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Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » A Skateboarder's Journal Book Cover Design Process

Thursday 18 January 16:06:49 UTC 2018

A Skateboarder's Journal Book Cover Design Process abduzeedo Jan 18, 2018 As a former skateboarder and still avid fan of the sport I try to follow what's going on in that industry especially because, in my opinion, I believe they set a lot of trends in style. I have fond memories of the skateboarding magazines I used to collect in … [Link]

Webdesigner Depot » The Freelancer’s Guide to Success and Happiness

Thursday 18 January 14:53:37 UTC 2018

In 2016, 34% of the US workforce worked as freelancers, and by 2020, it’s estimated that number will rise to 43%. Freelance opportunities aren’t going anywhere, and more professionals are swapping in their office key cards for a home office. While the idea of sitting around in sweatpants or relaxing on a beach while working sounds like perfection, freelancing isn’t … [Link]

Web Design Blog | Magazine for Designers » Increase Your Productivity as a Freelance Web Designer With These 3 Easy Techniques

Thursday 18 January 13:57:13 UTC 2018

If you are an experienced freelance web designer, you’re aware of many productivity hacks. You might even have tried a few, and experienced both good and not-so-good results. Some of the more promising techniques may have come with a heavier price than you were willing to pay. We talk about the price of turning your lifestyle upside down. Here are … [Link]

Line25 » 10 Best WordPress Themes for 2018

Thursday 18 January 13:43:27 UTC 2018

Some time ago, a business could be a success if its website was attractive and engaging. That’s no longer the case. Attractiveness is still important, and content is still king. Such things as front-page hero images and well-structured layouts still matter. What’s different, is the advent of mobile devices. In fact, more than half of today’s online shoppers use these … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Pictures of the Amazing Sonoco Headquarters

Thursday 18 January 10:26:45 UTC 2018

Pictures of the Amazing Sonoco Headquarters fabiano Jan 18, 2018 The new Sonoco headquarter is the kind of place that we just see the office picutres and would love to work for them, just that. Located in Hartsville, South Carolina, the Whitney Architects made and amazing job designing their new office, creating a new innovation center that truly exemplifies their … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Netflix Recommendations: Under an Arctic Sky

Thursday 18 January 5:56:52 UTC 2018

Netflix Recommendations: Under an Arctic Sky AoiroStudio Jan 18, 2018 It's been a little while since our last Netflix Recommendation, we have one for you now. It's 40 minutes short documentary I watched last Sunday during a casual cold day in Canada. The documentary is all about surfing as we are following the adventure of five adrenaline junkies on a … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Daily Design Inspiration

Thursday 18 January 4:09:21 UTC 2018

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Jan 17, 2018 Part of the Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. This is where you'll find the most interesting things/finds/work curated by one of us to simply inspire your day. Furthermore, it's an opportunity to feature work from more designers, photographers, and artists in general that we haven't had the chance … [Link]


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