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Almost everyone uses language, so inevitably almost everyone thinks they are an expert in it. I don’t consider myself an expert, though most of my work requires at least language competence and sometimes actual skill, but I do follow the blogs featured on this feeds page.

(If you are wondering where the translation-related feeds have all gone, I have put them on their own page.)

Most of the blogs represented here are in English, most of the time, but don’t be surprised to find other languages used. Go with the flow – I occasionally find myself pleasantly surprised at how much I can grasp in languages I have never seen before.

Language On the Net

Omniglot blog » Les noms collectifs

Friday 25 August 18:12:52 UTC 2017

Last night at the French conversation group one of the things we talked about was collective nouns or les noms collectifs. There are plenty of these in English, like a flamboyance of flamingoes, a charm of goldfinches, a kindle of kittens, a cartload of monkeys, and so on. We couldn’t think of many in French, so I thought I’d investigate. … [Link]

Urban Word of the Day » Dinner Sweats

Friday 25 August 12:27:02 UTC 2017

When you hold in a poop at the dinner table so long that you start to sweat. I was trying to be polite but was nerve racked by the dreaded Dinner Sweats. [Link]

Language Log » "Dangal in Doklam": Sino-Indian propaganda video war

Friday 25 August 3:45:30 UTC 2017

China fired the first shot with this infamous Doklam video called "7 Sins of India". It's all about a remote spot on the border between Bhutan and Tibet, where India is now confronting China in an attempt to preserve the territorial integrity of tiny Bhutan. This is the same area through which China invaded India in 1962, pushing south as … [Link]


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