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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

ProgrammableWeb » ​PSMA Australia's New API Offers Data on Millions of Buildings in Australia

Wednesday 24 January 23:51:15 UTC 2018

​PSMA Australia, a public company owned by federal, state and territory governments in Australia and that distributes location data, today announced the release of an API that provides access to data for buildings in Australia. [Link]

Mashable » 'Murphy Brown' returns to save us from the fake news of the Trump era

Wednesday 24 January 23:48:23 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookFrom the depths of our fake news Trump dystopia rises an old and welcome hero: Murphy Brown. CBS announced the return its groundbreaking '80s sitcom and, unlike the other countless nostalgic reboots and revivals (Will and Grace, American Idol, Charmed, Heathers, Roseanne), this one couldn't be more relevant in 2018.  SEE ALSO: Debra Messing calls out E!'s hypocrisy over gender equality straight … [Link]

Mashable » Logan Paul is now the internet's most prominent suicide-prevention advocate

Wednesday 24 January 23:44:02 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook In the world of suicide prevention it's rarely a good thing when something goes viral.  Such was the case earlier this month when famous YouTuber Logan Paul posted a horrific video of him joking about suicide while the camera showed the body of a man who'd died by suicide. Paul, known for juvenile pranks and stunts, removed the video after … [Link]

Slashdot » Kim Dotcom Sues New Zealand For $6.8 Billion In Damages Over Erroneous Arrest

Wednesday 24 January 23:30:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, is suing the New Zealand government for billions of dollars in damages over his arrest in 2012. The internet entrepreneur is fighting extradition to the U.S. to stand trial for copyright infringement and fraud. Mr Dotcom says an invalid arrest warrant negated all … [Link]

Mashable » Harry Potter-themed cruise is something you definitely want to go on, stat

Wednesday 24 January 22:58:54 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHardcore Harry Potter fans have a chance to tour the locations of the Harry Potter movies this summer in a super-exclusive boat tour that sounds like a dream for anyone who wants to see where the films were shot in England. SEE ALSO: The Harry Potter books are getting another swaggy redesign, so guess you're buying more books! The Harry Potter … [Link]

Mashable » Alphabet just launched Chronicle, a new cybercrime company from its moonshot factory

Wednesday 24 January 22:55:25 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookAlphabet, Google's parent company, has a new cybersecurity business born from its X department known as the "moonshot factory." Chronicle, a new project created to help businesses fight cybercrime, publicly launched Wednesday.  The company's CEO Stephen Gillett announced the new project in a blog post explaining exactly what the new platform is and what it does.  For now, it sounds like … [Link]

Slashdot » New York Governor Signs Executive Order To Keep Net Neutrality Rules After FCC's Repeal

Wednesday 24 January 22:50:00 UTC 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that he has signed an executive order that would require internet service providers with state contracts to abide by net neutrality rules, even though the FCC recently voted to repeal those rules last month. Cuomo's announcement comes a couple days after Montana's governor signed essentially the same order. The Verge reports: [Both executive … [Link]

Mashable » T'Challa and Shuri are perfect siblings in new 'Black Panther' clip

Wednesday 24 January 22:36:46 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Black Panther season is upon us, and we could not be more ready. A new clip from the film gives us a glimpse of the sibling chemistry between T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and his sister Shuri (Letitia Wright). SEE ALSO: A lot of kids are going to see 'Black Panther' thanks to this GoFundMe T'Challa suits up as Black Panther, calling … [Link]

Mashable » Horrifying video shows a snake wearing a decapitated fish head

Wednesday 24 January 22:22:28 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookToday in absolutely horrifying things found in nature: a snake slithering around in a shallow body of water wearing a huge fish head.  The clip, which was submitted to the appropriate subreddit r/WTF on Tuesday, was a hit on the notoriously deranged forum. If you can shock r/WTF, you've got some seriously messed up content there. SEE ALSO: Snake makes a … [Link]

Slashdot » 'Memes Have Rights Too': Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 In Copyright Lawsuit

Wednesday 24 January 22:10:00 UTC 2018

Zorro shares a report from TheWrap: The Grumpy Cat Limited company was awarded $710,001 in damages on Monday when a California jury decided that the beverage company Grenade was guilty of infringing on its copyright and trademark. Grumpy Cat Limited, formed by Tabatha Bundesen to monetize the viral fame of her sour-faced cat (real name, Tardar Sauce), sued Grenade in … [Link]

Mashable » Apple's HomePod has a serious problem, and it's not the delayed features

Wednesday 24 January 21:46:05 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookApple’s Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker is finally launching on Feb. 9. There are a dozen reasons why you shouldn't buy one — it's kind of big, it's expensive, it doesn't support the ballyhooed multi-room audio at launch, Siri (lol) — but my biggest concern hinges on its key selling point: music. Specifically: HomePod only works with Apple Music and that's a … [Link]

Mashable » Meryl Streep is coming to 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 hell yes

Wednesday 24 January 21:35:23 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookJust when you thought Big Little Lies couldn't possibly get any better or bigger, here comes Meryl Motherf*cking Streep to prove you wrong. SEE ALSO: 2017 was the year women took back their own narratives Streep has just signed on for the second season of the HBO series. She joins returning stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Welcoming #MerylStreep to our … [Link]

Slashdot » Two Twin Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys Are the First Primates Cloned Using the Dolly Method

Wednesday 24 January 21:30:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The twin long-tailed macaque monkeys are the first primates cloned using the same method that created the world's most famous sheep in 1996 — a method called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT. The twins' genetic blueprints were swiped from fetal cells of another monkey. Researchers then popped the DNA into … [Link]

Mashable » Paris is flooding and rats are taking cover

Wednesday 24 January 21:21:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookAfter record rainfall, the Seine river's water level hit around 16 feet and is expected to reach up to 19.5 feet, making it the worst flooding in the city since 2016.  Transportation near the Seine has shut down and rodents are coming to the surface to flee from the flooding.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Mashable Video, France, Paris, and River [Link]

Mashable » This airbag for hips could help save seniors

Wednesday 24 January 21:19:06 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHip’Air by Helite is trying to help seniors avoid hip fractures. This airbag delates when its sensor detect you falling. The airbag is made out of nylon, which reportedly won't rip and can absorb shock better.  Read more…More about Motion, Air, Hip, Elderly, and Mashable Video [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Mercedes-Benz Releases a Connected Vehicles API

Wednesday 24 January 21:05:51 UTC 2018

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an experimental Connected Vehicles API for developers, the first such API for the Daimler-owned automaker. [Link]

Mashable » Is this the greatest 'SNL' promo ever? Yes.

Wednesday 24 January 21:04:38 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Is there anything Leslie Jones can't do? The Saturday Night Live cast member delighted us with her Trump impression in 2017 and and now she's doing impressions of impressions to prepare for Will Ferrell's hosting gig.  SEE ALSO: Jessica Chastain breaks character in nihilistic SNL game show sketch While most SNL promos usually showcase the host, the latest is just … [Link]

Slashdot » AT&T Calls For Net Neutrality Laws After Fighting To End FCC Rules

Wednesday 24 January 20:50:00 UTC 2018

Few people would call AT&T a champion of net neutrality, but that isn't stopping it from trying to claim the title. From a report: CEO Randall Stephenson has posted an open letter calling on Congress to write an "Internet Bill of Rights" that enforces "neutrality, transparency, openness, non-discrimination and privacy protection" for American internet users. They would not only defend … [Link]

Mashable » 'The Walking Dead' episode that kills Carl will be extra-long

Wednesday 24 January 20:37:43 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWarning: Spoilers for the eighth season of The Walking Dead ahead. The Walking Dead may be killing off Carl Grimes in the upcoming mid-season premiere but at least it's giving him a special extended episode to send him off with. The upcoming ninth episode of Season 8 of The Walking Dead will be 82 minutes in length instead of the usual … [Link]

Slashdot » Windows 10 Will Soon Let Users Track the Data Microsoft Collects

Wednesday 24 January 20:10:00 UTC 2018

Windows 10 will soon get a new application that will allow users to keep track of the data that Microsoft collects from their device. From a report: Ahead of the Data Privacy Day, Microsoft today introduced a new Diagnostic Data Viewer app for Windows 10 — first coming to Windows Insiders — that enables users to view all the diagnostic … [Link]

Mashable » Logan Paul attempts to salvage his image by donating $1 million to suicide prevention

Wednesday 24 January 20:04:18 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul has returned to YouTube less than a month after releasing a insensitive vlog showing a man who had died by suicide. Paul has used his comeback, which he knew would be widely viewed and criticized, for suicide awareness. The video bluntly begins with a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and facts about suicide popping up … [Link]

Mashable » New York governor signs executive order protecting net neutrality in the state

Wednesday 24 January 19:59:14 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe battle is on for states striving to preserve fair internet usage. A month after the Federal Communications Commission's widely criticized decision to essentially kill net neutrality, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking action. Cuomo signed an executive order to protect net neutrality in the state of New York on Wednesday,  making it the second state to enforce such measures. … [Link]

Mashable » Elon Musk says SpaceX will launch the Falcon Heavy 'in a week or so'

Wednesday 24 January 19:58:06 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSpaceX is about to light a very big candle. SpaceX is planning to launch the first flight of its big new Falcon Heavy rocket "in a week or so," according to a tweet sent out by Elon Musk on Wednesday.  The announcement came just about an hour after the Musk-founded company fired up the Falcon Heavy's 27 engines for a test … [Link]

Mashable » It's now officially canon that Poe Dameron from Star Wars is super hot

Wednesday 24 January 19:54:26 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Star Wars galaxy differs from our own in some pretty significant ways – they have porgs and we don't, we have Marvel movies and they don't – but apparently some truths are just universal. Like the fact that Poe Dameron is a total dreamboat.  SEE ALSO: Poe Dameron's space jewelry has a swoon-worthy romantic backstory That's confirmed in Star Wars … [Link]

Mashable » 'I just signed your death warrant': Judge hits Larry Nassar with up to 175 years for sexual assault

Wednesday 24 January 19:36:53 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookLarry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team physician who sexually abused more than 150 women — including Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, and McKayla Maroney — has been sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison. The sentencing took place Wednesday after more than 100 of his victims read emotionally-charged impact statements in court. "I just signed your death … [Link]

Mashable » Cloned monkeys born in Chinese lab pave way for new medical studies

Wednesday 24 January 19:34:04 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookTwo cloned macaque monkeys are presently exploring the confines of an incubator, built for human babies, inside a research laboratory run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Primates have been cloned before, but this is the first time monkeys were duplicated using the same technique — called somatic cell nuclear transfer —that scientists used to clone Dolly the sheep, in 1996.  … [Link]

Slashdot » Net Neutrality Comment Fraud Will Be Investigated By Government

Wednesday 24 January 19:30:00 UTC 2018

Last month, a number of US Representatives sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) asking it to investigate fraudulent comments submitted to the FCC's proposal to repeal net neutrality. Multiple groups found evidence that millions of the comments submitted during the FCC's public comment period were linked to fake email addresses, were fraudulently posted under others' names and … [Link]

Mashable » Elton John announces retirement with wild VR mash-up

Wednesday 24 January 19:25:16 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Elton John announced his not-exactly-imminent retirement on Wednesday. The music legend plans to cap off a career spanning more than half a century with an epic three-year globetrotting tour, with more than 300 shows planned across five continents. The tour's show is described as a brand new creation that "will take his fans on a musical and highly visual journey … [Link]

Mashable » Crock-Pot speaks out on Facebook about starting a fictional fire on 'This Is Us'

Wednesday 24 January 19:09:23 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWarning: Spoilers for the second season of This Is Us ahead. Thanks to Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us, Crock-Pot has been forced to defend the integrity of its slow cookers online. The latest episode of This Is Us gave fans a pretty cut-and-dry tease of the death of Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia), and the cause of his firey fatality … [Link]

Mashable » Besieged by drought, Cape Town is on the verge of running out of water

Wednesday 24 January 19:01:54 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s 2018. Donald Trump is president of the U.S., Elon Musk will soon send a sports car into space aboard a massive rocket, and Cape Town, South Africa, will run out of water in 79 days.  Triggered by an intense drought, officials in Cape Town are poised to turn off the taps to about 3.2 million people on or around April … [Link]

Mashable » Mayon volcano erupts, leading to evacuation of over 56,000

Wednesday 24 January 19:01:38 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Mayon volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines had erupted for the first time since 2013, forcing tens of thousands to flee their homes. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Volcano, Philippines, Evacuation, and World News [Link]

Geek Culture » Live from the International Space Station…

Wednesday 24 January 19:01:35 UTC 2018


Slashdot » An AI-Powered App Has Resulted in an Explosion of Convincing Face-Swap Porn

Wednesday 24 January 18:50:00 UTC 2018

Samantha Cole, reporting for Motherboard: In December, Motherboard discovered a Redditor named 'deepfakes' quietly enjoying his hobby: Face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers' bodies. He made several convincing porn videos of celebrities — including Gal Gadot, Maisie Williams, and Taylor Swift — using a machine learning algorithm, his home computer, publicly available videos, and some spare time. Since we first … [Link]

Mashable » This smart scale that's on sale could be your new favorite fitness companion

Wednesday 24 January 18:45:16 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. With all the fitness devices and apps available that can track steps, heart rate, and just about everything else, there's a certain kind of comfort in simply stepping on a scale to … [Link]

Mashable » 'Get Out' receives 4 Oscar nominations and the internet is ecstatic

Wednesday 24 January 18:39:06 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe 2017 horror movie 'Get Out' received 4 Oscar nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Actor. The film's director, Jordan Peele, became the 5th African-American to ever receive the nomination for Best Director. People took to Twitter to express their joy for the film's nominations.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Twitter, Film, Celebrities, and Mashable Video [Link]

Mashable » Even the Pope thinks fake news is a scourge

Wednesday 24 January 18:33:07 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWeary journalists got a pep talk from none other than Pope Francis this week, with the head of the Roman Catholic Church calling for "rediscovering the dignity of journalism" and condemning fake news. Francis released a message Wednesday called "The truth will set you free: Fake news and journalism for peace." Armed with evidence of biblical proportions, the Pope went about … [Link]

Mashable » This Burger King video is the net neutrality explainer you never knew you needed

Wednesday 24 January 18:17:13 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Burger King might seem like an unlikely source for a pretty darn good net neutrality explainer, but their new video is just that.  In "Whopper Neutrality," a Burger King rolls out a change in Whopper prices that gets customers pretty pissed. If they want their burgers immediately, they'll have to pay more money; if they pay the basic Whopper price, … [Link]

Slashdot » Tax Change Aims to Lure Intellectual Property Back to the US

Wednesday 24 January 18:10:00 UTC 2018

U.S. companies rich in intellectual property are looking at a new tax-friendly regime: the U.S (Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source). From a report: A provision in the newly revised U.S. tax code slashes the income tax companies pay on royalties from the overseas use of intellectual property or so-called intangible assets, such as licenses and patents. … [Link]

Mashable » This is the most complicated sex you will ever have

Wednesday 24 January 18:05:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookCamSoda announced a new porn partnership today that wants to add a whooooooole lot more tech to your masturbation routine. Webcam platform CamSoda announced today that it has teamed up with RealDoll, the "premiere manufacturer of the world's finest love dolls," to launch something called "VIRP." That stands for Virtual Intercourse with Real People. Confused? Then allow us to make it … [Link]

Mashable » The Omni-Pillow demolished its funding goal on Kickstarter, and for good reason

Wednesday 24 January 17:55:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. It's a common desire among 9-to-5 workers, students of any age, people who travel, or just about anyone that isn't a fan of waking up: We all want to catch some sleep … [Link]

Slashdot » Longtime Google Engineer Quits; Says Company Can No Longer Innovate, Is Mired in Politics, and Has Become Absolutely Competitor-Focused

Wednesday 24 January 17:54:21 UTC 2018

Steve Yegge, a longtime Google engineer who gained popularity after his rant on Google+ went viral, wrote another rant on Wednesday, in which he announced he has left Google. His rationale behind leaving Google, in his own words: The main reason I left Google is that they can no longer innovate. They've pretty much lost that ability. I believe there … [Link]

Mashable » Get deep discounts doing your part to save the environment with Blinq

Wednesday 24 January 17:43:30 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Online shopping has totally revolutionized the way retail works. Companies have to adapt quickly to new technologies that emerge, though they're not always as quick to move behind the scenes. While customers … [Link]

Mashable » Stephen Colbert's pretty certain that the 'Pee Pee Tape' is out there

Wednesday 24 January 17:41:12 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook Stephen Colbert's not giving up — he's confident that President Donald Trump's alleged "Pee Pee Tape" is out there somewhere. After news broke that FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team spoke with former FBI Director James Comey last year, Colbert said Tuesday night that he's convinced a seemingly innocuous tweet about "justice," "waters," and "a flowing stream" from Comey is … [Link]

Mashable » Virtual reality's moment looks to be over in gaming, at least for now

Wednesday 24 January 17:39:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookVirtual reality isn't happening yet, folks. Not for video games, at least. The latest "State of the Industry" results are in, and a declining interest in VR is one of the key takeaways from the annual survey administered by the Game Developer's Conference.  SEE ALSO: Airbnb might actually make virtual reality useful It's OK to feel a bit of whiplash here. … [Link]

Mashable » A satellite secretly launched by a little rocket is expected to be 'the brightest thing in the night sky'

Wednesday 24 January 17:36:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThis was unexpected.  On Wednesday, the New Zealand rocket company Rocket Lab announced that it launched a secret satellite to space aboard the test flight of its Electron rocket over the weekend.  That satellite, known as the Humanity Star, "is expected to become the brightest thing in the night sky," Rocket Lab said in a statement. SEE ALSO: Space startup Rocket … [Link]

Mashable » It's Fiona the hippo's first birthday, she's eating cake, and I'm crying

Wednesday 24 January 17:34:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s Fiona the hippo's first birthday. She did it! And she deserves a cake. The baby hippo, born six weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo last January, has become a bonafide celebrity in her first year of life, making headlines with everything from her first steps to that time she crashed an engagement photo.  But Fiona is more than a cute … [Link]

Slashdot » Apple Will Soon Let Users Turn Off its iPhone-slowing Software

Wednesday 24 January 17:10:00 UTC 2018

Following an uproar from customers last month, Apple on Wednesday said it's adding a feature to its latest iOS update that will let customers turn off software that slows down their iPhones. From a report: Apple in December revealed that it released software a year earlier that makes your phone run more slowly to prevent problems with its aging lithium … [Link]

Mashable » Silicon Valley's biggest lobbying group has a new mission: diversity in tech

Wednesday 24 January 17:02:51 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe movement to diversify the tech industry just got a powerful new supporter.  The Internet Association — a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group that represents Google, Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and dozens of other tech companies on public policy issues — is hiring a director of diversity and inclusion.  SEE ALSO: One of Silicon Valley's most powerful CEOs compares Facebook to cigarettes One … [Link]

Mashable » Here's how predictive technology will help you meet your New Year's money resolutions

Wednesday 24 January 16:51:36 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook   The start of the New Year often brings resolutions for better managing our financial health. But without a clear plan on how to actually grow savings and manage our money better, we tend to default to our day-to-day routine, where actively managing our finances falls to the wayside.  Actively saving for the future isn’t something most people are doing, regardless … [Link]

Mashable » Wondering which Instant Pot to buy? Discover why this is one of the best kitchen tech items you'll ever own.

Wednesday 24 January 16:45:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Instant Pot (noun): The insanely fast, intelligent pressure cooker that can replace numerous kitchen appliances, and possibly the most important technological advancement in recent historySpaceX is a close second. (Sorry pal, maybe … [Link]

Mashable » Apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices

Wednesday 24 January 16:42:27 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt seems Apple's ongoing work to give consumers access to their health records via their devices is finally coming to fruition, as the company's COO Jeff Williams confirmed to CNBC that testing is underway.  SEE ALSO: Why Apple's upcoming iPhone battery update is a bad idea The new tool will be stored in Apple's Health app, allowing the user to add … [Link]

Mashable » New 'Pacific Rim Uprising' trailer look way better than the old 'Pacific Rim Uprising' trailer

Wednesday 24 January 16:33:08 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook If anyone has what it takes to step into Idris Elba's footsteps, it might be John Boyega. Pacific Rim uprising has the Star Wars actor playing the son of Stacker Pentecost, Elba's apocalypse-canceling hero from the first film.  SEE ALSO: 'Pacific Rim Uprising' suggests Idris Elba only succeeded in delaying the apocalypse Young Jake doesn't particularly want anything to do … [Link]

Mashable » Relive our favorite book moments in our 100th episode of the MashReads Podcast

Wednesday 24 January 16:32:15 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookMashable’s books podcast just turned 100! Today, the MashReads Podcast has reached 100 episodes. That’s 100 episodes of discovering great new books, sharing our favorite literature, chatting with our favorite authors, and in general, taking a deep dive into the book world. SEE ALSO: MashReads Podcast: Setting 2018 reading goals To celebrate, we decided to look back at some of our … [Link]

Slashdot » NSA Deletes 'Honesty' and 'Openness' From Core Values

Wednesday 24 January 16:25:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous shares a report: The National Security Agency maintains a page on its website that outlines its mission statement. But earlier this month, the agency made a discreet change: It removed "honesty" as its top priority. Since at least May 2016, the surveillance agency had featured honesty as the first of four "core values" listed on, alongside "respect … [Link]

Mashable » This guy kept taking pictures after his little brother started choking and the results are wild

Wednesday 24 January 16:23:27 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIf someone started choking while you were doing a  photoshoot, you'd keep taking pictures, right? Well, maybe not. But that's exactly what photographer @TheRealAbdayy did during a recent photoshoot when his little brother started choking in the background. He decided to keep documenting, and regardless of what you think of his decision, the results are really something. I was doing a … [Link]

Mashable » Adorable panda has the best time in the rare Atlanta snow

Wednesday 24 January 16:15:52 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook An uncommon amount of snow passed through Atlanta recently, but no one enjoyed it more than the panda at the zoo. Zookeepers used a rake to push some off the snow into Yang Yang's habitat for him to play with, and he had the time of his life. The description of the Facebook post said the zookeepers even, "put a … [Link]

Mashable » 50 Cent accidentally became a Bitcoin millionaire

Wednesday 24 January 16:14:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIf you're looking for 50 Cent you can probably find him in the club, celebrating his new Bitcoin fortune worth over $7 million. Yeah. Apparently years ago while you were all snoozing on the future cryptocurrency fad, rapper 50 Cent "took a chance" on Bitcoin and started accepting the digital coin as payment for his music. He essentially forgot all about … [Link]

Mashable » 'Gropey' charity dinner exposes a part of elite society that #MeToo hasn't reached

Wednesday 24 January 16:10:40 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookUPDATE: Jan. 24, 2018, 5:12 p.m. GMT This article has been updated to add that the Presidents Club will no longer host fundraising events. Some of Britain's most powerful men went to a male-only charity event last week where hostesses were groped and harassed, an exclusive investigation by the Financial Times has revealed.  The report makes allegations of sexism, harassment, and … [Link]

Mashable » Aziz Ansari's career isn't over. So what happens now?

Wednesday 24 January 16:05:13 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIf Hollywood's reckoning has made some people very, very uneasy, maybe that's a good thing.  As Imran Siddiquee, a writer and filmmaker focused on race, gender, and pop culture points out, that discomfort in itself is a "necessary part of change."  "Whether you have been accused of assault or not, if the #metoo and #timesup movements have made you uncomfortable as … [Link]

Mashable » Apple announces iOS 11.3 update with fix for iPhone throttling

Wednesday 24 January 16:03:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookApple just announced iOS 11.3 (available in beta today and public release this spring) with a boatload of new features worth getting excited about. The most notable update is the addition of a controversial power management switch that will let iPhone users turn off any performance throttling. Oh, and there's also four new Animoji for the iPhone X.  SEE ALSO: Why … [Link]

Slashdot » EU Fines Qualcomm $1.2 Billion for Paying Apple To Use Its Microchips

Wednesday 24 January 15:50:00 UTC 2018

The European Union on Wednesday slapped a $1.23 billion fine on U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm for abusing its market dominance in the lucrative sector of components in smartphones and tablets for half a decade. From a report: EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that San Diego-based Qualcomm "illegally shut out rivals from the market" for more than five years by paying key … [Link]

Mashable » This artist built an entire model plane out of nothing but manila envelopes

Wednesday 24 January 15:44:00 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookLuca Iaconi-Stewart has been building incredible paper planes since 2008. Every wire, panel, and moveable part is all included in the super intricate paper planes. Read more…More about Art, Design, Mashable Video, Airplane, and Air Travel [Link]

Mashable » Fiddling with a wonky phone tripod is a thing of the past

Wednesday 24 January 15:40:22 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookA fun, table like folding tripod has been created for the iPhone. No more stacking books to get the perfect "candid" shot. When done, just fold it up and throw it in your bagA great solution to the selfie problem. Read more…More about Iphone, Mashable Video, Real Time, Real Time Video, and Real Time [Link]

Mashable » How this startup is trying to bring dog toys into the 21st century

Wednesday 24 January 15:35:29 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. BarkBox is a startup focused on creating and selling dog products, toys, and treats. They design and test all their toys in-house using a 3D printer and a squeaker library that they try out on the … [Link]

Mashable » Regulators just hammered a key iPhone supplier for bribing Apple

Wednesday 24 January 15:35:10 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. The European Union's regulator has ordered Qualcomm to pay a fine of 997.4 million euros ($1.24 billion) for paying Apple to keep using its chips in its iPhone smartphones.  The U.S. semiconductor giant essentially showered Apple … [Link]

Mashable » Learn about growth hacking and how it can help your business with this $9 online course

Wednesday 24 January 15:34:18 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook don't just become huge overnight. If you want to run a successful company of that scale, or even sit in the same room as the … [Link]

Mashable » 'This Is Us' drops a huge clue about Jack's death and fans on Twitter are devastated

Wednesday 24 January 15:32:32 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWarning: Spoilers for the second season of This Is Us ahead. The perpetual sadness machine that is This Is Us has finally built up to the moment its been teasing since early on in the first season: The death of Jack Pearson.  And folks, it's not looking good. SEE ALSO: Sterling K. Brown just made history at the SAG Awards All … [Link]

Mashable » Knives were taken off the streets in London and melted down to build a free outdoor gym

Wednesday 24 January 15:28:03 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookSteel Warriors is a charity raising awareness about the dangers of knife crime in the UK. Using knives confiscated by police in London, they melted them down and used the steel to build a free outdoor gym in Langdon Park, London.  Read more…More about Uk, London, Charity, Police, and Fitness [Link]

Mashable » Today's best Amazon deals: Pimp out your smartphone with discounts on headphones, speakers, camera lenses, and more

Wednesday 24 January 15:03:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Despite recent rumors that the iPhone X may be discontinued by the summer, smartphones aren't going anywhere. And though you may be taking a break from social media, you likely still have … [Link]

Slashdot » Official: No One Is Going To Win the Google Lunar X Prize Competition

Wednesday 24 January 14:46:39 UTC 2018

The X Prize Foundation announced today that no one is going to win the foundation's competition to send a spacecraft to the Moon. "Only five finalists remained in the Google-sponsored Lunar X Prize competition, and in order to win any grand prize money, the teams had to launch and complete their missions to the Moon before March 31st, 2018," reports … [Link]

Mashable » This bot-generated Coachella line-up is incredible

Wednesday 24 January 14:40:14 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWe already knew bots can do so many things (like writing Harry Potter) but it turns out they're also awesome at coming up with band names. SEE ALSO: This bot can tell if your Twitter crush likes you back Botnik studios have produced a fictional line-up for Coachella, and the band names are predictably unpredictable. Announcing your 2018 COACHELLA LINEUP, generated … [Link]

Slashdot » YouTube's Support for Musicians Comes With a Catch

Wednesday 24 January 14:40:00 UTC 2018

YouTube has asked musicians to agree not to disparage the streaming-video service in exchange for promotional support, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter. From the report: In recent months, YouTube has given a handful of musicians a couple hundred thousand dollars to produce videos and promoted their work on billboards, part of a larger campaign to improve the … [Link]

Mashable » Stop slouching with help from this metallic laptop stand that's on sale

Wednesday 24 January 14:26:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Do you find yourself slouching all day? You wouldn't be alone. Technology is causing us to sit in all sorts of damaging and unfortunate positions at work and home— and we're only just … [Link]

Mashable » Get access to 180 WordPress designs and layouts for 70% off with Dessign

Wednesday 24 January 14:08:15 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. You may know WordPress as the go-to platform for bloggers, but it’s a lot more powerful than that. Lots of professionals use WordPress to run their business and personal sites — and … [Link]

Slashdot »  Dell and HP Advise All Their Customers To Not Install Spectre BIOS Updates

Wednesday 24 January 14:00:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader writes: The Spectre and Meltdown mess continues with Dell now recommending their customers to not install the BIOS updates that are supposed to resolve the Spectre (Variant 2) vulnerabilities. These updates have been causing numerous problems for users including performance issues, boot issues, reboot issues, and general system stability. Due to this, Dell EMC has updated its … [Link]

Mashable » 'Ophelia' starring Daisy Ridley leaves a lot to be desired

Wednesday 24 January 13:58:53 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe premise of Claire McCarthy’s new movie, Ophelia, is simple. What if William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was told not through the mopey prince, but his love interest, Ophelia? Perhaps then, she could have a personality instead of a watery tragic end.  That idea might have been interesting if fully realized, which this Ophelia, which premiered this week at the Sundance Film Festival, … [Link]

Mashable » Ongoing feud between hotel and YouTuber escalates even more dramatically

Wednesday 24 January 13:24:06 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookRemember that rapidly-escalating feud between the Irish hotel and the British vlogger from last week? Well, it's escalated yet again. SEE ALSO: Logan Paul's fans still love him and some think he's done nothing wrong So first things first: a quick recap. Basically the whole thing started last Tuesday, when The White Moose Cafe in Dublin, Ireland, shared an email they'd … [Link]

Slashdot » 1.7-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of North America Found Sticking To Australia

Wednesday 24 January 13:00:00 UTC 2018

walterbyrd shares a report from Live Science: Geologists matching rocks from opposite sides of the globe have found that part of Australia was once attached to North America 1.7 billion years ago. Researchers from Curtin University in Australia examined rocks from the Georgetown region of northern Queensland. The rocks — sandstone sedimentary rocks that formed in a shallow sea — … [Link]

Mashable » People summarised their lives with 'Simpsons' screenshots and the results were sublime

Wednesday 24 January 12:58:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt can be hard to take a proper, unflinching look at your life. Luckily, we have Simpsons images to help us. SEE ALSO: Take a first peek at Ed Sheeran on 'The Simpsons' Twitter user Carl Kinsella inspired a deluge of Simpsons imagery recently by posing a simple challenge. Describe your life with a Simpsons screenshot. I’ll go — Carl … [Link]

Mashable » This man's emoji-themed excuse went down really badly with the police

Wednesday 24 January 12:39:44 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWe’ve all come out with terrible excuses in our lives, but come on… SEE ALSO: Project emojis into your toilet bowl with this device because who says you don't know how to have fun The Merseyside Police Roads Policing Team Twitter account shared an image on Tuesday of an excuse a driver gave for texting while driving. Driver stopped on St … [Link]

Mashable » This bot can tell if your Twitter crush likes you back

Wednesday 24 January 12:08:12 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookTwitter crushes are real and you probably have one. You can like, RT, and @ your Twitter crush to you heart's content. But what if they don't fancy you back? In the words of Whitney Houston—how will you know if they really love you?  Well, someone's devised a way to play cupid on Twitter so you can finally find out if … [Link]

Mashable » Maisie Williams is worried her looks will affect the work she gets after 'Game of Thrones'

Wednesday 24 January 11:48:23 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookMaisie Williams has spoken about life after Game of Thrones and the difficulty of finding work in a "very shallow" industry. SEE ALSO: Maisie Williams confirms Arya Stark has 3 new names on her kill list The Game of Thrones actress thinks that, because of the way she looks, there are some leading lady type roles that she won't be in … [Link]

Mashable » Someone Photoshopped the male artists out of a festival poster and the result is telling

Wednesday 24 January 11:40:32 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s a bleak state of affairs when you look at the lineup for a festival and you can't see any female artists on the line-up.  SEE ALSO: Train company responds to woman's complaint about sexist behaviour with, uh, more sexism Lily Allen tweeted an edited version of Wireless festival's poster with the male artists photoshopped out. The finished result showed that … [Link]

Mashable » Woman attempts cheek kiss with Timothée Chalamet's dad and it ends awkwardly

Wednesday 24 January 11:37:41 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIf you've ever lived in France, you know the terror of bisous… SEE ALSO: Hey Hollywood Men: Donating your salary is a good start, but it shouldn't end there For many, hearing that Timothée Chalamet is up for an Oscar was pleasant news. For Alexis Nedd, however, it reminded her of an awkward yet funny encounter with Chalamet's father.  I'm so … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Google-sponsored race to the moon has ended without a winner

Wednesday 24 January 11:12:20 UTC 2018

None of the private space firms racing to put a rover on the moon will be ready to launch by March, so the $30 million Google Lunar X Prize will go unclaimed [Link]

New Scientist – News » Drug that fools the womb could help stop painful periods

Wednesday 24 January 11:12:19 UTC 2018

A drug tested in mice tricks the womb into thinking there is low oxygen, which promotes healing and prevents excessive bleeding during menstruation [Link]

New Scientist – News » We’ve stopped trusting social media – and that’s a good thing

Wednesday 24 January 11:12:18 UTC 2018

I'm one of the growing number of users cynical about social networks such as Facebook. But there are upsides to all this digital doubt, says Lara Williams [Link]

New Scientist – News » Australia’s A$60 million plan for Great Barrier Reef won’t work

Wednesday 24 January 11:12:16 UTC 2018

The Australian government has pledged millions of dollars in extra funding to protect the Great Barrier Reef, but none of it will go to tackling the biggest threat [Link]

Mashable » New 512GB microSD memory card will make you go power-mad

Wednesday 24 January 10:59:40 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEvery product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Remember when Mashable's Ray Wong felt like a god because he held a 400GB microSD card on his finger? Well, Integral Memory's new 512GB microSD card has just demoted him to a lesser god. A demigod, … [Link]

Mashable » Jason Momoa struggled to get work after 'Game of Thrones' for 1 very specific reason

Wednesday 24 January 10:40:34 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook You'd think after starring in a show like Game of Thrones, the jobs would be flying in. Not if you're Jason Momoa, though. SEE ALSO: It's official: 'Game of Thrones' will wait until 2019 to kill all your favorite characters Obviously nowadays he plays Aquaman so it all worked out well in the end, but back in the post-Khal Drogo … [Link]

Mashable » Jordan Peele's tweets following 'Get Out' nominations are solid gold

Wednesday 24 January 10:28:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookTo be fair, four nominations is pretty huge. SEE ALSO: 'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says he's done with the acting game Jordan Peele was apparently overwhelmed Tuesday when his film Get Out received four Oscar nominations — among them a nomination for himself as director. — Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) January 23, 2018 After hearing the news Peele called the … [Link]

Mashable » Chrissy Teigen throws some serious shade at 1 Oscar-nominated movie

Wednesday 24 January 10:10:20 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Oscars is a time to celebrate good films and stuff, but mainly it's a time to argue about films you definitely didn't think deserved to be in the running. SEE ALSO: Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks should win Oscars for their impressions of each other On Tuesday, the full list of 2018 Academy Award nominees was unveiled. Congrats to our … [Link]

Slashdot » No One Is Going To Win the Google Lunar X Prize Competition

Wednesday 24 January 10:00:00 UTC 2018

The X Prize Foundation announced today that no one is going to win the foundation's competition to send a spacecraft to the Moon. "Only five finalists remained in the Google-sponsored Lunar X Prize competition, and in order to win any grand prize money, the teams had to launch and complete their missions to the Moon before March 31st, 2018," reports … [Link]

Mashable » The Seine is overflowing, but these archival photos of 1910 Paris show this has happened before

Wednesday 24 January 8:59:35 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookThe Seine is flooding in Paris, but it's not the first time. On Tuesday, the Seine's water level was sitting at 16 feet — the current flood emergency level is "orange," the highest warning below "red." But in 1910, Parisians had to hop aboard rowboats, make deliveries through windows, and construct makeshift pathways through the City of Lights when the Seine … [Link]

Mashable » We urgently need to talk about the grey areas of bad sexual encounters

Wednesday 24 January 8:00:00 UTC 2018

Twitter Facebook“I’m sorry but I just don't buy it," a woman in her late twenties said to me. "I think that if a woman says "yes" at the outset then she can't claim any harm has occurred."  Sitting at a table full of strangers at a dinner party, I realised our conversation had ventured into uncomfortable territory. We were discussing the grey … [Link]

Slashdot » Half-Assed Solar Geoengineering Is Worse Than Climate Change Itself

Wednesday 24 January 7:00:00 UTC 2018

New submitter beccaf writes: Ecologists and climate scientists investigated the consequences of rapid initiation of solar geoengineering (pumping sulfuric aerosols into the atmosphere) in 2020 and then rapid termination of this solar geoengineering fifty years later. It provides only short-term benefits to biodiversity, and, if stopped abruptly, temperatures will soar faster than they would with climate change alone and the … [Link]

Mashable » Serena Williams has no time for divisive Tennys

Wednesday 24 January 5:52:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookEveryone loves an underdog, but the fast-rising Tennys Sandgren is proving to be quite polarising. The once-unknown Tennessean is the first American male tennis player since 2010 to make the quarter-finals of the Australian Open. SEE ALSO: Tennis pro Tennys Sandgren's sudden rise prompts questions over alt-right links But in the past 24 hours, questions have been raised about Sandgren's alleged … [Link]

Mashable » Google Assistant can now match your voice to your individual Netflix profile

Wednesday 24 January 5:14:37 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookNetflix has long been available on Google Assistant, but now Google has added the ability to match individual voices with their own Netflix profiles. Until now, only one main paired Netflix account was accessible on Google Home devices, able to throw binge-worthy series to your TV using a Chromecast.  But if you're in a busy household with conflicting television tastes and … [Link]

The Joy of Tech » JoT #2485: The Breakup!

Wednesday 24 January 4:48:00 UTC 2018

JoT thumbDon’t you wish you had her strength? 😛 [Link]

Mashable » DoorDash helps users combat food waste

Wednesday 24 January 3:58:45 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWith so much food going to waste, food delivery app DoorDash figured it had the tools to do something about it. Project DASH launched this month to give back to food banks and help restaurants with the 100,000 pounds of their extra food that's thrown away each year.  SEE ALSO: This tent-like machine turns your food scraps into cooking gas Now … [Link]

Mashable » Dramatic photos of flooded Paris as the Seine overflows

Wednesday 24 January 3:46:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIn Paris, the Seine is flooding.  After heavy rains, the river's water level hit around 16 feet on Tuesday, a city official told The Washington Post. It could reach 19.5 feet by the end of the week. On a normal day, it's about 6.5 feet. River cruises and the commuter rail line that runs along the Seine have been shut down. … [Link]

Slashdot » The US Drops Out of the Top 10 In Innovation Ranking

Wednesday 24 January 3:30:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: The U.S. dropped out of the top 10 in the 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index for the first time in the six years the gauge has been compiled. South Korea and Sweden retained their No. 1 and No. 2 rankings. The index scores countries using seven criteria, including research and development spending and … [Link]

Mashable » Cyclist stops to give thirsty koala dubbed 'Slurpy' a drink of water

Wednesday 24 January 2:19:36 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookIt’s stinking hot in Australia right now. So much so that koalas are drinking water, which is something they don't ordinarily do.  Cyclist Matt Sully was riding around the Adelaide Hills last Thursday when he came across a thirsty little guy who was looking for a drink. SEE ALSO: Climate change turns one of the world's largest green sea turtle populations … [Link]

Slashdot » Elon Musk To Stay At Tesla For Another Decade

Wednesday 24 January 2:03:00 UTC 2018

Thelasko writes: "On Tuesday, Tesla's board announced that it had convinced Musk to stay at the helm for another decade with a truly gargantuan performance-based pay package," reports Ars Technica. The pay package is in a series of 12 milestones based on market capitalization. [The report notes the possibility that Musk could get nothing for a decade's work as Tesla's … [Link]

Mashable » Laura Dern confirms this dog looks a lot like Laura Dern

Wednesday 24 January 1:43:07 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookWe mean this with the upmost respect, but this dog looks a lot like the wonderful actor Laura Dern.  SEE ALSO: A side-by-side comparison of the 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Homemade Trailer A post shared by Kimchee The Maltipoo (@kimcheethemaltipoo) on Jan 19, 2018 at 10:00am PST The resemblance between Dern and Kimchee the Maltipoo was first noticed by Twitter … [Link]

Mashable » Firefox's Quantum update will block websites from tracking you 24/7

Wednesday 24 January 1:25:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookMozilla’s speedy Firefox Quantum browser hit the ground running when it rolled out in November.  On Tuesday, Mozilla released an update to the browser, called Firefox 58. Its most significant feature: 24/7 tracking protection.   SEE ALSO: Firefox users lose trust in Mozilla after a 'Mr. Robot' promo went horribly wrong The Firefox browser was one of the first to introduce … [Link]

Slashdot » More Than 750 American Communities Have Built Their Own Internet Networks

Wednesday 24 January 1:25:00 UTC 2018

Jason Koebler shares a report from Motherboard: According to a freshly updated map of community-owned networks, more than 750 communities across the United States have embraced operating their own broadband network, are served by local rural electric cooperatives, or have made at least some portion of a local fiber network publicly available. The map was created by the Institute for … [Link]

Mashable » Firing Kevin Spacey reportedly cost Netflix a whopping $39 million

Wednesday 24 January 1:16:40 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookNetflix reported a loss of $39 million last quarter — and it looks like it can thank Kevin Spacey for the bill. The company announced the Q4 loss on Monday, citing "unexpected" costs due to "unreleased content." Chief Financial Officer David Wells gave another hint at the source of the revenue loss, saying it was, "related to the societal reset around … [Link]

Slashdot » Fantasy Fiction Novelist Ursula K. Le Guin Dies At 88

Wednesday 24 January 1:05:00 UTC 2018

sandbagger shares a report from The New York Times (Warning: may be paywalled; alternative source): Ursula K. Le Guin, the immensely popular author who brought literary depth and a tough-minded feminist sensibility to science fiction and fantasy with books like "The Left Hand of Darkness" and the Earthsea series, died on Monday at her home in Portland, Oregon. She was … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Daily API RoundUp: Microsoft LUIS, Botmetric,

Wednesday 24 January 1:01:08 UTC 2018

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples. [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » New Tool From SmartBear Reverse Engineers API Calls Into OpenAPI Definitions

Wednesday 24 January 1:00:19 UTC 2018

Somerville-based SmartBear, a company with a heritage in API testing, has added another cloud-based solution to its portfolio of API tools. Based on ProgrammableWeb’s cursory look at the tool, one of the more interesting things that it can do is turn an API call (or collection of calls) into an OpenAPI Specification-based (OAS) definition. [Link]

Mashable » RIP Ursula K. Le Guin, dreamer of the best dreams

Wednesday 24 January 0:57:02 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookUrsula K. Le Guin, who was arguably America's greatest living author (and one who hated getting pigeon-holed as a science-fiction or fantasy writer), died Monday at the age of 88, her son has announced.  The news set off a firestorm on Twitter — not the usual kind, thank goodness, but a sudden flurry of people debating which of Le Guin's works … [Link]

Slashdot » Apple Will Release Its $349 HomePod Speaker On February 9th

Wednesday 24 January 0:45:00 UTC 2018

After it was delayed in mid-December, Apple finally announced the availability of its new smart speaker. The company announced it will release the HomePod on February 9th and that preorders for the device will start this Friday, January 26th. The smart speaker will initially go on sale in the U.S., UK, and Australia. It'll then arrive in France and Germany … [Link]

Mashable » Gymnast Mattie Larson said she purposely hurt herself to avoid Larry Nassar

Wednesday 24 January 0:41:50 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookFormer gymnast Mattie Larson was so desperate to avoid Larry Nassar, the USA Gymnastics physician who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple women, she tried to give herself a concussion so she wouldn't have to see him.  During her testimony at the sentencing hearing for Nassar on Tuesday, Larson detailed her horrific experiences with the physician at Karolyi Ranch in Texas, … [Link]

Mashable » Mark Zuckerberg's answer to 'fake news' is this garbage 2-question survey

Wednesday 24 January 0:14:08 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookMark Zuckerberg is here to save us from Mark Zuckerberg.   On Tuesday, just four days after the Facebook CEO announced his intention to revamp the News Feed in favor of "high quality content," we were gifted a sneak peek at the means by which he will deliver us from the scourge of so-called fake news.  It takes the form of … [Link]

Mashable » One of Silicon Valley's most powerful CEOs compares Facebook to cigarettes

Wednesday 24 January 0:03:09 UTC 2018

Twitter FacebookFacebook should be treated like other companies that make addictive, and potentially harmful, products. That's according to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, one of Silicon Valley's most influential leaders, who says it's times for the government to step in and regulate social networks just as it does cigarettes.  SEE ALSO: Facebook admits that, yea, maybe it's not great for democracy Speaking to … [Link]

Slashdot » Apple Releases Meltdown and Spectre Fixes For Older Versions of MacOS

Wednesday 24 January 0:03:00 UTC 2018

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Neowin: Apple released its round of bug fix/security updates — including iOS 11.2.5, macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra, watchOS 4.2.2, and tvOS 11.2.5 — today. In doing so, it also offered some security updates for Macs running older versions of its OS, including OS X 10.11 El Capitan and macOS 10.12 Sierra. The security … [Link]


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