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How WebGL is reinventing Flash’s legacy

Posted 22 hours ago

Do you remember all those projects with outstanding interactions, mind-blowing animations, and thrilling accompanying sound effects that resulted in an intensely immersive user experience? Yep, chances are those were created with the help of Flash. However I hate to admit it, the era of this rich multimedia platform has come to an end. Flash is finally dead. But fear not! … [Link]

5 clients that will destroy your design business

Posted 43 hours ago

Have you ever had a customer from hell? The kind of customer who abuses you, spending as little as they possibly can while trying to squeeze as much free work out of you as possible? You’re not alone. At some point, most creative professionals (e.g. designers, developers, copywriters, etc.) will run into the customer from hell. These are the customers … [Link]

50 fresh resources designers, May 2016

Posted 3 days ago

Hey there! Here we are again with a huge selection of freebies for you to enjoy. Scroll down and you’ll find tons of amazing icons, texture effects, fonts, templates, and themes. Go ahead and download it all. Enjoy! Flat office vector icons An amazing set of 150 flat, responsive icons that are delivered in EPS, PDF; SVG, and 4 sizes … [Link]

JUST™ Creative

Cards in Web Design: Advantages & Trends

Posted 2 days ago

This article was contributed by Keval Padia. With the re-architecture of the web, we are moving towards building completely personalised experiences with individual pieces of content. Content is now being broken down in different components as it needs to be compatible with billions of screens of diverse shapes and sizes. The aggregation is now depending on: The person consuming content … [Link]

Win $3000+ of Design Prizes in Charity Fundraiser. Donate to Enter.

Posted 3 days ago

My wife and I need your help. We’re fundraising via a “donate-to-enter” prize draw here on Just Creative, which means that when you donate (everything helps!) you go in to a draw to win 1 of 45 awesome prizes worth $3000+, thanks to our kind sponsors. Full details below. Click here to donate or use the button below. Ensure you … [Link]

2016 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

Posted 4 days ago

Earlier this year I posted a forecast of 2016 logo design trends and now we can see the official 2016 logo trends report as compiled by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge who I recently recently interviewed. Bill has put together the report by carefully analyzing over 250k logos from over the past 13 years. Tweet these 2016 Logo Trends. Logo Design … [Link]


The Font Collection from – 40 Stunning Fonts

Posted 8 days ago

There is nothing more exciting than grabbing the very latest font bundle from Knowing that each of the carefully selected fonts are going to be fully accessible without the need for any additional software is one of many bonuses of purchasing from them as opposed to other font providers. The reassurance of full lifetime support for any purchase makes … [Link]

Stone Textures and Fire Textures – Free Download!

Posted 9 days ago

We’ve got a couple of great texture freebies that are sure to add flare to your design projects. Check them out and let us know what you think! Seamless Stone Pack 5 High Quality Seamless Stone and Rock Textures Download the Stone and Rock Textures here. Smoke and Fire Pack Mix of the raw elements, fire and smoke. Smoke plumes, … [Link]

10 Freebies To Make Your Life Easier And Your Work Better

Posted 4 weeks ago

What’s better than pancakes on Sunday? Freebies! Okay, not if it is Nutella pancakes. We’ve rounded up a list of 10 freebies that will be a perfect weekend gift for any designer. The resources would cut your work down in half and enhance the way you build a website, element by element. Grab these and steer ahead of the herd! … [Link]

Web Designer Wall – Design Trends and Tutorials

FITC Web Unleashed 2015 Ticket Giveaway

Posted 9 months ago

Web Unleashed is a 2-day conference by FITC that focuses on frontend development. The event will take place in Toronto on September 16th and 17th, 2015. See their schedule and speakers list for more info about the conference. I have one Web Unleashed conference ticket to giveaway. To enter the ticket giveaway, all you need […] [Link]

CSS Fix for iOS vh-unit Bug

Posted 10 months ago

There are many Javascript fixes for the viewport height units bug in iOS 7 (iPhone & iPad), this article will cover how to resolve this bug with CSS. This particular bug affects the rendering of viewport height units, for example: if you try to make a full viewport height container with height:100vh, it will display […] [Link]

NEW: Themify Flow

Posted 12 months ago

Five years ago, I was inspired to start Themify by a vision to build a tool which allows designers (like myself) to build WordPress themes without coding skills. Today, I'm proud to announce that my vision has come true. Say hello to Themify Flow, a free WordPress framework which allows you to build and customize […] [Link]

Fuel Your Creativity

Exclusive DesignCrowd Discount Coupon Code

Posted 18 months ago

It’s that time of the year again! The team over at DesignCrowd are offering great savings on custom logo design, web design and graphic design via their new DesignCrowd coupon page. Browse through the many deals and offers available and choose a discount that best suits you. You can save on flyer design, logo design and more! DesignCrowd is a … [Link]

Is Crowdsourcing Crowding the Freelance Graphic Designer?

Posted 18 months ago

Over the past few years the demand for crowdsourcing services has skyrocketed. This is particularly true for the design industry where crowdsourcing platforms such as DesignCrowd offer a cost effective way for small to medium businesses, start-ups and even individuals to get graphic design services done with very little effort. The processes are managed completely online and the platform provides … [Link]

DesignCrowd are having a MASSIVE DESIGN SALE – June Only

Posted 18 months ago

We know that many businesses will be looking to start this financial year with a kick! Start fresh and jump onboard with DesignCrowd. Perhaps you’re thinking of rebranding or making some visual changes to modernise your business? If so, the good folks over at DesignCrowd, the design crowdsourcing platform are having a MASSIVE DESIGN SALE – For 1 week only, … [Link]

Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Tokyo Nights: A Different World

Posted 13 hours ago

Around 6 months ago, I spent 2 weeks in Japan with family and close friends. I can seriously talk for days how much I loved my experience and how it affected my daily life now. I would say through all my traveling, my favourite city was Tokyo. With all its glory, there was also its darkness and dark corners but … [Link]

Traveling & Minimal Photography

Posted 18 hours ago

On Social Media, we all somehow have our own conceptions of the Reality World. Through the photo and editing apps, we go from dark, bright and of course Minimal Photography. Minimal Photography might sound like an easy thing to do but it isn't. It's all about a concept, it's not something you can do spontaneously. In my opinion. Taking the … [Link]

Molekule Branding

Posted 32 hours ago

I feel that beautiful industrial design creates a much stronger emotional connection between the user and the product. Every time I see a simple and well design project I feel a desire to purchase, well that means that the design works. The branding and presentation works the same way. The project I want to share today illustrates that very well, … [Link]

Six Revisions

The 5 Best Free FTP Clients

Posted 7 weeks ago

Transferring files to and from your web host or server is best done with what’s commonly known an FTP client, though the term is a bit dated because there are more secure alternatives such as SFTP and FTPS. When I was putting together this list, this was my criteria: Supports secure file transfer protocols: FTP isn’t secure. Among its many … [Link]

12 Brackets Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted 9 weeks ago

Brackets is a great source code editor for web designers and front-end web developers. It has a ton of useful features out of the box. You can make your Brackets experience even better by using extensions. These Brackets extensions will help make your web design and front-end web development workflow a little easier. 1. CanIUse Quickly see the current level … [Link]

7 Free UX E-Books Worth Reading

Posted 10 weeks ago

The best designers are lifelong students. While nothing beats experience in the field, the amount of helpful online resources certainly helps keep our knowledge sharp. In this post, I’ve rounded up some useful e-books that provide excellent UX advice and insights. 1. Bright Ideas for User Experience Designers This is a free e-book by usability consultancy firm Userfocus. The best … [Link]

Web Design Ledger

Power up your website with a WordPress Form Plugin solution. Refer a buddy and get CaptainForm discounts

Posted 13 hours ago

There are many ways you could enhance a WordPress website. One of them is by adding web forms. A WordPress contact form will help you get in touch with your visitors, a WordPress feedback form or a WordPress survey allows you to gather suggestions or requests and with a WordPress quiz you can generate leads and engage your users. These … [Link]

5 Great WordPress Plugins for Tracking Analytics

Posted 17 hours ago

Whether your goal is to build an insanely popular blog or create a successful e-commerce site, it’s crucial that you understand your audience. You need answers to questions like: Where are your users coming from (direct visits, search engines, links from other sites)? Which pages or posts on your site are most popular? How long do potential customers spend on your … [Link]

If Fonts Were Cats

Posted 34 hours ago

When I think of fonts I think of cats, apparently someone else does as well because I found a bunch of cute and ironic cat-font memes online. First, I thought to myself, “You’ve got to be kitten me right meow!” but then I had to share. Take a look at this adorable collection I’ve put together for you. You know all … [Link]

You The Designer

Selfie Fables — Disney Alternative Art Illustrations by Simona Bonafini

Posted 14 months ago

What if Disney stories had Instagram? Probably not a good idea Instagram has been a huge part of the social media sphere ever since its introduction in 2010. Created by software engineers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it gained rapid popularity with over 300 million active users at the end of 2014. It was so popular that social media giant … [Link]

These Japanese Barcodes Are So Kawaii!

Posted 14 months ago

In today’s commercial world, barcodes are almost everywhere. Present in every product packaging that we use today, barcodes have become universal with their use in automating supermarket checkout systems. Recently, innovations in barcode technology have made it possible to do more than tagging products. They can also be used to encode music, images, URLs and emails. Barcodes encode data by … [Link]

Amazing Game Of Thrones Illustrations By Ivan Belikov

Posted 14 months ago

GOOD NEWS: Game of Thrones is returning in less than a week. And we need a Game of Thrones themed post to ride the hype train. And luckily, I just found just the graphic designer to feature. Russian illustrator Ivan Belikov was previously featured here with his Social Networks illustrations and now he’s back with his Game of Thrones sigils … [Link]

I Love Typography

Universal Grotesk

Posted 3 months ago

Universal GroteskI remember looking at this book cover every evening before falling asleep. I was perhaps 13 or 14, and I didn’t really know who Franz Kafka was, but this book with the weird ‘f’ on the spine caught my attention. These kinds of details continued to catch my eye, and as I became more aware of letter shapes and of … [Link]

Designing Vinter

Posted 3 months ago

The process of drawing Vinter fonts began almost six years ago. The initial spark originated from one of the many magazines I regularly purchase for inspiration in my work as a graphic designer. Its headlines were set in an extremely thin sans serif, employing the thick–thin contrast commonly found in antiqua designs. In 2014, a custom variant of Vinter was … [Link]

The First Title-Pages

Posted 3 months ago

The book in its present form is a product of evolution, serendipity, and design. Its size and proportions accommodations to the human form: the length of our arms; the type size a concession to our visual acuity. Ostensibly, the form of the book has changed little in the past 500 years. The very first printed or typographic books resembled their … [Link] – Web Design & Development

29 Best Video Tutorials for Learning InDesign

Posted 8 months ago

Written content dominates the vast majority of e-learning materials on the web. But YouTube videos and premium courses are catching up as video content becomes easier to produce. Because of this fluctuation it’s now easier than ever to teach yourself a piece of software or new skillset by watching other professionals from the comfort of your home office. InDesign is … [Link]

Large Creative September Font Pack for Designers

Posted 9 months ago

So far today, I have spent one hour perfecting the design of one of my client’s new media packs, and honestly I am very happy with it. To tell you the truth, I am super happy that I managed to get it looking so great, within such a short space of time. What I am not happy with however, is … [Link]

Insights, Tips, and Recommended Themes to Create an Excellent eCommerce Experience

Posted 9 months ago

Attractive product packaging, useful product-related information, and a streamlined checkout process can combine to give your online store’s customers a shopping experience that encourages repeat visits, and visits by word-of-mouth customers as well. Follow the insights and tips offered here, and give careful consideration to our WordPress theme recommendations, and you could easily become the proud owner of an eCommerce … [Link]

Vandelay Design

History of Infographics: From Static to Dynamic

Posted 7 hours ago

When it comes to displaying observational data, there is no better way than to employ infographic. Being a time-proven visual tool, it easily handles all the bulks of numbers by breaking them into… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link]

Practical Tips for Taking Design Inspiration without Copying

Posted 15 hours ago

Designers of all kinds rely on inspiration for their work in order to achieve their best results. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, but for web designers who are online virtually all day… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link]

Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Posted 19 hours ago

If you've been a web designer for over five years, it's probably time for some of your early web design clients to upgrade their websites. Or you may be contacted by a prospect who already has a… Click through to read the rest of the story on the Vandelay Design Blog. [Link]


25 Professional Roll-Up Banners & Signage Templates

Posted 22 hours ago

It is common knowledge that advertising is very important for the success of any business. Roll-up banners are part of this and so they have an important role in promoting a business, especially at events. Having the right design and information on your roll-up banner is vital when it comes to attracting new clients. If designed effectively, the roll-up banner … [Link]

20 Unique Portfolio Layouts and Presentations

Posted 43 hours ago

If you want to stand out in this competitive design market, it’s important to make your portfolio as impressive as you can. A touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way in your career, plus having both online and offline portfolios will also increase your visibility. If you do a bit of research, you will definitely … [Link]

Invoicely Review – Free Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

Posted 3 days ago

Today, we will be reviewing Invoicely, a popular online service for freelancers and small businesses that allows you to create beautiful, professional invoices and manage them, get paid for them and do everything else that has to do with invoices – all in one place. If you are a freelance web or graphic designer or you’ve got a business where … [Link]

Spoon Graphics

25 Matte Photoshop Actions for Access All Areas Members

Posted 5 hours ago

This week Access All Areas have a new collection of high quality Photoshop Actions to download courtesy of Shutter Pulse. This set of Matte Actions contains 25 photo effects that mimic the popular matte photography effect by beautifully washing out the tones of your images and adding various subtle colour casts. With just a single click you can give your … [Link]

Work Faster and Smarter with this Extensive Vector Elements Collection

Posted 2 days ago

Vector resources are a designer’s secret sauce, they’re the special ingredients that help you cook up quality artwork in no time! When you’re working against tight deadlines, being able to select ready-made elements when constructing your designs can be a life saver. It also opens up the possibilities for producing completely new art styles, which would otherwise be too complex … [Link]

How To Create a Decorative Drop Cap in Adobe Illustrator

Posted 4 days ago

A fun personal project designers and illustrators often take part in is ’36 Days of Type’, or equivalent challenges like ‘Daily Drop Cap’ where artists express their style on a new letter or number every day. Initials have received decorative treatment throughout history, with examples dating as far back as early biblical texts. In today’s tutorial I’ll take you through … [Link]

Web Design Blog | Magazine for Designers

How to Create Digital Signage with DigitalSignagePress WP Plugin

Posted 22 hours ago

Today, we will be reviewing DigitalSignagePress – a brand new WordPress plugin (and the first one of its kind) that allow you to create digital signage directly in WordPress. What exactly is digital signage? It is a way to display content using led / lcd screens. Most of you have seen digital signage in museums, stadiums, hotels, public spaces or … [Link]

Tips on how to Increase Your Freelance Income

Posted 44 hours ago

If you do occasional freelancing, you may have given to some thought to doing it on a full time basis. That’s a worthy objective, but if you intend to go that route, there are some things you need to know about how to run a business. Treating freelancing as a business is imperative if you hope to succeed. It’s not … [Link]

20 Free Colored Seamless Patterns

Posted 3 days ago

Geometric shapes and textures are widely used in web and graphic design. They can be used for illustrations, backgrounds, patterns etc. Employing seamless patterns is a great way to give your design some personality. In case you’re not familiar with these terms, A seamless pattern is an image of a texture that can be placed side-by-side with itself without creating … [Link]


5 Photo Editing Tips on Making Flashy Pop Art

Posted 4 weeks ago

There is no better tool for pop art than a phone. Nothing could be more popular, and have you seen the state of photo editing apps lately? The beauty is that, in a time when art is mass produced by the masses themselves, originality and creativity are alive and well. We speak the same artistic language, but we all have … [Link]

Train Your Brain To Take Better Decisions

Posted 4 weeks ago

Success follows with overcoming obstacles and taking important decisions in the face of adversity. Good decision making skills are mandatory to become an entrepreneur. The ability to tackle stress and engage with difficulties in a positive and empowering manner changes numerous dire circumstances into favorable situations. A recent study suggests that sound decision making is more significant than physical health, … [Link]

You Can Still Nominate Your Works to The A’ Design Award

Posted 11 weeks ago

A’ Design Award is the World’s leading international annual juried competition for design. The A’ Design Awards are held in a wide range of creative fields to highlight the excellent designers from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the A’ Design Awards are peer-reviewed and anonymously judged by an expert jury panel of leading scholars, important press members and … [Link]

Smashing Magazine

Useful Tips To Get Started With WordPress Hooks

Posted 5 months ago

Even though hooks in WordPress are amazing and everyone uses them knowingly or unknowingly, I get the impression that some advanced users and especially front-end developers still seem to avoid them. If you feel like you’ve been holding back on hooks, too, then this article will get you started. I am also going to reveal some interesting details to anyone who … [Link]

Designing The Most Desirable Product: Exploration of Banknotes Design

Posted 5 months ago

As digital technologies are implanted deeper in the world, making more and more aspects of life intangible, it’s hard to imagine the world without any kind of banknotes, or paper money. In the dramatic history of our world, money became not just generic objects of payment, but also symbols of societies. Designing The Most Desirable Product Of All Time: Paper Money Combining utility and exclusivity, money is one of the challenging … [Link]

Desktop Wallpaper Calendars: January 2016

Posted 5 months ago

The new year is an occasion to start things fresh, to rethink current practices and habits. So why not start small? Clean up your desktop and give it an inspiring new background. We might have something for you: desktop wallpapers created by artists and designers from across the globe as a part of our monthly desktop wallpapers challenge. This post features … [Link]

Outlaw Design Blog

Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis

Posted 18 months ago

Dribbble - Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis Dribbble – Beastly Badges Labels by Joey Ellis. [Link]

Western Youths

Posted 18 months ago

Western Youths. [Link]

Inky Email App

Posted 18 months ago

Inky. [Link]

PSD : Photoshop Disasters

Goodbye: A Farewell Message

Posted 8 months ago

After nine years and countless Photoshop disasters, we are closing our virtual doors. We’d like to thank all of our fans for sending us such fantastic Photoshop fails over the years, and for keeping us laughing with your comments. So long, and thanks for all the clicks! All the best, The Photoshop Disasters Team The post Goodbye: A Farewell Message … [Link]

Groupon: Old MacDonald Had A PSD

Posted 8 months ago

That little tractor is saying it all with his eyes. Ugh. Found here. Thanks for sending this in, Andrew! The post Groupon: Old MacDonald Had A PSD appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters . [Link]

Royal Caribbean: We Didn’t Want Ice Anyway

Posted 8 months ago

And this is where we’d put the ice bucket… if we HAD one. Grand Suite Cat. GSLiberty of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International Found here. Thanks for sending this in, Ross! The post Royal Caribbean: We Didn’t Want Ice Anyway appeared first on PSD : Photoshop Disasters . [Link]

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Junior designer – 16 page magazine design quote? Please help!

Posted 6 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this forum and I wanted some help/advice. I have just started working freelance and have been asked to design a 16 page full colour A5 magazine, including front cover (no advertising). They will then send my work off to the printers. I have never done freelance work before so i have no idea on what … [Link]

Junior designer – 16 page magazine design quote? Please help!

Posted 6 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this forum and I wanted some help/advice. I have just started working freelance and have been asked to design a 16 page full colour A5 magazine, including front cover (no advertising). They will then send my work off to the printers. I have never done freelance work before so i have no idea on what … [Link]

Monitor help please!

Posted 6 months ago

Hi all, I did look for a hardware forum and did a search for "monitor" but didn't find much. I'm coming from a Samsung 2343nw (tn panel) which was about £130 some years ago so it's definitely time to upgrade. Naturally I'm looking for an IPS 1440 panel at 27". I'm liking this Asus Asus PA279Q 27-inch IPS Professional Monitor (2560 … [Link]


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