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There’s a reason for the big emphasis on Spain and Portugal here. Spain Travel

How Old Is Barcelona?

Posted 2 years ago

How old exactly is the city of Barcelona? That's a tough question. There was a settlement called Barcino founded in the third century BC, but there is nothing left of that town. The oldest structure in Barcelona today is the Roman Ruins near Via Laetana, but there's not much left of those today….Read Full Post [Link]

Will Game of Thrones' Sunspear be Filmed in Spain?

Posted 2 years ago

There are rumors going around that parts of Season 5 of Game of Thrones will be shot in Spain. As a big fan of both the books and the TV series, my guess is that they chose Spain to depict Dorne, specifically the capital, Sunspear, the home of the Martells, who were introduced into the show at the beginning of … [Link]

The Best Way to Have Your Kids Learn Spanish

Posted 2 years ago

Have you ever considered taking your children to a Spanish language summer camp in Spain? May is discount time for travel planning, and I've found another great offer that is valid until the end of the month: get 10% off a summer camp in Spain….Read Full Post [Link]

RSS Actualidad

Vistabella del Maestrat, the highest village in the Region of Valencia

Posted 26 hours ago

80% of the municipality of Vistabella del Maestrat consists of forests, including a large number of native species [Link]

Deleste, the gourmet festival that celebrates autumn in Valencia

Posted 26 hours ago

Madrid’s own Quique González is at the top of a varied and powerful bill, making Deleste a festival of reference. [Link]

Orihuela invites you to enjoy a taste of tapas and gin tonic

Posted 26 hours ago

A total of 40 bars, restaurants and pastry shops will participate in the 4th Annual Tapas and Gin & Tonic Contest under the heading “Orihuela: History of the Mediterranean”. [Link]

USATODAY – Destinations Top Stories

The fairy tale castles of Germany

Posted 3 hours ago

The country has plenty of castles that look like they came straight out of a storybook.             [Link]

Guest House at Graceland, draped in Elvis style, opens Sunday

Posted 19 hours ago

The contemporary hotel, lobby and restaurants ditch the kitsch to reflect the real man.             [Link]

Photos: The fairy tale castles of Germany

Posted 25 hours ago

The country has plenty of castles that look like they came straight out of a storybook.             [Link]



Posted 4 weeks ago

アフターピルは、性行為後でも避妊効果を得られる有効な方法として知られて~ 通常、アフターピルは性行為から72時間以内であれば避妊効果を得られると~ 避妊が成功した場合、アフターピルの服用から3日後以降に消退出血と呼ばれ~ また、アフターピルの服用から3日経過していないのに出血が見られた場合は~ アフターピルで避妊が成功した印と避妊効果の低下はアフターピルを常備して~ [Link]


Posted 9 weeks ago

アフターピルとは、女性が緊急避妊をするための薬です。緊急避妊とは、避妊~ 健康な男女が避妊をせず性行為を行えば、妊娠するのはとても自然なことです~ まず生理が遅れるという可能性ですが、この可能性は十分にあります。アフタ~ 次に貧血になる可能性についてです。これに関しては極めて可能性が低いとい~ アフターピルは便利な一方で女性に大きな負担がかかりますから、使用には注~ アフターピルで生理が遅れたり、貧血になったりする?はアフターピルを常備~ [Link]


Posted 10 weeks ago

アフターピル緊急時にのみ服用するタイプのピルであり、本当に必要な時だけ~ とはいえ問題のないハーブでしたら、ハーブティーなどで美味しく飲むことが~ 女性にとって気になるのは美容ですから、ハイビスカスのハーブでの効能や効~ ハイビスカスの栄養素を紐解いていきますと、譲れないほどの豊富なビタミン~ ハイビスカスのクエン酸やリンゴ酸といいますのは、体内で新陳代謝を活性化~ ハイビスカスはその姿も美しいだけではなく、ハーブティーなどで飲んでも、~ アフターピルと短期とハーブについてはアフターピルを常備しておこう!で公~ [Link]

NYT > Travel

Frugal Traveler: Escaping a New Dominican Cruise Port

Posted 4 hours ago

Spending time, and not much money, off the beaten path, in and around Puerto Plata. [Link]

Check In: Elegantly Remade, a Washington Hotel Looks Beyond a Scandalous Past

Posted 4 hours ago

Following a $150 million renovation, the Watergate Hotel reopened this June in Washington. Who hasn’t heard about the property’s infamous past? [Link]

Bites: An Ann Arbor Restaurant Serving ‘Food of Substance’

Posted 4 hours ago

Like its décor, Spencer’s food is an Instagram fantasia — but it’s also ambitiously tasty. [Link]

Travel | Mail Online

Drone catches blanket of thick fog make a 'waterfall' rolling off Dorset cliffs

Posted 3 hours ago

Photographer James Loveridge filming above the cliffs at West Bay, in Dorset, has captured the incredible moment a blanket of thick fog turns into a ‘waterfall’ covering him. [Link]

Royal Navy HELICOPTER transformed into a holiday home for six

Posted 3 hours ago

Stirling farmer Martyn Steedman and his wife Louise bought the Sea King in an online MoD auction in March and have spent nearly £40,000 converting it into glamping accommodation. [Link]

Maldives resort Lux South Ari Atoll is full of luxury surprises

Posted 3 hours ago

Living up to its name, the LUX* resort – the group's first offering in the Maldives, with a second set to open in 2017 – offers unabashed, off-the-grid luxury in a picture-perfect setting. [Link]

MallorcaWeb: Latest news

"Sailing" in the USA from coast to coast

Posted 21 months ago

Record Go, with offices in Mallorca, is the main organizer of this supportive sports challenge. [Link]

Natural areas of the Balearic Islands

Posted 4 years ago

Situation, visits, events… [Link]

Illustrated catalogue of the springs in Mallorca

Posted 4 years ago

It includes by now 755 water springs. [Link]

Portugal holidays | The Guardian

Authentic Algarve: there's more to the costa than golf and resorts

Posted 4 months ago

There are still places in southern Portugal where there are more flamingos than tourists, and rural traditions are part of the fabric of life Blue sea sparkled on the other side of the wetlands. The empty dirt path stretched towards it, through wild mallow flowers and nodding daisies. To the right, there was a small, empty beach, with a few … [Link]

Madeira's pulse quickens with extreme sports and glamping

Posted 4 months ago

The Portuguese island is shaking off its reputation for sedate holidays and visitors are now discovering its wild sideI took a deep breath, checked my harness for the tenth time, then ran towards the edge of the cliff. Just before I hurtled off into the abyss, the wind seized my parachute and whisked me up into the air. I’d landed … [Link]

The best hotels in Portugal for under £100 a night

Posted 4 months ago

Pastel-coloured palaces, beach-side design hotels, family-friendly farmhouses – and all bookable for under £100 a night. Here’s a pick of Portugal’s best value stays Continue reading… [Link]

TravelMole Media Group, L.L.C. | Top Stories

EasyJet flight delayed due to passenger's 'suspicious behaviour'

Posted 6 months ago

Third person grounded following complaints [Link]

Two feared dead and others still missing after building collapses in tourist resort

Posted 6 months ago

Neighbouring Tenerife hotels help after evacuation [Link]

Airlines see load factors dip as capacity growth outstrips demand

Posted 6 months ago

IATA warns this could be start of downward trend [Link]

Telegraph Travel

The world's most convenient airports

Posted 7 months ago

Forget costly transfers: these airports are each fewer than eight miles – and some just a 20-minute walk – from the city centre [Link]

Top 10: the best family-friendly Cotswolds hotels

Posted 7 months ago

Where to stay for swimming pools, horse-riding lessons, kids' clubs and great food [Link]

Top 10: the best family-friendly hotels in Cornwall

Posted 7 months ago

Where to stay for swimming pools, surfing lessons and tennis coaching [Link]

Ayuntamiento de Madrid – Notas de prensa

Encuentro “Construyendo nuestro espacio”

Posted 8 months ago

El profesor de Antropología Social de la UB, y experto en la construcción de identidades colectivas en contextos urbanos, Manuel Delgado, ofreció una ponencia La jornada fue un foro de reflexión y acción comunitaria abierto a la participación de entidades públicas, privadas y otros colectivos, así como a los vecinos y vecinas del distrito [Link]

Expomanga 2016 se muda al pabellón 12 de IFEMA

Posted 8 months ago

Esta feria, celebrada hasta ahora en el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo, podrá acoger en IFEMA más actividades y mayor número de visitantes Tendrán cabida invitados internacionales como ‘'Twin Cosplay'' que visitarán España por primera vez como vigentes campeones del World Cosplay Summit 2015 [Link]

Los idiomas se viven en el mercado de Barceló

Posted 8 months ago

Todos los viernes, a partir de las 21.00 horas, la segunda planta de este mercado se convierte en un espacio de esparcimiento donde practicar otras lenguas de forma divertida y gratuita con profesores nativos La idea es una experiencia piloto que nace con vocación de extenderse a otros mercados municipales Responde a una doble estrategia del Ayuntamiento: apoyar a los … [Link]

Revista80dias: viajes, turismo, cultura y guías

Descuento de residente: la subvención que ha llevado a Globalia a los tribunales

Posted 11 months ago

Juan José Hidalgo, presidente del Grupo Globalia, el primer conglomerado turístico del país, está imputado por un juzgado de la Audiencia Nacional por un presunto fraude en la subvención del descuento de residente. El Estado paga cada año más de 300 millones para que canarios, baleares, melillenses y ceutíes viajen barato a la península ibérica. [Link]

La vida normal del creador del 'Quijote'

Posted 11 months ago

Una biografía resumida de Miguel de Cervantes, pero que da una visión completa de la vida del escritor que revolucionó la novela en el siglo XVII. Además, se analiza cómo escribió sus obras y poemas, lo que permite introducirse en la mente del padre de Alonso Quijano, su personaje más famoso. [Link]

12 lugares prohibidos en el mundo

Posted 11 months ago

Viajar es un vicio y una vez que te ha picado ese gusanillo es difícil dejar de hacerlo. Excepto a lugares imposibles en el mundo. O quizá no tanto. Aquí una lista de los sitios donde está prohibido acercarse o es muy, muy complicado. [Link]

Peanuts News

Ryanair condems Ferrovial/BAA’s latest attempt to delay the sale of Stansted and a better …

Posted 5 years ago

Ryanair today (Oct 7th) condemned the latest attempts by the Ferrovial/BAA monopoly to further delay the sale of Stansted Airport, as recommended by the Competition Commission over three years ago in its August 2008 report. Ryanair has been invited to a case management conference this afternoon before the Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT) at which the Ferrovial/BAA monopoly is seeking to “stay” … [Link]

Airberlin and Malev launch codeshare operation – 2011-10-10

Posted 5 years ago

Airberlin and the Hungarian airline Malev will in future be offering their customers selected flights as codeshare services. The codeshare agreement comes into force today and applies to flights from 30th October 2011. [Link]

Frontier Airlines receives coveted IOSA registration – 2011-10-05

Posted 5 years ago

Frontier Airlines has successfully completed the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and achieved IOSA registration. Frontier is a wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. RJET +3.95%. [Link]

Offers in the Region of Valencia

FLY WITH PARAGLADING!, 130€, SANTA POLA, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

First contact with paragliding: come with Sureste . A safe, amazing and exciting sport, discover it in Santa Pola. [Link]

ADVENTURE IN THE NATURE, 50€, MONTANEJOS, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

Enjoy doing sport with Geoextrem. Canyoning in Montanejos (Castellón) [Link]

LIVE PAINTBALL , 25€, BOCAIRENT, Adventure sports, Comunitat Valenciana

Posted 5 years ago

Paintball in the deep of the mountain range with quality tours . For 10 persons in Bocairent [Link]

Cosmopolitan Forums

Not Looking Forward to Christmas

Posted 3 years ago

NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS Michael Walsh On the face of it, the idyllic Andalucía hills forming a backdrop to Estapona are an unlikely lair for a whistle-blower whose revelations could threaten a country’s senate and expose the European Union to charges of cover-up and fraud. When Latvian anti-corruption dissident John Christmas rumbled Latvian state deceitfulness, his primary need was … [Link]

Fleeced like sheep

Posted 3 years ago

Fleeced like sheep; Nadia and I visited the bank with a view to transferring €400 to a non-EU bank. No problems except that there is a bank transaction fee of €45. Thankfully we have a non-EU national who told us of a local internet café where the transaction can be done just as securely – for €6. She has never … [Link]

As True Today as it Ever Was

Posted 3 years ago

I could not dig, I dared not rob / Therefore I lied to please the mob / Now all my lies are proved untrue / And I must face the men I slew / What tale shall serve me here among / Mine angry and defrauded young. – Rudyard Kipling. 1865 – 1936. [Link]

Spain and Portugal for Visitors

Tourism to Fuel the Flagging Spanish Economy

Posted 5 years ago

The economic news from Spain is dire to say the least. Recent figures are showing that the Spanish economy is slowly but surely slipping back into another recession. Despite all the doom and gloom, there is one sector of the economy that has been growing and is predicted to grow further in 2012: tourism. [Link]

Tourism to fuel the fledging Spanish economy

Posted 5 years ago

The economic news coming from Spain is dire to say the least. Recent figures are showing that the Spanish economy is slowly, but surely, slipping back into another recession. Despite all the doom and gloom, there is one sector of the economy that has been growing and is predicted to grow further in 2012: tourism. [Link]

Maldonado Worlds Most Expensive Ham

Posted 5 years ago

Castile-La Mancha and Extremadura Iberian ham comes with black toenailsThough not actually available until 2008. the Maldonado family firm's 2006 Alba Quercus Reserve Iberian hams are being reserved at the whopping price of $2000 each, making this probably the most expensive ham in the world. Unfortunately the combination of high prices and pigs has brought out the worst in journalists around the world. For example, one headline from the normally … [Link]


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