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There’s a reason for the big emphasis on Spain and Portugal here.

NYT > Travel » T Magazine: Four Artists and a Funeral

Wednesday 11 April 21:26:06 UTC 2012

Willem Dafoe, Antony Hegarty and Marina Abramovic open up about mixed reviews and strange rehearsals ahead of their opera's opening in Madrid. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Birmingham: a girl's guide to the best shops, hotels and restaurants

Wednesday 11 April 17:30:37 UTC 2012

Birmingham's buzzing centre offers some of Britain's best high-street shopping along with world-class bars and restaurants. But look a little deeper and you'll also discover a city rich in artisan heritage and quirky boutiques [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » How to travel the world on zero dollars a day

Wednesday 11 April 16:00:00 UTC 2012

How to travel the world on zero dollars a day [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » France tourism advertising campaign left red-faced by allegations of using false photos

Wednesday 11 April 15:53:38 UTC 2012

France's tourism agency was left red-faced when an image of a South African beach was spotted in one of its adverts. Now it emerges that several fake photos were used in its campaign. [Link]

NYT > Travel » In Transit Blog: Morning Walkabout: 4/11

Wednesday 11 April 15:34:07 UTC 2012

A daily capsule of travel news curated by our writers and editors. [Link]

NYT > Travel » Practical Traveler: Book Well Ahead to Save Money on Airfare

Wednesday 11 April 15:17:32 UTC 2012

How far in advance should you book a flight to grab the lowest price? Here’s some advice for a variety of popular routes. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » The cheapest way to upgrade your flight

Wednesday 11 April 14:56:28 UTC 2012

A premium cabin doesn't always have to break the bank, says Nick Trend. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » Rudest nations: French are still the rudest nation on earth, according to poll

Wednesday 11 April 13:46:45 UTC 2012

In a new survey, Britons have rated the French as the rudest country on the planet – although Russian also come in for criticism in second, as the Germans straggle in fourth. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Titanic memorial cruise back on course

Wednesday 11 April 13:14:16 UTC 2012

A memorial cruise that is retracing the RMS Titanic's ill-fated voyage is back on course, after it was delayed yesterday to allow a seriously ill passenger to receive treatment. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Daily life in North Korea as it prepares for the centenary of Kim il-Sung's birth

Wednesday 11 April 12:21:15 UTC 2012

North Korea prepares for the centenary of Kim il-Sung's birth. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » Child-free flights? Malaysia Airlines bans children from upper deck of its A380s

Wednesday 11 April 12:10:59 UTC 2012

The Asian airline has taken the controversial decision to ban young children from the entire upper floor of its double-decker A380 aircraft, as well as from its first class cabins. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » Dumb Britain: Britons can only name four capital cities around the world

Wednesday 11 April 11:58:22 UTC 2012

Geography teachers look away now. According to a new survey, Britons can only correctly identify four different capital cities around the world – and one of those is London. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Encuentro intergeneracional en El Retiro

Wednesday 11 April 11:35:29 UTC 2012

Del 11 al 15 de abril, mayores y jóvenes de la Ciudad de Madrid jugarán en parejas a distintas actividades que acercarán su diferencia de edad y estrecharán lazos entre las dos generaciones La Fundación Voluntarios por Madrid y la Fundación Repsol consolidan esta iniciativa en 2012, el Año Europeo del Envejecimiento Activo En la edición del año pasado, más … [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Away from the desk: Philip Johnston (and John Major) in Colombia

Wednesday 11 April 11:29:42 UTC 2012

Philip Johnston recalls a trip to Colombia that combined champagne on the prime ministerial plane with the niggling threat of guerrilla warfare. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Thomas Cook insurance downgrade: the impact on holidaymakers

Wednesday 11 April 11:12:31 UTC 2012

The insurer Euler Hermes is refusing to cover Thomas Cook's third-party suppliers. Nick Trends considers the impact on holidaymakers. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » London's lost rivers: the hidden history of the city's buried waterways

Wednesday 11 April 11:04:19 UTC 2012

Tom Bolton reveals the surprising stories behind the little-known rivers that still surge beneath the streets of London. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » Argentina holidays: Wine and wonder in Buenos Aires and Mendoza

Wednesday 11 April 8:59:56 UTC 2012

Argentina has been a news fixture of late, thanks to the renewed disagreement over the Falkland Islands. But Sarah Gordon finds little appetite for politics on a tour of this great country. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Raising a pint in the 'Disneyland of beer'

Wednesday 11 April 4:54:00 UTC 2012

Dublin's Guinness Storehouse, a seven-story temple to the Emerald Isle's most famous export, draws a million visitors a year. [Link]


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