago

Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs that I stumble across during my every day browsing. In this week’s collection, we have designs from WILD, TOWA, M·Power Yoga, Cognitect and Readymag. WILD View the website TOWA View the website M·Power Yoga View the website Cognitect View the website Readymag View the website … [Link]

30 Unofficial Redesigns of Popular Social Media Sites

Posted 5 days ago

As web designers we often get frustrated with the UI and UX design of sites we commonly use, with social media sites being right up there as the most annoying! This can lead designers to have a go at redesigning them, albeit unofficially as a personal project just for fun. Sometimes these design concepts are pretty radical, whereas others are … [Link]

Line25 Sites of the Week for July 25th 2014

Posted 8 days ago

Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs that I stumble across during my every day browsing. In this week’s collection, we have designs from TideKit, Underbelly Creative, Chileda, Bota Iusti and Citrus Sunrise. TideKit View the website Underbelly Creative View the website Chileda View the website Bota Iusti View the website Citrus … [Link]


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