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Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Office Space Love: Kode With Klossy's Chic SoHo Digs

Wednesday 13 September 20:47:59 UTC 2017

Office Space Love: Kode With Klossy's Chic SoHo Digs ibby Sep 13, 2017 In celebration of the Spring 2018 Fashion Week circuit kicking off in NYC and heading to London, Paris and Milan, we're taking our own unique spin on "show coverage" by featuring supermodel stunner and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss' new office digs for her burgeoning charitable organization, Kode With … [Link]

JUST™ Creative » How To Be & Stay Creative for Career Success

Wednesday 13 September 19:31:11 UTC 2017

This article was contributed by Hugh Beaulac. Over the long haul, you have nailed a job interview, and you’re in a meritorious job that brings you joy and money. But is it enough to achieve career success? Although you have great knowledge about your niche and experience in it, you need to stay creative to keep on climbing the career … [Link]

Line25 » 15 Essential WordPress Plugins for Aspiring Designers

Wednesday 13 September 16:50:10 UTC 2017

If you want to show off your web design credentials to the world, then WordPress is the perfect blogging platform to use: it’s simple, accessible and highly customizable. Nevertheless, you’re not going to be able to create a professional standard WordPress blog with great work and creativity alone, you’re also going to need some rather nifty plugins. There are literally … [Link]

Web Design Blog | Magazine for Designers » Free 20 Fresh Responsive WordPress Themes

Wednesday 13 September 16:34:21 UTC 2017

Responsive web design is a web development philosophy that has rapidly spread through the design community. A responsive web site is one that is built using W3C and CSS3 media queries to allow the site to perform optimally across various platforms and screen resolutions. Meaning the site will look correct and function easily whether you are viewing it on a … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Ikano Playing Cards Design

Wednesday 13 September 13:08:25 UTC 2017

Ikano Playing Cards Design PauloGabriel Sep 13, 2017 Georgian designers Sophia Guraspashvili and Gvantsa Chijavadze, from the HOLMES&WATSON agency, were hired to design a set of playing cards for a winery. The result of their effort is a stylish set of beautifully designed cards. The playing card project was made for a winery called IKANO. This is a company that … [Link]

Webdesigner Depot » Ultimate UX Design Guide to SaaS On-Boarding, Part 1: Sign-Up Forms

Wednesday 13 September 12:15:59 UTC 2017

SaaS Customer On-boarding is the process that users have to experience while initiating their journey as a customer on a company’s software application. Customer on-boarding initiates from the experience that employees previously had to undergo while joining a firm. The on-boarding process sets the tone for a good user experience. Long story short, special emphasis should be given to make … [Link]

Spoon Graphics » 1000s of Quality Vectors, Endless Creative Possibilities

Wednesday 13 September 7:24:06 UTC 2017

This bundle is the ultimate toolkit to kickstart your creativity. It’s packed full with tons of best-selling vector design assets, based on the Design Cuts community’s most requested items. Creating vector artwork from scratch is incredibly time-consuming, so this collection will save you valuable hours, as well as make your design work look better than ever. Discover thousands of vector … [Link]

BittBox » Introduction To Technical Writing For Coders: A Beginner’s Guide

Wednesday 13 September 7:23:36 UTC 2017

What Is Technical Writing? A technical writer is someone who writes technical documentation. This could include user manuals, online support articles, or internal docs for coders/API developers. Documentation is a necessary evil for most projects. From Adobe software to web frameworks and even home appliances, technical docs are necessary, and technical writers make them happen. Very few people know about … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » iPhone X: Interface Guidelines

Wednesday 13 September 5:10:55 UTC 2017

iPhone X: Interface Guidelines AoiroStudio Sep 13, 2017 Today we've witnessed the latest from Apple, whatever you feel it was amazing or not; they have released the new iPhone. It's here and it's what Apple think will be the future of the smartphone. Introducing the iPhone X, coming with a new size of 5.8-in with a "super" retina display. Wait! … [Link]


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