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Almost everyone uses language, so inevitably almost everyone thinks they are an expert in it. I don’t consider myself an expert, though most of my work requires at least language competence and sometimes actual skill, but I do follow the blogs featured on this feeds page.

(If you are wondering where the translation-related feeds have all gone, I have put them on their own page.)

Most of the blogs represented here are in English, most of the time, but don’t be surprised to find other languages used. Go with the flow – I occasionally find myself pleasantly surprised at how much I can grasp in languages I have never seen before.

Language On the Net » Pasternak’s Untranslatable Feast.

Thursday 2 November 22:19:04 UTC 2017

I’m not crazy about Pasternak’s 1930 poem Лето [Summer], one of a group he wrote for his new love, Zinaida Neigauz, the wife of his friend the pianist Genrikh Neigauz, even as he was packing his own wife off to Europe and sending her loving letters and poems (Akhmatova said acerbically “Он там уговаривает жену не слишком огорчаться насчет своего … [Link]

Language Log » Fixed point

Thursday 2 November 21:25:11 UTC 2017

From dako-xiaweiyi: Some years ago I was hiking in a remote part of Inner Mongolia with some Chinese friends when we came into a larger than normal village with a larger than normal building with the sign in the attached picture: The sign on the wall says: lǚyóu shèwài dìngdiǎn dānwèi 旅游涉外定点单位 (Chinglish translation: "pointed unit for foreign tourist") Before … [Link]

Language Log » Cyprus, Cypress, whatever…

Thursday 2 November 20:46:44 UTC 2017

Paul Manafort's lawyers misspelled Cyprus throughout his bail memo. — Sigh Hersh (@Ugarles) November 2, 2017 [Link]

Urban Word of the Day » scheissegeist

Thursday 2 November 7:11:55 UTC 2017

From the German for "shit" + "ghost" (scheisse + geist): the smell left over in the bathroom. Terry, please open the window when you poop. You need to let the scheissegeist out. [Link]


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