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Almost everyone uses language, so inevitably almost everyone thinks they are an expert in it. I don’t consider myself an expert, though most of my work requires at least language competence and sometimes actual skill, but I do follow the blogs featured on this feeds page.

(If you are wondering where the translation-related feeds have all gone, I have put them on their own page.)

Most of the blogs represented here are in English, most of the time, but don’t be surprised to find other languages used. Go with the flow – I occasionally find myself pleasantly surprised at how much I can grasp in languages I have never seen before.

Language On the Net » Reduplicated Compounds in Turkish?

Friday 18 August 23:28:27 UTC 2017

Bruce Allen writes: Oedipus Schmoedipus — so long as he loves his mother. Years and years ago, I had a professor of Greek who said that this particular kind of reduplicated rhyming compound (schm-) originated not in Yiddish, but in Turkish. I don’t find anything to substantiate this and he died years ago, but I figure if anyone can shed … [Link]

Language Log » Dispatch with, dispense from, dispel with, …

Friday 18 August 18:37:03 UTC 2017

The Washington Post's digital front page a little while ago told us that Donald Trump has given in to those who wanted him to "dispatch with" Stephen Bannon: Earlier today, Mitt Romney's Facebook post explained that he would "dispense from" discussion of certain aspects of Trump's comments on the Charlottesville events: And in February of 2016, Marco Rubio urged us … [Link]

Urban Word of the Day » Carpin all those diems

Friday 18 August 7:00:00 UTC 2017

Making the most of your time "Only losers look stuff up while the rest of us are carpin all those diems." -summer [Link]

Language Log » More Zombie Lingua shenanigans

Friday 18 August 4:47:05 UTC 2017

[This is a joint post by Eric Baković and Kai von Fintel.] Regular Language Log readers will be familiar with our continuing coverage of the goings-on at what we in the linguistics community have given the name Zombie Lingua — the Elsevier journal once universally known by its still-official name, Lingua — a journal that we believe should have been … [Link]

Language Log » The linguistics of a political slogan

Friday 18 August 1:28:19 UTC 2017

Banner on the side of a fancy car in Sydney, Australia: The photograph comes from this article: "Chinese Australians in supercars protest India on its 70th Independence day", by Heidi Han, in SBS (8/16/17). It seems that Chinese patriots are angered that Indian forces are not backing down from a standoff that has been going on for more than two … [Link] » Français de nos régions.

Friday 18 August 1:09:06 UTC 2017

Le français de nos régions vous intéresse ? (Does regional French interest you?) Then you’ll enjoy this site, with sections on pneu ou peneu ?, words pronounced differently in different parts of France (persil: is the final -l pronounced or not?), words newly added to the dictionary, and much else. I know marie-lucie will be interested; I hope others will. … [Link]


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