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Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Daily Inspiration #1045

Tuesday 31 January 21:03:52 UTC 2012

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, just send us, via email, the image with the link from where you found it, also use "Daily Inspiration" in the subject, and don't forget … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Experiments II the 7th Exhibiiton of Cosmosys

Tuesday 31 January 19:59:41 UTC 2012

The group Cosmosys is a creative community focused around different forms of art, composed of artists from around the globe and they recently released their 7th exhibiiton with a beautiful gallery of different stunning pieces. I hope you will enjoy them! Our goal is to provide artists with a community in which to experiment and grow. We want to influence … [Link]

Web Designer Wall – Design Trends and Tutorials » CSS3 Image Styles – Part 2

Tuesday 31 January 17:11:27 UTC 2012

Previously I wrote two tutorials on how to style the image element with CSS3 inset box-shadow and border-radius. The trick is to wrap the image with a span tag and apply the image as background-image. However, I recently ran into a problem with that trick while designing the PhotoTouch theme. The issue is that the […] [Link]

BittBox » Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Split Wood Textures

Tuesday 31 January 16:26:24 UTC 2012


Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Tuesday Total Textures 108

Tuesday 31 January 15:35:52 UTC 2012

Tuesday Total Textures is post series that will bring a new life to your Tuesdays. Every week I'll be posting some free hi resolution textures that you can download to use in your projects. Check out this week's free textures, download the ones you like and start making your texture collection. For more texture visit Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download Free Textures for Download About the authorHi there! I'm … [Link]

Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » Inventor files into Illustrator?

Tuesday 31 January 15:33:33 UTC 2012

Hi I wonder if someone can help?… I have a client who does drawings in Inventor for their business – I am working on their website and we would like to be able to take some Inventor files into Illustrator to play around them. They cannot export the Inventor files as an eps but can export as PDF, tiff or … [Link]

Abduzeedo – Design Inspiration and Tutorials » Marker Portraits by Mr Frivolous

Tuesday 31 January 14:46:48 UTC 2012

Thru Abduzeedo and other inspiration websites, you probably have seen almost everything in terms of art, from wicked installations to regular acrylic art, there are no limits to creativity. Ok, but I must admit I have never seen someone doing such beautiful artworks with markers. Yep, regular markers, like the ones we used to draw when we were kids and … [Link]

Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » How do I combine a JPEG and a PNG, to make a single PNG? (App Store icon)

Tuesday 31 January 13:59:45 UTC 2012

Please have a look at this page in your web browser: App Store – Downcast The red Downcast icon is actually a JPEG with a PNG on top of it. The JPEG: The PNG: I would like to just get the resulting image, with the alpha transparency effect. I need to get a SINGLE file, a PNG. Now, … [Link]

Inspiredology » For Your Inspiration: For the Love of Videos

Tuesday 31 January 13:40:08 UTC 2012

Weekly web series to bring you a small dose of inspiration. Join us as we tap into the designer’s itch for all things artistic, trendy, and otherwise magical. The Chase – Trailer from Philippe Gamer on Vimeo. Build A City Film from Between Pixels on Vimeo. Still Life from Scott Garner on Vimeo. Hyper Geography (2011) from Joe Hamilton on … [Link]

Web Design Ledger » Keeping Yourself Motivated Throughout the Workday

Tuesday 31 January 12:36:10 UTC 2012

Advertise here with BSACentering your attention throughout the workday can be a difficult process. You need to truly love your work and cherish the time you spend. Unfortunately not all of us can feel this way 100% of the time. Black MacBook laptop featured image Freelancers are often given tasks related to concepts they care nothing about. In this regard there isn’t much compassion to put … [Link]

Webdesigner Depot » Web designers, what to look for in a CMS

Tuesday 31 January 10:35:18 UTC 2012

There are a whole bunch of CMSes out there ranging from lightweight micro-blogging platforms to huge enterprise packages.I don’t want to mention any names here or tell you what to use.Instead, I’m going give you some important points to consider, so that you can make an educated decision on your own.And hopefully, not invest a huge amount of time and energy … [Link]

Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » Anyone like a good takeaway curry?

Tuesday 31 January 10:34:09 UTC 2012

Just registered on | Curry Recipes Online | Curry Recipes and it looks an amazing resource for making your fave restaurant curry at home! [Link]

You The Designer » 30 Examples of Impressive Concept Art

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:35 UTC 2012

For both video games and comic books, concept artists are necessary to create the aesthetically-pleasing visuals that enhance the storyline’s action and drama. From simple pencil sketches to 3D models, detailed character turnarounds to costumes, fantastic vehicles to intricate weapon design, the possibilities are endless. These are some examples of impressive video game and comic book concept art. BATMAN (DC/Rocksteady … [Link]

You The Designer » The Best Looking Beer Cans – a Beer Can Appreciation Day Special

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:34 UTC 2012

January 24, 2012 marks the 77th anniversary of the day Gottfried Krueger Brewing Co. first brought canned beers into the market. Though it hasn’t been (and probably never will be) declared an official holiday, more and more people are celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day to pay tribute to the creation that has changed the experience of buying, keeping and drinking … [Link]

You The Designer » An Introduction to Concrete5 CMS — Part II

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:33 UTC 2012

In the previous article, we took an introductory look at Concrete5 as a CMS. In this follow-up part, we shall learn about the salient features of the CMS and learn to accomplish common tasks using its admin panel. IMPLEMENTING Concrete5 The Dashboard Just like WP, Concrete5 also has its own Dashboard. Once you login to the admin panel, you will … [Link]

You The Designer » An Introduction to Concrete5 CMS — Part I

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:32 UTC 2012

When we talk of CMS, the options are plenty. For a start, we can opt for some of the biggest names in the game – WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! However, in this article, we shall take a look at one of the fastest growing and light-weight CMS, that is, Concrete5. Since this is Part I of the two-part series, we … [Link]

You The Designer » [CLOSED] One.Page.Go! Design a 1-Page Site with IM Creator and Win BOSE Headphones!

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:31 UTC 2012

We here at You The Designer are happy to announce the first contest on the blog for 2012! IM Creator, a new HTML website builder, is holding a one-page design competition. IM Creator homepage Design a one-page site on IM Creator choosing one of their templates or starting from a blank template. IM Creator Page Builder The creator of the most original and beautiful template, as picked … [Link]

You The Designer » A Tribute to The Dreamer – Martin Luther King Jr. Art

Tuesday 31 January 7:42:30 UTC 2012

The 1963 TIME Magazine Man of the Year and youngest ever awardee of the Nobel Peace Prize, Martin Luther King Jr. will forever be remembered as the voice that inspired much-needed changes in American society. The speech he delivered during the historical Washington March was widely regarded as one of the greatest speeches of the 20th century. “I Have a … [Link]

Graphic Design Forums: A friendly forum for UK designers » Portfolios & Font-types

Tuesday 31 January 0:44:26 UTC 2012

Hi there, I was wondering if someone on this forum could help me out with this please? I'm thinking of trying out freelance graphic design and i want to create a portfolio showcasing my quality first. I understand that in order to use a font type that i need a kind of license to use it. Anyway there is a … [Link]


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