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There’s a reason for the big emphasis on Spain and Portugal here.

Nosolo Viajeros

You Will Discover Good results With Weight Loss

Posted 17 months ago

It’s really not always difficult to shed weight. You may change your weight by means of a variety of approaches you just need the best way of thinking. This article offers you lots of information and facts pertaining to weight loss guidance. Don’t store higher-caloric unhealthy foods and other stuff you are preventing in your home. You don’t need to … [Link]

Start Shedding Weight Today With One Of These Simple Ideas

Posted 17 months ago

It can be difficult to acknowledge you are overweight. This realization brings about opinions of health conditions and the possibility of death. The following advice below will help you out. A sensible way to assist you to lose fat decrease strategy requires straightforward keeping track of of calorie intake each and every day. Cut out fats it is possible to.You … [Link]

Jump Manual Feedback And Guidelines

Posted 19 months ago

In golf ball, height can seem to be like pretty much everything. Even if it’s the specific stature of person, or even the size within their top to bottom hop, having the ability to soar over the opposition is certainly a really important area of the action-and also the workouts treatment. That’s why finding out how to jump bigger may … [Link]

NYT > Travel

In Transit: A Tour of Rwanda, From Jungle to City

Posted 10 hours ago

An eight-day tour, departing from Kigali, features a trek into the jungle to view mountain gorillas. [Link]

Workspace: Mark Dunkerley: Where You Can See Airplanes and the Aloha Spirit

Posted 16 hours ago

Mr. Dunkerley, the president and chief executive of Hawaiian Airlines, uses his binoculars and other old-fashioned tools to stay on top of his work. [Link]

In Transit: After Stormy Royal Caribbean Cruise, Seeking Answers

Posted 18 hours ago

The Coast Guard is examining the cruise ship that sailed into 120 m.p.h. winds, and a Florida senator has said that there should also be an investigation. [Link]

Telegraph Travel

Ski safety: avalanche survival tips

Posted 41 hours ago

As the French Alps continue to be on high alert, expert Henry Schniewind offers advice on avalanche safety [Link]

Travel programmes on TV

Posted 41 hours ago

Travel-related shows this week feature Simon Reeve in Greece, Michael Wood's series on China and two programmes celebrating Chinese new year [Link]

Valentine's Day: hearts in Nature

Posted 45 hours ago

Here is a selection of photographs showing that Nature has a heart, too. [Link]

TravelMole Media Group, L.L.C. | Top Stories

Tunisia is safe for tourists, says EU chief

Posted 48 minutes ago

Authorities urged to visit, asap [Link]

Tunisia is safe for tourists, says EU chief

Posted 8 hours ago

Authorities urged to visit, asap [Link]

Royal Caribbean accused of negligence as passenger tells of storm horror

Posted 10 hours ago

Senator calls for inquiry [Link]

MallorcaWeb: Latest news

"Sailing" in the USA from coast to coast

Posted 12 months ago

Record Go, with offices in Mallorca, is the main organizer of this supportive sports challenge. [Link]

Natural areas of the Balearic Islands

Posted 3 years ago

Situation, visits, events… [Link]

Illustrated catalogue of the springs in Mallorca

Posted 3 years ago

It includes by now 755 water springs. [Link] Spain Travel

How Old Is Barcelona?

Posted 21 months ago

How old exactly is the city of Barcelona? That's a tough question. There was a settlement called Barcino founded in the third century BC, but there is nothing left of that town. The oldest structure in Barcelona today is the Roman Ruins near Via Laetana, but there's not much left of those today….Read Full Post [Link]

Will Game of Thrones' Sunspear be Filmed in Spain?

Posted 21 months ago

There are rumors going around that parts of Season 5 of Game of Thrones will be shot in Spain. As a big fan of both the books and the TV series, my guess is that they chose Spain to depict Dorne, specifically the capital, Sunspear, the home of the Martells, who were introduced into the show at the beginning of … [Link]

The Best Way to Have Your Kids Learn Spanish

Posted 21 months ago

Have you ever considered taking your children to a Spanish language summer camp in Spain? May is discount time for travel planning, and I've found another great offer that is valid until the end of the month: get 10% off a summer camp in Spain….Read Full Post [Link]

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Valencia works at a different speed

Posted 47 hours ago

Discover Valencia and find out more about its streets, gardens, monuments ―and the beach by the Mediterranean sea. Do all these things from a very different point of view at the speed of hyperlapse technology and go around the city of Valencia. [Link]

18th Marathon in Espadán

Posted 47 hours ago

Running through the mountain may be a new challenge for some. For some others it is just something they already now and are used to doing. There are some differences between running through the mountains and traditional athletics. It is obvious we are running on a steep and complicated ground which can vary greatly (ground, grass, snow, rock, etc.) and … [Link]

Nature reserve in Sierra de Mariola

Posted 47 hours ago

The mountain range of Sierra de Mariola is placed between the regions of Alcoià, Comtat und Vall d’Albaida and offers a wide range of plants and flora and is specially rich in aromatic herbs. The great amount of water here has transformed it in an inhabited place since the dawn of mankind, which has contributed to the creation of a … [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa

El Ayuntamiento oferta 1.800 plazas de formación para desempleados

Posted 11 hours ago

121 cursos, seminarios y programas mixtos de formación y empleo llegarán en 2016 a más de 1.800 personas desempleadas Junto a las tradicionales se ofertan nuevas profesiones como Piloto de dron, Community manager o Desarrollo de aplicaciones para móviles Los 20 Talleres de Formación y Empleo (TFyE) combinarán el aprendizaje teórico con prácticas profesionales remuneradas En esta primera convocatoria, el … [Link]

Desalojado un local de ocio nocturno con más de cien menores en su interior

Posted 19 hours ago

Aunque la inmensa mayoría de los clientes eran menores de edad, todos tenían acceso a alcohol y tabaco La intervención la han desarrollado conjuntamente agentes del distrito de Moratalaz del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía y de Policía Municipal de Madrid El establecimiento carecía de cartel identificativo y de licencia de actividad. Tampoco mostraba el cartel de derecho de admisión y … [Link]

Día de la Radio

Posted 22 hours ago

Han participado responsables políticos municipales, profesionales de las ondas y artistas que han puesto la nota musical en directo Manuela Carmena y Luis del Olmo han asistido a un evento que este año se celebra bajo el lema "La radio en tiempos de desastre y emergencia" El programa se puede escuchar en directo a través del canal de YouTube del … [Link]

Travel | Mail Online

The Inspector reveals Britain's most romantic hotels

Posted 19 hours ago

With Valentine’s Day looming, here is The Inspector's choice of the ten most romantic hotels in Britain (and you know he is not easy to please)… [Link]

How a Cunard cruise aboard The Queen Victoria to Corfu is a stately affair

Posted 22 hours ago

For Cunard, a dinner jacket is as important as a lifejacket. It’s the only way you can get into the smarter restaurants. Andrew Pierce dons his and sees what all the fuss is about. [Link]

A trip in Mont Blanc's new £106million futuristic cable car

Posted 22 hours ago

The view from the Mont Blanc Skyway in the Italian Alps, which has 80-person cabins, is nothing short of phenomenal. Each sphere is kitted out with screens, avalanche warnings and even snow reports. [Link]

Portugal holidays | The Guardian

'Algarve is cheapest for holiday spending'

Posted 4 weeks ago

Bulgaria also offers good value for British tourists, while Cape Town is the cheapest long-haul destination, says Post Office survey British holidaymakers looking for top value for money should head to Portugal if staying in Europe, or South Africa if they are planning a long-haul trip. According to the Post Office, a fall in prices over the past year and … [Link]

Porto city guide: what to see plus the best hotels and restaurants and bars

Posted 5 months ago

It’s most famous for its ruby tipple and a strident football manager, but Porto is shaking off its fusty image with buzzy places to eat, drink and hang outIt’s spirit that turns table wine into port, spirit that turns crisis into creativity and spirit that allows dignity to flourish among Porto’s glamorous dereliction. Here the Douro river pushes into the … [Link]

Peace, raw food and ceramics: Pomar do Pombal, Porto, Portugal

Posted 7 months ago

Ceramic artist Joaquim Pombal has made a studio and garden from an old fruit market. Percussionist André Baltazar, from Be-dom, goes potty for its tiles, murals and home-grown lunchesRestaurants in Portugal: readers’ travel tipsTourists have yet to really discover this place that’s close to the centre of Porto. Ceramic artist Joaquim Pombal has turned an old fruit market into a … [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories

Rick Steves: What's new in France for 2016

Posted 21 hours ago

With the dollar about 15% stronger than the euro compared to a year ago, enjoying France will be particularly affordable this year.             [Link]

Forget candy hearts: Alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

Posted 37 hours ago

Why bother with the same old candy and chocolate when you can surprise your Valentine?             [Link]

Surprising presidential historic sites

Posted 42 hours ago


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Spain's classic walking routes: From the Camino de Santiago to rugged Pyrenean routes

Posted 5 months ago

It's a simple pleasure but one that never fails to raise my spirits: the sight of the horizontal red and white stripes, painted on a pine tree, rock or fence post, which mark the route of one of Spain's long-distance footpaths, the Grandes Recorridos. [Link]

Apennines trip: Following my father's escape from an Italian prisoner of war camp

Posted 5 months ago

On the morning of 9 September 1943, my father and 500 other mainly British officers stepped through a hole obligingly cut in the barbed wire fence by their former captors at Fontanellato prisoner-of-war camp, near Parma in northern Italy. Their hosts, having deposed Mussolini two months earlier, had signed an armistice with the Allies, and the Germans were expected to … [Link]

Stockholm: Hit the roof for a bird's-eye view

Posted 5 months ago

'Make sure you look down," shouted guide Gabrielle, her words lost to the stiff breeze that whipped around us. From up here – on the roof of one of Stockholm's most historic buildings – peering off the edge was the last thing I intended to do. [Link]

Revista80dias: viajes, turismo, cultura y guías

Descuento de residente: la subvención que ha llevado a Globalia a los tribunales

Posted 10 weeks ago

Juan José Hidalgo, presidente del Grupo Globalia, el primer conglomerado turístico del país, está imputado por un juzgado de la Audiencia Nacional por un presunto fraude en la subvención del descuento de residente. El Estado paga cada año más de 300 millones para que canarios, baleares, melillenses y ceutíes viajen barato a la península ibérica. [Link]

La vida normal del creador del 'Quijote'

Posted 11 weeks ago

Una biografía resumida de Miguel de Cervantes, pero que da una visión completa de la vida del escritor que revolucionó la novela en el siglo XVII. Además, se analiza cómo escribió sus obras y poemas, lo que permite introducirse en la mente del padre de Alonso Quijano, su personaje más famoso. [Link]

12 lugares prohibidos en el mundo

Posted 11 weeks ago

Viajar es un vicio y una vez que te ha picado ese gusanillo es difícil dejar de hacerlo. Excepto a lugares imposibles en el mundo. O quizá no tanto. Aquí una lista de los sitios donde está prohibido acercarse o es muy, muy complicado. [Link]

Peanuts News

Ryanair condems Ferrovial/BAA’s latest attempt to delay the sale of Stansted and a better …

Posted 4 years ago

Ryanair today (Oct 7th) condemned the latest attempts by the Ferrovial/BAA monopoly to further delay the sale of Stansted Airport, as recommended by the Competition Commission over three years ago in its August 2008 report. Ryanair has been invited to a case management conference this afternoon before the Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT) at which the Ferrovial/BAA monopoly is seeking to “stay” … [Link]

Airberlin and Malev launch codeshare operation – 2011-10-10

Posted 4 years ago

Airberlin and the Hungarian airline Malev will in future be offering their customers selected flights as codeshare services. The codeshare agreement comes into force today and applies to flights from 30th October 2011. [Link]

Frontier Airlines receives coveted IOSA registration – 2011-10-05

Posted 4 years ago

Frontier Airlines has successfully completed the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and achieved IOSA registration. Frontier is a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. RJET +3.95%. [Link]

Offers in the Region of Valencia

FLY WITH PARAGLADING!, 130€, SANTA POLA, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

First contact with paragliding: come with Sureste . A safe, amazing and exciting sport, discover it in Santa Pola. [Link]

ADVENTURE IN THE NATURE, 50€, MONTANEJOS, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

Enjoy doing sport with Geoextrem. Canyoning in Montanejos (Castellón) [Link]

LIVE PAINTBALL , 25€, BOCAIRENT, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

Paintball in the deep of the mountain range with quality tours . For 10 persons in Bocairent [Link]

Cosmopolitan Forums

Not Looking Forward to Christmas

Posted 2 years ago

NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS Michael Walsh On the face of it, the idyllic Andalucía hills forming a backdrop to Estapona are an unlikely lair for a whistle-blower whose revelations could threaten a country’s senate and expose the European Union to charges of cover-up and fraud. When Latvian anti-corruption dissident John Christmas rumbled Latvian state deceitfulness, his primary need was … [Link]

Fleeced like sheep

Posted 2 years ago

Fleeced like sheep; Nadia and I visited the bank with a view to transferring €400 to a non-EU bank. No problems except that there is a bank transaction fee of €45. Thankfully we have a non-EU national who told us of a local internet café where the transaction can be done just as securely – for €6. She has never … [Link]

As True Today as it Ever Was

Posted 2 years ago

I could not dig, I dared not rob / Therefore I lied to please the mob / Now all my lies are proved untrue / And I must face the men I slew / What tale shall serve me here among / Mine angry and defrauded young. – Rudyard Kipling. 1865 – 1936. [Link]

Spain and Portugal for Visitors

Tourism to Fuel the Flagging Spanish Economy

Posted 4 years ago

The economic news from Spain is dire to say the least. Recent figures are showing that the Spanish economy is slowly but surely slipping back into another recession. Despite all the doom and gloom, there is one sector of the economy that has been growing and is predicted to grow further in 2012: tourism. [Link]

Tourism to fuel the fledging Spanish economy

Posted 4 years ago

The economic news coming from Spain is dire to say the least. Recent figures are showing that the Spanish economy is slowly, but surely, slipping back into another recession. Despite all the doom and gloom, there is one sector of the economy that has been growing and is predicted to grow further in 2012: tourism. [Link]

Maldonado Worlds Most Expensive Ham

Posted 4 years ago

Castile-La Mancha and Extremadura Iberian ham comes with black toenailsThough not actually available until 2008. the Maldonado family firm's 2006 Alba Quercus Reserve Iberian hams are being reserved at the whopping price of $2000 each, making this probably the most expensive ham in the world. Unfortunately the combination of high prices and pigs has brought out the worst in journalists around the world. For example, one headline from the normally … [Link]


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