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Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » 2012 poster for nugfx

Monday 9 April 20:23:27 UTC 2012

poster1.jpg new poster for 2012 im just not sure about the colour yet, got it in grey/white and blue also. the NU will b glossed when its printed to give a nice shine. what you lot think? (soz if the image is a bit big) Attached Images File Type: jpg poster1.jpg (93.1 KB) [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » The Perfect Office #134

Monday 9 April 15:38:04 UTC 2012

We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us. What equipment would the perfect office have? Not only gadgets and equipment, but also furniture, sound system, gaming stuff (for lunch time!). A designer is … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Amazing Typography & Illustrations by Jordan Metcalf

Monday 9 April 14:06:21 UTC 2012

Jordan Metcalf is a Graphic Designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. His love for illustration and typography translate into his amazing works. His creativity with type and detail on the execution is what make his work so special. Check it out! For more from Jordan visit his Behance & Popular Mechanics 110th Edition I was asked by Popular Mechanics … [Link]

Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » Logo Design Required.

Monday 9 April 10:35:33 UTC 2012

Hello, I have organised a lads holiday and require a concept for our logo to be designed for us to get printed onto T-shirts. I have been shopping around for the most reasonably priced ways to do this. Please message me with your prices or if you are interested in helping. Kind regards [Link]

Webdesigner Depot » Integrating Google Calendar with your website

Monday 9 April 10:28:27 UTC 2012

Google Calendar is a great tool to embed in your site, and it’s incredibly easy to do using an iFrame.Before I go into further styling for the Calendar, I’ll quickly go through how to embed your Google Calendar anywhere into your site.You can embed a live calendar for other to edit along with you, or privately edit it whilst all visitors … [Link]

Line25 » Useful Links for Learning CSS @Keyframes Animation

Monday 9 April 7:30:26 UTC 2012

We started seeing experimentation and articles about CSS3 @keyframes animation in 2011, but back then support was limited to webkit browsers. As of mid 2011 Firefox 5 gained support, and we can expect the next incarnation of Internet Explorer (10) to also show support, so now is the perfect time to get to grips with the @keyframes syntax. This post … [Link]

Spoon Graphics » Free Vector Bumper Pack of Grungy Textures & Brushes

Monday 9 April 6:00:23 UTC 2012

I’ve posted loads of Photoshop brushes and textures over the years, but this is actually my first set of completely vector grungy design resources. This bumper pack contains a bunch of textures, brush strokes and spraypaint drips to distress and erode your designs whilst maintaining the scalability of vector artwork. The vector bumper pack contains 6 grainy textures, 12 dirty brush … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Amazing Work of Julian Burford

Monday 9 April 4:42:09 UTC 2012

A few weeks ago we saw this amazing food icons and we were blown away by the quality of the illustration. We decided to check out who was the author and we ended up on Julian Burford's Web site. Julian is an extremely talented illustrator from the Netherlands and totally deserves a full feature post her on Abduzeedo. I illustrate … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Daily Inspiration #1103

Monday 9 April 4:42:08 UTC 2012

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, You can submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via Do you want to see all images from all Daily Inspirations? Check out … [Link]

Web Design Ledger » 23 Fantastic Examples of Dark Colors in Web Design

Monday 9 April 4:01:23 UTC 2012

Advertise here with BSABack in January we published a list showcasing dark colors in web design and it became very popular. Since a lot of readers asked for more, we decided to put together a new post of similar sites to give you some fresh examples. Choosing to use a dark color scheme in your web design is a bold move, … [Link]


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