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There’s a reason for the big emphasis on Spain and Portugal here.

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Titanic victims find peace in Halifax

Thursday 22 March 23:57:26 UTC 2012

The Canadian city, which was center of the recovery and where 150 passengers are buried, marks the centennial. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » 10 great places a London tour won't take you

Thursday 22 March 23:54:20 UTC 2012

Author Craig Taylor hopes visitors look beyond Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. [Link]

NYT > Travel » T Magazine: Lumière | YSL in the U.S.A.

Thursday 22 March 23:00:05 UTC 2012

How the great Yves Saint Laurent retrospective from Paris made it to the unlikely city of Denver. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » California: sunshine and star-spotting in Surf City

Thursday 22 March 19:35:18 UTC 2012

Californian sunshine, surfing and celebrity-spotting prove a hit with teenagers as well as their parents. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » US holidays: cost-cutting advice

Thursday 22 March 19:35:15 UTC 2012

Planning a trip to the US? Whether you're dreaming of hitting Route 66, the-celebrity studded beaches or the famous theme parks, Fred Mawer offers expert advice on trimming the costs. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » M25 coach tour: as it happened

Thursday 22 March 19:35:10 UTC 2012

Today, the Brighton & Hove Bus Company launched a new tour of the M25, perhaps Britain's most hated road. Jolyon Attwooll was on board. [Link]

NYT > Travel » Frugal Traveler Blog: Notes From a New Zealand Newbie

Thursday 22 March 19:00:48 UTC 2012

Compared with the culture recalibration required of Americans when they travel to some far off parts of the world, arriving in New Zealand is a rather smooth experience. Still, another country is another country. Here's what took me by surprise. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Slippery slopes: Hot weather bodes ill for resorts

Thursday 22 March 18:37:04 UTC 2012

An unprecedented spell of record temperatures soaring into the 80s had New England skiers dodging dirt patches and exposed rocks. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Dolores Navarro preside el Foro del Voluntariado

Thursday 22 March 18:34:20 UTC 2012


NYT > Travel » 36 Hours in Vientiane, Laos

Thursday 22 March 18:22:11 UTC 2012

Vientiane, with its gilded temples and colonial villas, is quickly changing. Visit now before it is enveloped by the modern world. [Link]

NYT > Travel » 36 Hours: Vientiane, Laos

Thursday 22 March 18:21:49 UTC 2012

Now is the time to explore this city’s small-town charms before it joins the modern world. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Lions on the loose in Nairobi

Thursday 22 March 18:03:15 UTC 2012

The owner of a popular tourist attraction in Nairobi has urged local authorities to step up their efforts to capture several lions that have escaped from a nearby national park. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » California: surfing and star-spotting in Surf City

Thursday 22 March 15:58:58 UTC 2012

In the first part of our US special, Californian sunshine, surf and celebrity-spotting prove a hit with teenagers as well as their parents. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Ana Botella recuerda a las víctimas de Omagh

Thursday 22 March 15:56:44 UTC 2012


Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Agua excelente

Thursday 22 March 15:56:38 UTC 2012

Esta ll Jornada Técnica Municipal reúne a más de 400 personas en la Facultad de Farmacia de la Universidad Complutense El 90% de las 2.000 muestras tomadas por técnicos municipales a lo largo de 2011 atestiguan la alta calidad del agua de la ciudad [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Teatro para bebés

Thursday 22 March 15:56:37 UTC 2012

Doce compañías ofrecen títeres, teatro y danza para el público infantil La sala registra lleno total después de ocho años de programación Los montajes duran unos treinta minutos y un aforo de entre 30 y 80 espectadores [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Balinese Hindus carry idols of the devil before Nyepi, the Day of Silence

Thursday 22 March 15:35:13 UTC 2012

Balinese Hindus carry idols of the devil for Nyepi, a Day of Silence. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » California: bargain holiday tips and cost-cutting advice

Thursday 22 March 15:18:34 UTC 2012

Planning a trip to California? Whether you're dreaming of hitting Route 66, the-celebrity studded beaches or the famous theme parks, Fred Mawer offers expert advice on trimming the costs. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Where in the world?

Thursday 22 March 15:10:33 UTC 2012

Identify the location of this photograph for the chance to win a suitcase. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Will 'Hunger Games' spark tourism bounty in N.C.?

Thursday 22 March 15:07:00 UTC 2012

North Carolina tourism officials hope 'The Hunger Games' movie sparks a tourism bounty in the western part of the state, where filming took … [Link]

Telegraph Travel » TripAdvisor under fire over fraud detection

Thursday 22 March 14:21:43 UTC 2012

New evidence of hoteliers attempting to manipulate their ratings has increased the pressure on TripAdvisor to improve its screening procedures. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Ayudas en el IBI para familias de escasos recursos

Thursday 22 March 13:28:13 UTC 2012

El Ayuntamiento de Madrid concederá en el año 2012 una ayuda de hasta 60 euros a las familias con menos recursos económicos que hayan pagado el Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) Las familias solicitantes deberán estar empadronadas en una vivienda con un valor catastral inferior a 10.001 euros o ser beneficiarios de la reducción de la Tasa por la prestación … [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Diez millones para el nuevo contrato del SELUR

Thursday 22 March 13:28:12 UTC 2012

Está preparado para eliminar todo tipo de residuos y actúa de forma coordinada con servicios de emergencias y fuerzas de seguridad Incluye actuaciones específicas en manifestaciones, eventos festivos, deportivos o cualquier otro que requiera una limpieza integral Con dos bases operativas ubicadas estratégicamente en la calle de Cuart de Poblet y en la avenida de Daroca, está operativo las 24 … [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Licencias de obras en edificios protegidos más ágiles y rápidas

Thursday 22 March 13:28:11 UTC 2012

La supresión de trámites administrativos para actuar en inmuebles catalogados supondrá un ahorro de entre uno y tres meses, y adelantará la actividad ligada a la licencia Otra nueva medida permitirá hacer obras en edificios con actividades económicas sin necesidad de paralizar éstas, permitiendo actuar por etapas y mediante autorizaciones parciales de funcionamiento También se han simplificado los criterios para … [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Nuevos autobuses ecológicos para la EMT

Thursday 22 March 13:28:10 UTC 2012

La EMT adquirirá 123 autobuses en el presente ejercicio, 81 de ellos en régimen de leasing por 12 años. El presupuesto de inversiones de la empresa municipal en 2012 asciende a 49,5 millones de euros. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Botella en la inauguración del Mercadona de Serrano

Thursday 22 March 13:28:09 UTC 2012


Travel | Mail Online » Angry Birds activity park launch announced by popular game maker

Thursday 22 March 13:06:32 UTC 2012

The parks will feature Angry Birds-inspired swings, sandpits, climbing towers, slides and outdoor arcade games in cities and towns or attached to existing large theme parks across the UK. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online » Portugal general strikes: Action disrupts country's transport system

Thursday 22 March 12:58:09 UTC 2012

The action, by workers angered by austerity measures, has closed Lisbon and Oporto's underground tube networks, hitting train, bus and ferry companies across the country. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Old Course Hotel, St Andrew's: hotel review

Thursday 22 March 12:01:18 UTC 2012

The Old Course Hotel, in St Andrew's, is an iconic golf hotel that offers an unbeatable location and views. [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa » Orden del Día de la Junta de Gobierno de la Ciudad de Madrid

Thursday 22 March 11:54:43 UTC 2012


Travel | Mail Online » Lisbon Portugal city breaks: Culture and sun in a city of two halves

Thursday 22 March 10:52:40 UTC 2012

It is often overlooked by mini-breakers – but Lisbon may well be the perfect city for a weekend, Simon Lambert muses. Because not only does it have history and culture. It also has beaches. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » M25 coach tour: live

Thursday 22 March 10:41:32 UTC 2012

Can a coach trip around the M25 possibly be worth it? We join a new tour to find out. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Gas cards return as destinations gear up

Thursday 22 March 10:00:00 UTC 2012

As climbing fuel prices threaten to put the brakes on road trips, some hotels and destinations are relying on gas cards to lure visitors. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories » Great American Bites: Keens Steakhouse, NYC's oldest, best

Thursday 22 March 9:00:00 UTC 2012

I have been many times and fervently believe that Keens is the best steakhouse in New York, and maybe the entire country. [Link]

Telegraph Travel » Budget 2012: Families to pay more for holidays as Air Passenger Duty rises

Thursday 22 March 7:30:25 UTC 2012

Holidaymakers face a sharp increase in the cost of flying following a 10 per cent increase in Air Passenger Duty. [Link]


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