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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

Mashable » Dog threatens owner with a knife (but is still a good boy)

Friday 27 October 23:56:23 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Even good boys do bad things sometimes. Charlie the dog somehow managed to get his paws on a bread knife, causing a brief hostage situation that fortunately ended peacefully. After a few tense moments, Charlie came to his senses and dropped the knife, because he's a good boy, isn't he? Read more… More about Funny, Dogs, Viral Videos, Culture, and … [Link]

Slashdot » EA Shuts Down Fan-Run Servers For Older Battlefield Games

Friday 27 October 23:20:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Since 2014, a group of volunteers going by the name Revive Network have been working to keep online game servers running for Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142, and Battlefield Heroes. As of this week, the team is shutting down that effort thanks to a legal request from publisher Electronic Arts. "We will … [Link]

Mashable » After getting shade from a robot, Elon Musk fires back

Friday 27 October 23:00:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookSophia, the humanoid AI robot from Hanson Robotics, spoke at the Future Investment Initiative conference about the safety of artificial intelligence and referenced Elon Musk's notorious warnings against it. Read more…More about Twitter, Celebrities, Technology, Robots, and Mashable Video [Link]

Mashable » Mitsubishi's electric e-Evolution concept SUV wants to make you a better driver

Friday 27 October 22:50:23 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookMitsubishi’s new crossover concept doesn’t want to drive for you. It wants to make you a better driver.  Most automakers are building up AI systems to run their future self-driving cars. But Mitsubishi recently unveiled its slightly different tack at the Tokyo Motor Show.  Mitsubishi's new e-Evolution concept is an all-electric crossover vehicle that promises a stiff dose of AI power. … [Link]

Slashdot » PSA: Apple's iPhone X Screen Repair Will Cost You $279

Friday 27 October 22:40:00 UTC 2017

We already know the iPhone X is expensive: it starts at $999 for the 64GB variant. But what about the cost of a screen replacement? If you don't have the extended warranty, a screen replacement will cost you $279, which is more than twice the price of an iPhone 6 screen replacement ($129) and about 65 percent higher than a … [Link]

Mashable » DC's 'Shazam!' will star a Marvel alum

Friday 27 October 22:31:15 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookGet ready to meet DC's newest silver-screen superhero. Zachary Levi has just been set to lead Shazam!, the next entry in the DC cinematic universe.  SEE ALSO: Warner Bros. has 9 DC superhero movies coming, and a few key ones missing Mashable has confirmed the news, which was first broken by The Hollywood Reporter. The trade reports that Levi beat out … [Link]

Mashable » Walmart looks to undercut Amazon with new robotic employees

Friday 27 October 22:19:52 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWalmart is expanding its network of friendly store robots.  Robotic employees have been roaming the aisles of Walmart stores in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and California for the past three years. The retail corporation told CNN that the program is expanding to locations in El Paso and Fort Worth in Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida.  The bots will arrive by the end of January, … [Link]

Slashdot » Everything New In the Android 8.1 Oreo Developer Preview

Friday 27 October 22:00:00 UTC 2017

On Wednesday, Google launched the Android 8.1 Developer Preview. The new version of Android is available for Pixel and Nexus devices, and features a number of under-the-hood changes. The new version tests another change to notifications in which apps can only make a notification sound alert once per second. It also contains an Easter egg: the Android Oreo logo now … [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things' Season 2 is full of references to one classic arcade game

Friday 27 October 21:47:52 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookAhead of the release of Stranger Things Season 2, the titles of the first six episodes were revealed, giving the world an extremely vague tease of what's to come. One of those episode titles is a reference to an arcade game from the '80s, and now we know why. SEE ALSO: 'Stranger Things' Season 2 was probably inspired by these movie … [Link]

Mashable » Robot ants are here to terrify and impress you

Friday 27 October 21:45:00 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook‘BionicANTs’ by Festo are cooperative robotic ants that work together under set rules. The ants have a 3D stereo camera in their heads to identify nearby objects and contextualize the environment. The opto-electrical sensor in their abdomen can also recognize floor structure and its movement in relation to the ground. Festo claims the ants demonstrate how autonomous components can work together … [Link]

Mashable » Bill O’Reilly files $5 million defamation lawsuit over #MeToo Facebook post

Friday 27 October 21:37:08 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA detailed #MeToo Facebook post about former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly had led to a $5 million lawsuit. Michael Panter, a former New Jersey state legislator, posted on Tuesday about his ex's experience while working at Fox News with host Bill O'Reilly. Not only was she a victim of O'Reilly's harassment, Panter alleges, but O'Reilly once asked her to give … [Link]

Mashable » Apple has this to say about the demand for the iPhone X

Friday 27 October 21:32:05 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWhile plenty of consumers may be frustrated with how the iPhone X pre-sale went down, at least one group of people couldn't be happier. You guessed it, that would be the folks at Apple.  According to the company, the pre-sale went pretty, pretty good — calling the demand "off the charts." SEE ALSO: And it's gone: iPhone X pre-orders now ship … [Link]

Slashdot » Alphabet's Waymo Will Test Self-Driving Cars In Snowy Detroit

Friday 27 October 21:20:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Alphabet's Waymo, the vehicle arm of Google's parent, announced on Thursday that it will start testing its autonomous Chrysler minivans on roads in the greater Detroit area. Michigan will be the sixth state where Waymo has run its vehicles on public roads. But the region is the first with a winter dominated … [Link]

Mashable » This digital highlighter will be every college student's best friend

Friday 27 October 21:15:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookScanmarker is the next generation of highlighter. This device allows you to digitally 'highlight' words in any book, and the words are then transcribed onto your computer automatically. Auditory learners can also listen to the scanned material. Read more…More about Mashable Video, College, Student, Studying, and School [Link]

Mashable » Little girl with an enchanted carriage wheelchair wins Halloween

Friday 27 October 21:09:24 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIt’s a fairytale come true for a Halloween princess.  Three-year-old Roslyn Breen dressed up as Cinderella with her wheelchair turned into a magical carriage ride. She attended the Zoo Goes Boo event at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan and had the perfect costume for a night at the ball.  Roslyn's mother, Tiffany Breen, posted the images on Facebook and … [Link]

Mashable » Harry Potter fans can learn the Hogwarts curriculum in a new book

Friday 27 October 21:05:12 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Just because your Hogwarts letter "got lost in the mail" doesn't mean you can't still learn your favorite magical subjects. Better late than never, right? SEE ALSO: Harry Potter jackets will almost make you forget you didn’t get a Hogwarts letter this year It's … [Link]

Mashable » Trump celebrated Halloween by bodyshaming children and insulting their parents

Friday 27 October 21:03:30 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookDonald Trump sure knows how to throw a fun party — candy, costumes and insults included.  On Friday, the children of the White House Press Corps were invited to join their parents at work and celebrate Halloween at the White House. And, as expected, things got really awkward, really fast.  SEE ALSO: Someone created a storm lamp that produces lightning every … [Link]

Mashable » 'Papers, Please' movie set to destroy you emotionally in case the game didn't already

Friday 27 October 20:59:10 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Upcoming short film Papers, Please — based off the the indie game of the same name — released its first full trailer.  The film, directed by Russian filmmaker Nikita Ordynskiy, is to be a border control thriller placing Russian actor Igor Savochkin in the lead role as the nameless passport inspector. The game explores themes of morality, dystopia, immigration, and … [Link]

Mashable » This Tetris desk lamp is your new work distraction

Friday 27 October 20:56:24 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Tetris is a time-honored procrastination technique that people will commonly employ while studying for tests or working on Mashable articles. But what was once a time-wasting video game is now a time-wasting desk lamp that you can play with. The Tetris lamp is probably … [Link]

Mashable » School surprises 88-year-old cafeteria worker Dorthy Marsh with a retirement pep rally

Friday 27 October 20:53:51 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookTalk about a send-off. Greensboro, North Carolina cafeteria worker Dorthy Marsh — set to retire this week from her position at Jackson Middle School — was met with an unexpected pep rally in her honor on her last day of work on Friday, reports Bethany Moore of local news affiliate WXII. SEE ALSO: How Shea Serrano went from schoolteacher to leader … [Link]

Mashable » Trump is spending almost $2 million on White House redecorating

Friday 27 October 20:50:34 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe White House has been steadily undergoing a makeover since President Trump took office. But a new report from NBC places the price tag for the redecorating at $1.75 million dollars.  SEE ALSO: Mike Pence's NFL walkout came with a hefty price tag for taxpayers The Trump administration has not clarified where that money is coming from. Past presidential families who … [Link]

Mashable » Intense game of 'Dungeons and Dragons' has been going on since the '80s

Friday 27 October 20:45:53 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Dungeons and Dragons can lend itself to some pretty long ongoing campaigns, sometimes lasting a few years. Especially when all the participants stay friends and keep hanging out together. Robert Wardhaugh started a game of D&D in 1982 and has been continuing that same game for 35 years. Wardhaugh's persistent D&D world has attracted players from all over Canada (and … [Link]

Slashdot » Time To Move on from DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Says Google Advocate

Friday 27 October 20:41:00 UTC 2017

A reader shares a report: Continuous improvement and continuous delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps may be on many peoples' minds these days, but there's nothing particularly new about the concept — software shops should have put these concepts into action years ago. Instead, technology leaders should be now worrying about the futures of their businesses. That's the view of Kelsey Hightower, … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Build Multi-User Augmented Reality Apps with Twilio’s DataTrack and Media Sync APIs

Friday 27 October 20:21:39 UTC 2017

Twilio, a cloud communications platform provider, has introduced two new APIs for enabling multi-user augmented reality (AR) applications; the DataTrack API and the Media Sync API. The APIs are part of Twilio’s Programmable Video platform. [Link]

Mashable » Rapidly intensifying storm to slam New England with heavy rain, high winds

Friday 27 October 20:17:42 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe Northeast U.S. hasn't had much of a fall season. Weekends have featured record-breaking high temperatures in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit, and major storms have been almost entirely absent from D.C. to Maine. In fact, even the most ardent leaf peepers have been disappointed by the foliage, since the trees seem to be confused as to what season it is. … [Link]

Mashable » Lawmakers propose bill to make make smart devices more secure

Friday 27 October 20:09:07 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWhile at one time the very idea seemed to promise the possibility of a digitally connected utopia, these days the Internet of Things is mostly notable for simultaneously being both a punchline and a threat to the very core of the internet. However, at least part of that may change — maybe — if two U.S. Congressmen have their way.  On … [Link]

Mashable » Meet Bad Rabbit, the new ransomware that used an NSA exploit to wreak havoc

Friday 27 October 20:04:05 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookNew week, new ransomware.  A new form of ransomware surfaced in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere this week. Known as Bad Rabbit, it's employed a leaked NSA exploit to do some of its damage. SEE ALSO: Paying for antivirus software is mostly BS Ransomware works by freezing up a computer in an attempt to force the user to pay a fee if … [Link]

Mashable » A research project in Louisville is spending $14.5 million to plant 8,000 trees in hopes of improving cardiovascular health

Friday 27 October 20:02:47 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookHealthcare doesn’t grow on trees — except perhaps in Louisville, where a $14.5 million research project is testing out that very theory on its residents.  The Green Heart project is an initiative lead by a number of institutions, including University of Louisville, The Nature Conservancy, and The Institute for Healthy Air, Water and Soil that aims to test the correlation between … [Link]

Slashdot » Kaspersky CEO Says Hack Claims Cutting US Cyber Security Sales

Friday 27 October 20:00:00 UTC 2017

Eugene Kaspersky told news agency Reuters on Friday that his cyber security firm that bears his name would see a 'single digit' drop in U.S. sales this year as a result of suspicions about his company's ties to the Russian government, but global revenue should still increase. From a report: By turns frustrated and defiant in an 80-minute interview in … [Link]

Mashable » Honda's new self-driving robot looks really familiar

Friday 27 October 19:58:45 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api uploaders%2fdistribution thumb%2fimage%2f3041%2fb5b67b25 f7d6 47a6 97ac 58e2e41b0eaa Read more… {"player":{"descript~ backpack on wheels.","image":&qu~ designed a smart vehicle that acts as your personal assistant","sources"~ video,real time,groceries,real-time-video,real time video,gita,short journey,piaggio,piaggio fast forward,personal assistant,urban spaces,navigate,3d mapping","sec0":null~ video,real time,groceries,real-time-video,real time video,gita,short journey,piaggio,piaggio fast forward,personal assistant,urban spaces,navigate,3d mapping","videoSeriesName~ More about Robot, Cargo, Honda, Self Driving Robots, and Electric Vehicle [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things' wants you to turn your Eggo box into creepy DIY costumes

Friday 27 October 19:58:18 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe Netflix original series 'Stranger Things' has paired up with Eggo waffles for Season 2. As Halloween approaches, Eggo has some quick, 'Stranger Things'-centric DIY costume ideas that repurpose those empty Eggo boxes.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Netflix, Halloween, Mashable Video, and Diy [Link]

Mashable » Holy waffles, we have the best 'Stranger Things' costume right here

Friday 27 October 19:56:29 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookStranger Things is back. And it's almost Halloween. What more could you want in life? Image: Via GiphySeason 2 of the hit Netflix series was released on Friday, but the build up for the show's return has been running strong for a couple months. We've seen a string of Stranger Things promotions, including Eleven-themed Waffles, Chief Hopper beer, and a Netflix-designed … [Link]

Mashable » Twitter just updated its policy on revenge porn and non-consensual nudity 'to better protect victims'

Friday 27 October 19:50:09 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookTwitter is ready to start taking revenge porn much more seriously. The company officially introduced a new policy today detailing how it plans to handle revenge porn and other types of non-consensual nudity shared on its platform. The updated rules, which include stricter penalties for violators, are meant to "better protect victims," according to the company. SEE ALSO: Twitter's Jack Dorsey … [Link]

Mashable » Golfer Emily Nash isn't awarded championship trophy because she's a girl

Friday 27 October 19:43:29 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookAnything boys can do, girls can do better. And they should be rewarded for it.   Emily Nash wasn't awarded the first place championship trophy at the Central Mass. Division 3 boys' golf tournament on Tuesday. The reason? She's a girl.  That's it.  The 16-year-old had the best score by four strokes, yet she wasn't allowed first prize or the chance … [Link]

Mashable » Laugh, cry and laugh some more with these audiobooks by funny women

Friday 27 October 19:38:03 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. From SNL to Veep to Broad City, funny women are dominating everywhere you look. In fact, "Wise Gals" is now a category under the humor section on Barnes & Noble's website. There are literally countless books written by hilarious women that will make you … [Link]

Mashable » Signal is down, so you can't send private, encrypted messages

Friday 27 October 19:30:32 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWith private messaging down on Signal, users on the mobile app and desktop services aren't sure how to communicate securely. Signal, the encrypted messaging tool from Open Whisper Systems favored by Edward Snowden, experienced outages Friday. SEE ALSO: WhatsApp vs. Signal vs. Google Allo: Which app is best for privacy? The company said in an email it was aware of the … [Link]

Slashdot » British Company Adds the Word 'Blockchain' to Its Name, Sees Its Shares Surge 394%

Friday 27 October 19:20:00 UTC 2017

On-Line PLC, a British provider of stock market data, today saw its shares climb nearly 400% after changing its name to On-Line Blockchain PLC. From a report: "Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting area we have been working on for some time," the Essex-based company said in a statement on Thursday. "We feel the time is right … [Link]

Mashable » Precious National Park Service denies permit for 45-foot statue of naked woman

Friday 27 October 18:55:21 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe National Park Service has apparently never seen a naked woman before.  On Wednesday, the National Park Service finally denied a permit to Catharsis on the Mall, the group organizing to temporarily bring a 45-foot statue of a naked woman, titled "R-Evolution," to Washington. The NPS cited their concerns about how the statute would impact the "cultural identity" of the area … [Link]

Mashable » This dude took a whole year to solve this math problem, and the answer is too funny

Friday 27 October 18:45:40 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA tricky math equation turned out to be an intricate ploy for nudes. Joe McGill, a 24-year-old from Laurel, Maryland, had something a little different on his header photo on Twitter. While most people have sunset or skyline pics, McGill had a math equation. "Y'all never gonna be able to solve the equation in my header. If you do better show … [Link]

Slashdot » If You Type 1+2+3 Into Your iPhone's Calculator on iOS 11, You Probably Won't Get 6

Friday 27 October 18:40:00 UTC 2017

A reader shares a report: If you've upgraded your iPhone's operating system to iOS 11, try this: Go to the calculator app and quickly type 1+2+3. You likely won't get 6. You might get 23, or 24, or 16, or 32, or something else, depending on what buttons you tap and in what order, and, obviously, none of which is … [Link]

Mashable » Netflix is hiding the ultimate 'Stranger Things' Easter egg in plain sight

Friday 27 October 18:30:08 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookYou’re probably too busy enjoying Netflix's Stranger Things to pay attention to Netflix's Stranger Things-themed homepage, but since this a show that rewards your attention, don't ignore the animated teaser at the top of the streaming service's main page.  Image: netflix.comNestled on the right side of your screen (unless the Netflix algorithm thinks you're more interested in Joan Didion documentary The … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Build a DIY Security Camera With the Twilio API and Raspberry Pi

Friday 27 October 18:21:46 UTC 2017

In 2014, Dropcam was acquired by Google's Nest Labs for $555 million, and the connected camera category has only continued to grow. In this tutorial, we reproduce the basic functionality of a camera like the Nest Cam but with the unique property of being cellular connected. Cellular connectivity will enable our device to operate in remote areas, large warehouses and … [Link]

Mashable » This Kickstarter campaign wants to help you turn everyday objects into smart devices

Friday 27 October 18:08:41 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. With smart devices popping up left and right, the rush to go totally Smart House like the '90s Disney Channel movie can get overwhelming. These devices are super helpful, but it'd be nice if smart home life was more personalized, organized, and well, simpler. … [Link]

Slashdot » Facebook Exec: 'Just Not True' That We Listen To Your Phone's Mic

Friday 27 October 18:00:00 UTC 2017

Adrianne Jeffries, writing for The Outline: Facebook executive stepped outside of official channels of communication last night by tweeting about a negative rumor that seems to keep resurfacing no matter how many times the company denies it. "I run ads product at Facebook. We don't – and have never – used your microphone for ads. Just not true," tweeted Rob … [Link]

Mashable » Facebook imposes more rules on advertisers in the wake of Russian ad revelations

Friday 27 October 17:49:24 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookFacebook is delivering on Mark Zuckerberg's promise to make its advertising more transparent. The social network said Friday that it is introducing a way for people to easily see who is advertising to them and if they're part of a targeted audience. Users will soon be able to see each of the ads that any given page is running. It's also … [Link]

Mashable » This $30 gadget turns your streaming device into a universal remote

Friday 27 October 17:45:43 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. How many remotes are on your coffee table (or, more likely, wedged between your couch cushions) right now? With more entertainment options available to us than ever before, streaming devices are the best way to consolidate your various streaming subscriptions. Fire TV, Apple TV, … [Link]

Mashable » Puerto Rico still doesn't have clean, safe water. Here's how you can help.

Friday 27 October 17:45:04 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWhen Mark Hogg recently traveled to Puerto Rico to help deliver safe water kits to the hurricane-ravaged island, he met locals who wept at the sight of clean water.  Hogg, founder and CEO of the Louisville-based nonprofit organization WaterStep, arrived in rural Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, earlier this month and was shocked by the devastation.  SEE ALSO: Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Female birds that used to be silent are now singing like males

Friday 27 October 17:34:00 UTC 2017

When faced with a rival, some female dark-eyed juncos now sing just like males to defend their mates and territories [Link]

Mashable » Hot person Alexander Skarsgård is now a hot bald person

Friday 27 October 17:32:06 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookAlexander Skarsgård is always going to be a hot person, no matter how he styles himself. The proof: he just shaved only the top of his head, and yet he remains hot. Does Skarsgård look less hot than usual? Sure. Should he perhaps have attempted a "fade" into baldness for a more natural look instead of a hard line between hair … [Link]

Slashdot » Catalonia Declares Independence; Spain Approves Central Takeover Of Region

Friday 27 October 17:20:00 UTC 2017

Readers share a report: Lawmakers in Catalonia have declared independence from Spain in a historic vote that prompted protests and celebration. The government in Madrid, vowing to halt any would-be secession, has authorized the Spanish prime minister to take over direct rule of the previously semi-autonomous region. The vote in the Catalan Parliament comes nearly a month after the region … [Link]

New Scientist – News » The first ancestors of giant pandas probably lived in Europe

Friday 27 October 17:17:00 UTC 2017

Ten million years ago a bear similar to modern giant pandas lived in what is now Hungary, suggesting the earliest pandas really came from Europe, not China [Link]

Mashable » There's an Apple-like acquisition trend in the self-driving car space

Friday 27 October 17:06:54 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookFord’s self-driving car subsidiary Argo AI has acquired Princeton Lightwave, a LiDAR producer, in a move to take ownership of its supply chain, which is becoming more common in the autonomous vehicle (AV) development space.     LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection And Ranging, are sensors used by AVs to determine how far away objects are in the world around it … [Link]

Mashable » Your 'Stranger Things 2' binge watch will be better if you're decked out with 'Stranger Things' swag

Friday 27 October 17:04:08 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Stranger Things 2 is finally upon us and we just can't wait to spend the weekend binge-watching it and turning our worlds upside-down again. But any true fan will want to add a little more character to their viewing sessions, whether it's decorating their … [Link]

Mashable » This NFL owner's words stirred a pot that was already boiling

Friday 27 October 16:58:17 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust when you think the cultural battle over ongoing national anthem protests by NFL players couldn't get any more incendiary, Houston Texans owner Bob McNair found a way to stoke some more fires during a meeting with other owners, league officials, and players. According to a deep-dive into the meeting from ESPN, McNair, speaking in support of other owners who opposed … [Link]

Mashable » Little boy asks everyone to help him find a forever home for his four-legged friend

Friday 27 October 16:50:21 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThis determined little boy just sent out an urgent PSA on behalf of a beloved four-legged friend.  Six-year-old Roman is calling on his followers to rescue Legend, a deaf and lovable Labrador retriever currently at Skagit Valley Humane Society in Burlington, Washington. The adorable video has more than 18,000 views, and counting. SEE ALSO: Rescue dog uses his smile to help … [Link]

New Scientist – News » How a tiny shrimp fires a savage shock wave using just its claw

Friday 27 October 16:47:55 UTC 2017

When pistol shrimp snap their one huge claw shut, the resulting shock wave can stun their foes – now we have seen just how this weapon works [Link]

New Scientist – News » We now know more on the origins of weird duck-shaped comet 67P

Friday 27 October 16:47:54 UTC 2017

One of the weirdest comets we’ve seen formed from tiny pebbles that trace back to the start of our solar system – which may tell us more about how planets are made [Link]

Slashdot » Einstein's Note On Happiness, Given To Bellboy In 1922, Fetches $1.6 Million

Friday 27 October 16:43:00 UTC 2017

A note that Albert Einstein gave to a courier in Tokyo briefly describing his theory on happy living has sold at auction in Jerusalem for $1.56m, according to auctioneers. From a report: The winning bid for the note far exceeded the pre-auction estimate of between $5,000 and $8,000, according to Winner's auctions. "It was an all-time record for an auction … [Link]

Mashable » How Google plans to fix the Pixel 2 XL's defective displays

Friday 27 October 16:30:27 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook 92e2 9e0b%2fthumb%2f00001 Read more… {"player":{"descript~ nothing wrong with playing it safe, but where's the fun in that?","image":&quot~ Pixel 2 review: The best boring phones, and that's not so bad","sources":[{&qu~ choice,google assistant,pixel 2,android oreo,google lens,pixel 2 xl","sec0":null,&quo~ choice,google assistant,pixel 2,android oreo,google lens,pixel 2 xl","videoSeriesName&quot~ More about Google, Android, Smartphones, Displays, and Defects [Link]

Mashable » The shadiest details in Puerto Rico's leaked electricity contract with Whitefish Energy

Friday 27 October 16:24:46 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookPuerto Rico has now endured the longest power failure in U.S. history, after Category 4 Hurricane Maria tore a path of destruction across the island on Sept. 20. One of the contracts the island's beleaguered government signed in order to get the lights turned back on is with a tiny Montana-based company named Whitefish Energy.  The contract, worth $300 million, calls … [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things 2' shows just how good Millie Bobby Brown is

Friday 27 October 16:11:07 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWelcome to our weekly series "Cry of the Week," in which we highlight whatever moment made us ugly cry on our couches the most in the past seven days.  The following contains spoilers for episode 1 of Stranger Things 2. Stranger Things 2 released today, and around the world the bingeing has begun. Whether you're on episode 1 or 9, the … [Link]

Mashable » The best horror games to check out during Steam's Halloween Sale

Friday 27 October 16:02:52 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe Steam Halloween Sale has kicked off for the spookiest week of the year, bringing discounts on dozens of dark and disturbing games to get you in the Halloween spirit. The 2017 Steam Halloween Sale is running until Nov. 1. Some of the biggest, spookiest games of the past couple years have received some major discounts, including arguably one of the … [Link]

Slashdot » Bug in Mobile App Lets Hackers Take Control of LG Smart Devices

Friday 27 October 16:00:00 UTC 2017

A reader shares a BleepingComputer report: LG Electronics has avoided a security disaster this summer after it worked with security researchers to patch a vulnerability in the mobile app that customers are using to control a breadth of LG smart home devices. The vulnerability affects the LG SmartThinQ app used to control all of LG's "smart" home appliances, a list … [Link]

Mashable » Apple just gave the 12-inch MacBook a gorgeous new accessory

Friday 27 October 15:47:09 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookApple wants you to carry your MacBook in style.  Now for sale at the Apple Store: a leather sleeve for the 12-inch MacBook. At $149, it's by far the most expensive — and coolest — MacBook sleeve Apple offers. The only other leather MacBook sleeve for sale on is this slim sleeve which is loose, only comes in black, and … [Link]

Mashable » No one knows how to process this clear pumpkin pie

Friday 27 October 15:44:31 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWe all love dessert, especially when it looks as mouthwatering as a classic pumpkin pie. But what if it looks different than usual. Almost like Jello? Chef Simon Davies, of Chicago's fancy schmancy Alinea restaurant, has reinvented the pumpkin pie and, well, you can see right through it. Literally. SEE ALSO: 9 mind-blowing facts about the avocado Pumpkin pie for the … [Link]

Mashable » How to Tell if You're a Basic Witch

Friday 27 October 15:38:17 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Read more…More about Witches, Mashable Reels, Basic Witches, Culture, and Web Culture [Link]

Mashable » Rihanna channels Queen Nefertiti on this unbelievable 'Vogue' cover

Friday 27 October 15:30:46 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookRihanna doesn't do anything and not slay, and her latest magazine cover is just more proof of that. The Barbados-born singer is front and center on the November issue of Vogue Arabia looking like Queen Nefertiti incarnate, in a shoot inspired by Egyptian royalty.  SEE ALSO: Rihanna will soon have a street named after her 👸🏾👑&#128120~ NOVEMBER 1st @VOGUEARABIA — … [Link]

Mashable » Barb is the 'patron saint of misfits' and that's why viewers are obsessed with her

Friday 27 October 15:22:39 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook When Barb Holland graced our screens in very first episode of Stranger Things, few of us could have foreseen the emotional impact she would have on our lives.  And, though Barb is very much dead (RIP Barb), her cult is very much alive, kicking, and building shrines for her. So, what is it about Barb? Her appeal, according to Shannon … [Link]

Mashable » Amazon's hardware is poised to utterly dominate the holiday season

Friday 27 October 15:22:21 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookAmazon has built up a lot of trust over the years as it's evolved from digital storefront to ecommerce empire. Now it's testing the limits of that trust with Amazon Key. It's a simple enough concept, and it really solves a problem: The main thing Amazon does is deliver packages to your door, but there's always the question of what happens … [Link]

Slashdot » India Overtakes the US To Become the World's Second Largest Smartphone Market

Friday 27 October 15:20:00 UTC 2017

A reader shares a report: Move over America, India is now the world's second largest smartphone market. That's according to a new report from Canalys which claims smartphone shipments in India crossed the 40 million mark for the first time in Q3 2017 courtesy of 23 percent annual growth. That means that India has overtaken the U.S. on sales with … [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things' characters are officially coming to the world of video games

Friday 27 October 15:10:22 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook To celebrate the release of Stranger Things Season 2, the team behind Minecraft has created character skins for everyone's favorite characters from the Netflix series, available to download today.  The Stranger Things skin pack includes characters both old and new, and a variety of different outfits. There's Barb, Hopper, Steve, Eleven, and even demogorgons.  SEE ALSO: 'Stranger Things 2' is … [Link]

Mashable » Once again Nicki Minaj has to address the blatant sexism in the hip-hop industry

Friday 27 October 15:10:11 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThey don't call her the "Queen of Rap" for nothing.  Nicki Minaj bravely called out blatant sexism in the hip-hop industry following a recent interview where rapper Russ sat down with Tidal, giving the "Anaconda" MC props for her music career.  SEE ALSO: Nicki Minaj dropped Seth Rogen’s name in a verse and he lost his mind In the interview above, … [Link]

Mashable » WhatsApp's new 'unsend' feature could very well save you from yourself

Friday 27 October 15:07:24 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIn an age in which so much of our communication occurs digitally, WhatsApp, one of the most widely used apps on the planet, is trying to do its part to save you from making a total ass of yourself. They're turning on a key "unsend" feature.  That's right: You can now delete messages you've sent to a group or an individual. … [Link]

Mashable » 9 Pro-Level iMessage Tips for iOS 11

Friday 27 October 15:04:14 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Read more…More about Iphone, Imessage, Mashable Reels, Sn Reels, and Imessage Tips [Link]

Mashable » This futuristic organizer will replace your basic toiletry kit

Friday 27 October 15:00:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe Paxter travel kit is the perfect size for all of your toiletries. You'll never open up your suitcase to find your shampoo has leaked or your toothbrush is in your shoe again. Paxter has spill-proof compartments for up to 8 liquid products and a ventilated case for your toothbrush, as well as neat compartments for any item you may need … [Link]

Mashable » It's important to know what kind of boss you should work for

Friday 27 October 14:59:12 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookChances are, we all know someone who has talked about a boss they didn’t care for.  It’s easy to blame the person in charge and to deflect internal unhappiness onto an external target. The key to getting yourself out of the blame game is to know yourself and what you want from the person you report to.  If you have a … [Link]

Mashable » Seth Meyers explains why Fox thinks Hillary Clinton is president

Friday 27 October 14:48:50 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook As Puerto Rico descends into chaos and North Korea prepares for World War III, Fox News is focusing on what matters most: Hillary Clinton. Seth Meyers slammed the network for dedicating so much of the coverage to the former secretary of state and otherwise "slobbering" over the president. "Usually when you see an old dude slobber that much, he has … [Link]

Mashable » One senior living facility is using VR to help its residents revisit their favorite places

Friday 27 October 14:45:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe caregivers at Maplewood Senior Living are incorporating virtual reality technology to help residents lead fuller lives. Read more…More about Travel, Technology, Mashable Video, Virtual Reality, and Vr [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things 2' made #JusticeForBarb unbelievably sad

Friday 27 October 14:41:27 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookSPOILERS for Stranger Things 2 Stranger Things Season 1 took us by storm, but perhaps nothing was so shocking and omnipresent as the Cult of Barb. Nancy's (Natalia Dyer) best friend (Shannon Purser) gets snatched up by the demogorgon early on, and her disappearance was treated with maybe 10 percent of the concern or vigilant search ethic as Will's (Noah Schnapp). … [Link]

Slashdot » UK's NHS Could Have Avoided WannaCry Hack With 'Basic IT Security', Says Report

Friday 27 October 14:40:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader shares a report: The NHS could have avoided the crippling effects of the "relatively unsophisticated" WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May with "basic IT security," according to an independent investigation into the cyber-attack. The National Audit Office (NAO) said that 19,500 medical appointments were cancelled, computers at 600 GP surgeries were locked and five hospitals had to divert … [Link]

Mashable » Owl hesitates to step away from his comfortable space under the bed and becomes all of us

Friday 27 October 14:39:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThis owl has no interested in figuring out the unknown. Ewok the owl experienced his first day of freedom at the Minton Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Australia on Thursday and it's a bit overwhelming for the small bird.  SEE ALSO: Here's what animals would say if they could complain about work The nocturnal bird was a bit shy to come … [Link]

Mashable » You'll have to pay a stupid amount of money to fix the iPhone X's screen

Friday 27 October 14:38:34 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api uploaders%2fdistribution thumb%2fimage%2f81674%2fce8df591 585b 4d93 9c40 2a9a818d4226 Read more… {"player":{"descript~ really do come true.","image":&quot~ iPhone X is here—and we are drooling","sources":~ event,wireless charging,augmented reality,facial recognition,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,iphone x,apple event 2017","sec0":null,&q~ event,wireless charging,augmented reality,facial recognition,real-time,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,real time video,iphone x,apple event 2017","videoSeriesName&qu~ More about Apple, Repair Program, Applecare, Iphone X, and Tech [Link]

Mashable » Take a sip from BB-8 with this tea set on sale on ThinkGeek

Friday 27 October 14:33:50 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Your morning tea just got a whole lot nerdier with this BB-8 tea set that's 40% off on ThinkGeek. The set comes with a 12oz teapot and a cute little teacup, both covered with BB-8 designs. When you're not having tea, you can stack … [Link]

Mashable » Some asshole is reselling his iPhone X pre-order for $60,000 on eBay

Friday 27 October 14:14:59 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook 2dbb 83fc%2fthumb%2f00001 Read more… {"player":{"descript~ we're loving it.","image":"h~ impressions of the iPhone X","sources":[{&quot~ 7,iphone 6s,real,iphone 6,iphone 7 plus,real-time,iphones,iphone case,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,iphone 8,real time video,iphone x,smartphone camera,iphone 5,iphone 8 plus,faceid","sec0":~ 7,iphone 6s,real,iphone 6,iphone 7 plus,real-time,iphones,iphone case,real-time video,real time,real-time-video,iphone 8,real time video,iphone x,smartphone camera,iphone 5,iphone 8 plus,faceid","videoSeries~ More about Apple, Iphone, Ebay, Iphone X, and Reselling [Link]

Mashable » You can save 29% on this light-up keyboard for your gaming setup

Friday 27 October 14:13:36 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. This light-up rainbow keyboard looks like it could quite literally step up your game and right now, it's 29% off. It boasts a classic keyboard design, but it still features all of the keys you need for any form of modern entertainment. It's got … [Link]

Mashable » Your Lyft could be heading to the Upside Down. Just order 'Strange Mode'

Friday 27 October 14:11:46 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookLyft has paired up with Netflix to make your Halloween weekend even more exciting by introducing a unique 'Stranger Things' ride experience. Read more…More about Netflix, Mashable Video, Uber, Lyft, and Mashable Video [Link]

Mashable » Your handy guide to how long you can wait to respond to that email

Friday 27 October 14:09:13 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookYou open your email first thing in the morning and there are 30 unread messages. Or you finally tackled your inbox and right before you’re about to sign off one more email comes in. Or how about this scenario: You’re struggling to prioritize between your other tasks and several starred messages. The first question that pops into your head in any … [Link]

Slashdot » Amazon Tops 540K Employees After Swallowing Whole Foods in $13.7B Deal

Friday 27 October 14:00:00 UTC 2017

A reader shares a report: Amazon added a whopping 159,500 employees in the last quarter, pushing its total employment to 541,900 people worldwide, according to new numbers from the tech giant released today. Amazon's headcount grew 77 percent over this time last year, and a big reason for that is the completion of Amazon's blockbuster deal to buy Whole Foods … [Link]

Mashable » This 'Newness' clip will feel too real to anyone who's ever used a dating app

Friday 27 October 13:17:32 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook a301 428e%2fthumb%2f00001 Read more… {"player":{"descript~ been there, man.","image":"~ 'Newness' clip will feel too real to anyone who's ever used a dating app","sources":[{&qu~ hoult,newness","sec0&quot~ hoult,newness","videoSeri~ More about Movies, Nicholas Hoult, Newness, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows [Link]

Mashable » And it's gone: iPhone X pre-orders now ship in December

Friday 27 October 13:14:20 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIf you're looking to pre-order an iPhone X, be aware that in the U.S., you'll need to wait until December to actually get the phone.  Right now, the shipping date for all variants of the device — 64GB or 256GB, Silver or Space Gray — is five to six weeks.  SEE ALSO: First impressions of the iPhone X Given the numerous … [Link]

Mashable » Read an excerpt from 'Jane the Virgin' companion novel 'Snow Falling' — but be prepared to cry

Friday 27 October 13:08:29 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJane the Virgin fans have been through a lot of emotional hoops since the show started in 2014, and losing Michael (Brett Dier) was the hardest of all. The show dealt with his exit gracefully, never letting us forget this character's vast importance; now, as Season 4 introduces a new love interest and pushes Jane (Gina Rodriguez) further into adulthood, we … [Link]

Slashdot » Google Addresses Pixel 2 XL Display Issues, Pixel 2 Clicking Sounds With Software Updates

Friday 27 October 13:00:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader quotes a report from PhoneDog: Google explains that it's been investigating reports about the Pixel 2 XL's display and that this has given it "confidence that [its] displays are as great as [it] hoped they would be". Still, Google will be taking steps to respond to consumer complaints about the screen. Google plans to issue a software … [Link]

Mashable » Donald Trump tweets 'Happy Birthday!' to random Lee Greenwood, not the country music star

Friday 27 October 12:50:24 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIt’s a good day in America when the president doesn't do anything to endanger our lives, just humiliate us in front of our allies. Well congratulations, America. Today is that day! On Friday, President Trump congratulated country music singer Lee Greenwood on celebrating his birthday on Twitter. Trump, who it should be remembered has access to our nuclear codes, accidentally tagged … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Opioid crisis: Trump suggests telling young people drugs are bad

Friday 27 October 12:38:00 UTC 2017

Trump has declared the US opioid crisis a national public health emergency. He thinks telling young people that it’s “really easy not to take them” will help [Link]

Mashable » 'Walking Dead' star calls Norman Reedus a 'creeper', but in a nice way

Friday 27 October 12:35:10 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook You ever had that friend who was so friendly it was kinda weird? SEE ALSO: 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 premiere explains that Old Rick time-jump, kind of Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and talked about his close relationship with cast mate (and arch-nemesis on the show) Norman Reedus. "He's my brother," said Dean … [Link]

Mashable » Susan Sarandon talks about Kate Winslet touching her boob

Friday 27 October 12:24:34 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Finally, we get Sarandon's side of things. SEE ALSO: George Clooney gets Kimmel back for showing him his penis Susan Sarandon went on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and Kimmel brought up an… uhh… odd moment. He shows a photograph taken of Sarandon with Michael Shannon and Kate Winslet. In the photo, Winslet is touching Sarandon's breast. When asked … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Want to think outside of the box? Try sniffing a placebo

Friday 27 October 11:42:03 UTC 2017

The placebo effect not only works in medicine, it can also boost cognitive ability, unleashing creativity and driving original thought [Link]

New Scientist – News » Boiling water on Mars could make the planet’s sand levitate

Friday 27 October 11:30:00 UTC 2017

In Martian summer, the combination of warm temperatures and a thin atmosphere make any liquid water on the surface boil, which can let dust hover across the ground [Link]

Mashable » I didn't like wearing headphones in public… until I tried these wireless earbuds

Friday 27 October 11:15:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookNew York City is never quiet, but most of the city's residents prefer to walk around with their own private soundtrack blaring in their ears. Nearly everyone you see on the street is perpetually in an aural bubble, separate from the outside world. Wireless headphones make those bubbles even more pronounced without tethers to a separate device, and I think I've … [Link]

Mashable » British reporter got anonymous phone call just 25 minutes before JFK murder

Friday 27 October 10:57:31 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIt’s not an exaggeration to say that the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas on 22 November 1963 is the mother of all conspiracy theories.  SEE ALSO: Trump releases more JFK files, but some are frustratingly impossible to read So even small events that preceded the murder, contained in the fresh batch of JFK files just published on the U.S. … [Link]

Mashable » Dolly Parton read the UK a bedtime story and she's now a national hero

Friday 27 October 10:18:38 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookReading bedtime stories? What a way to make a living! SEE ALSO: You can't really talk about Miley Cyrus' new album without talking about Demi Lovato's, too Dolly Parton is beloved far and wide, and now she will be even more beloved by millions of tiny British children.  The country music star appeared on the British children's TV segment, "CBeebies Bedtime … [Link]

Mashable » Women share screenshots of the replies they received after asking out their crushes

Friday 27 October 10:18:38 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA British dating expert asked women to share screenshots of the replies they received after asking their crushes out on a date. The results were both heartwarming and mildly depressing.  SEE ALSO: My crush on Draco Malfoy made me absolutely despise Harry Potter Dating blogger Oloni asked her followers to conduct an experiment by asking out the person they fancy, and … [Link]

Mashable » People are outraged that Sophia the robot has more rights than most women in Saudi Arabia

Friday 27 October 10:03:16 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA robot has just been given a big privilege in Saudi Arabia, and people are questioning if it's unfair to the country's own women. Sophia the robot, made by American firm Hanson Robotics, has been officially named a citizen of Saudi Arabia — the first country in the world to grant a robot the right to citizenship.  SEE ALSO: This AI … [Link]

Slashdot » First Extrasolar Object Observed Racing Through Our Solar System

Friday 27 October 10:00:00 UTC 2017

Enigma2175 writes: For the first time, scientists have observed an object they believe came from outside our solar system. The object is in a hyperbolic orbit that will send it back into interstellar space. From "The object, known as A/2017 U1, was detected last week by researchers using the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii. 'It's long been theorized that … [Link]

Mashable » Noise-cancelling earbuds at a reasonable price? Yes they exist.

Friday 27 October 10:00:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Your ears are amazing things. With no outside training, they’re able to pick up high frequencies, low frequencies, and everything in between. They deserve a great pair of headphones and the Treblab RF100 Magnetic HD Noise Cancelling Earphones are a good option at a great … [Link]

Mashable » Learn how to build VR games for just $15

Friday 27 October 10:00:00 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookJust to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. The video gaming industry is all in when it comes to the world of virtual reality. Revenue for the market keeps growing, and new VR headsets and experiences pop up all the time. The appeal for players is clear, but there’s also a huge … [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things 2' is up on Netflix and there have been some strong Twitter reactions

Friday 27 October 9:52:06 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookAside from Game of Thrones, there probably haven't been too many other shows as highly anticipated as Stranger Things this year. Ever since the first teaser was dropped at the Super Bowl back in February, people have been positively desperate for more of that sweet, sweet, '80s-style horror. SEE ALSO: 7 'Stranger Things' Season 2 predictions Then, finally — after many … [Link]

Mashable » Madonna tweeted a picture of herself in a Rio favela and people really weren't happy

Friday 27 October 9:41:10 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookBig sunglasses, camouflage clothing, and a few armed police — is this what passes for cool? SEE ALSO: Author told his book 'The Madonna of Bolton' is 'too gay' to publish, turns to crowdfunding Madonna was in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday for a wedding held at the statue of Christ the Redeemer. While there she took this picture in a … [Link]

Mashable » Stephen Colbert brutally dissects all the words that Ivanka Trump uses incorrectly

Friday 27 October 9:36:20 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Ivanka Trump has kind of a reputation for being a moderate — the voice of reason in an otherwise nutty Trump administration.  There's only one problem, as Stephen Colbert points out in his Late Show monologue. She uses words incorrectly.   "She's got a ton of praise from the right for her poise and intelligence. At the same time, it … [Link]

Mashable » Visitors to trendy neon-lit party didn't realise the lights would give them a 'sunburn'

Friday 27 October 9:25:36 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA big party held last week in Hong Kong went awry, after visitors complained of sunburn-like symptoms and irritated eyes the next day. The trendy party, thrown by digital media firm Hypebeast, was held at a pop-up space meant to resemble a kitschy neon-lit nightclub. SEE ALSO: Lisa Frank and Reebok have just created the the '90s sneaker of your dreams … [Link]

Mashable » 'Stranger Things' classical guitar cover will send shivers down your spine

Friday 27 October 8:53:43 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook This isn't the first cover of the Stranger Things music we've seen, and it surely won't be the last. It is one of the coolest, though. SEE ALSO: Covering the 'Stranger Things' title track live is way harder than it seems In the clip above, musician and YouTuber Nathan Mills runs through six tracks from Stranger Things on his guitar … [Link]

Mashable » India overtakes the U.S. to become world's second largest smartphone market

Friday 27 October 8:41:52 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIndia is now the world's second largest smartphone market, behind China. That pushes the U.S. down to third spot for the first time. According to Canalys data, India shipped 40 million phones in the third quarter of this year, 23 percent higher than the same period in 2016. That momentum was responsible for propelling India past the U.S. SEE ALSO: BlackBerry's … [Link]

Mashable » Donald Trump as the villain in 'Stranger Things' is terrifyingly perfect

Friday 27 October 8:35:44 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Turns out Stranger Things mashed up with Donald Trump interview clips works surprisingly well. SEE ALSO: Netflix is making a 'Stranger Things' after-show to feed the obsession The parody above, called "Other Things", was created for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. It's pretty much what you're imagining: a variety of clips in which Donald Trump waffles vaguely on without … [Link]

Mashable » Pro 'League of Legends' player fired after he abuses girlfriend during livestream

Friday 27 October 8:11:17 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWarning: This story is about an incident that is distressing. A professional League of Legends player has been fired from his team, after he beat up his girlfriend and inadvertently livestreamed the incident. Chinese player Li Wei Jun, better known as "Vasilii" in the gaming world, was on Thursday livestreaming his gameplay of a match, which he proceeded to lose. SEE … [Link]

Mashable » Apple's iPhone X is now available for pre-order

Friday 27 October 7:31:42 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIt feels unreal, but it's really happening. The iPhone X is now available for pre-order.  After years of constant rumors — intensified at the very last moment as it became uncertain whether the iPhone X will have a Touch ID or not — Apple's radically redesigned iPhone can actually be bought, starting at $999.  You still can't have it, though — … [Link]

Slashdot » Microsoft Is Working On a Foldable Device With a Focus On Pen and Digital Ink

Friday 27 October 7:00:00 UTC 2017

Microsoft is reportedly working on a foldable device with an emphasis on pen and digital-ink functionality that runs Windows 10, and it could be here as soon as next year. The company is looking to create a new category-defining mobile device that's aimed at an entirely new demographic, and that puts pen and digital inking at the forefront of the … [Link]

Mashable » A cat ran onto a football field and might've been the best player all game

Friday 27 October 5:33:47 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookNo, we're never going to get sick of cute animals running on the field at serious sporting contests. Especially when they are likely the best player all game, as in the case of a cat which ran onto the field of a Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens game on Thursday night. SEE ALSO: Ikea is launching a pet furniture collection and … [Link]

Mashable » Snapchat and Netflix launch 'Stranger Things' AR experience and filter

Friday 27 October 5:30:14 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookWant to wander around Joyce Byers' living room, prodding those rainbow fairy lights and waiting for the Demogorgon to show up? Snapchat has teamed up with Netflix to launch a 3D world lens to promote the Oct. 27 release of Stranger Things Season 2.  SEE ALSO: Protect your home from the Demogorgon with this 'Stranger Things' poster Snapchat launched world lens … [Link]

Mashable » Taylor Swift releases new video for '…Ready For It' from upcoming album 'Reputation'

Friday 27 October 4:10:07 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Just a few more sleeps before Taylor Swift's Reputation drops on Nov. 10, but we've got more than enough to handle right now. Swift has just dropped the video for her second single, "…Ready For It," which has been everywhere since Sep. 3. The video features more than a handful of references to famous sci-fi movies, from Blade Runner to … [Link]

Slashdot » Reddit Conducts Wide-Ranging Purge of Offensive Subreddits

Friday 27 October 3:30:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: On Wednesday, [Reddit] announced a new policy clarifying its rules against content that incites violence. "We will take action against any content that encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people," Reddit administrator landoflobsters wrote. Promoting harm to animals is also … [Link]

Mashable » Your eyes don't lie, that's Milhouse from 'The Simpsons' watching an NBA game

Friday 27 October 3:15:07 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookNo, you're not tripping on an all-syrup Super Squishee. That really was Milhouse in the crowd at Thursday's game between the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks.  Milhouse en Milwaukee — Dani Senabre (@danisenabre) October 27, 2017 I'm not sure who this super Simpsons fan is, but he sure is dedicated. He's even reading a Radioactive Man comic book. Up and … [Link]

Mashable » Giant earthworm photographed following heavy rains in Australia

Friday 27 October 2:38:53 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookThe rains have been pouring down in Queensland, Australia. That's resulted plenty of earthworms, specifically the digaster longmani, which is a native species found in the southeast of the state, as well as northern New South Wales. SEE ALSO: These worms may solve the plastic waste problem And these earthworms can be pretty freakin' huge. This giant earthworm was captured at … [Link]

Slashdot » Critical Flaws In Maritime Communications System Could Endanger Entire Ships

Friday 27 October 2:05:00 UTC 2017

Orome1 shares a report from Help Net Security: IOActive security consultant Mario Ballano has discovered two critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities affecting Stratos Global's AmosConnect communication shipboard platform. The platform works in conjunction with the ships' satellite equipment, and integrates vessel and shore-based office applications, as well as provides services like Internet access for the crew, email, IM, position reporting, etc. The … [Link]

Mashable » A robot designed to serve pumpkin soup failed wonderfully

Friday 27 October 1:58:34 UTC 2017

Twitter Facebook Pumpkins are basically the official food mascots of Halloween.  They're great for things like decorations, pies, and lattes. But no one ever brags about their endearing love for pumpkin soup. SEE ALSO: What to do with the pumpkin guts after you carve your jack-o-lantern Despite Simone Giertz' disdain toward pumpkin soup, she decided to build a robot to serve it, … [Link]

Mashable » Trump releases more JFK files, but some are frustratingly impossible to read

Friday 27 October 1:39:57 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA new batch of government records about the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy were released Thursday evening, but good luck reading them. President Donald Trump announced the so-called JFK files would be released Thursday, but it took until the end of the day for the 2,891 files to publish on the National Archives site. Another 300 were kept classified … [Link]

Slashdot » Scientists Find a Better Way To Wash Pesticides Off Your Apples

Friday 27 October 1:25:00 UTC 2017

According to a new study, the best way to reduce pesticides from your supermarket apple is to use a baking soda solution. The discovery was made by a team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. They compared the effectiveness of plain tap water, a commercial bleach solution and a baking soda/water mix in removing pesticides from apples. … [Link]

Mashable » The Canyonero jingle from 'The Simpsons' just got a pop-punk cover

Friday 27 October 1:07:10 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookCan you name the truck with four-wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats 35? Twelve yards long, two lanes wide, 65 tons of American pride! You got it. CANYONEROOOOO! The humdinger of a jingle for Springfield's most road-hoggin' SUV, the Canyonero, has been covered in a pop-punk tribute by Australian musician Dan Cribb. SEE ALSO: That classic baseball episode of … [Link]

Mashable » People are convinced Donald Trump wrote this letter bragging about Donald Trump

Friday 27 October 1:02:02 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookA recently unearthed letter from Donald Trump's alleged secretary to New York Magazine in 1992 is giving some people serious doubts about its authenticity. The magazine released a 50th anniversary issue recently, which contained a series of old, previously published letters to the editor. One of those letters was from someone claiming to be Trump's secretary, and well, just read it … [Link]

Slashdot » US Voting Server At Heart of Russian Hack Probe Mysteriously Wiped

Friday 27 October 0:45:00 UTC 2017

A computer at the center of a lawsuit digging into Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election has been wiped. "The server in question is based in Georgia — a state that narrowly backed Donald Trump, giving him 16 electoral votes — and stored the results of the state's vote-management system," reports The Register. "The deletion of its filesystem data … [Link]

Mashable » Apple's latest macOS update dropped a ton of new emoji

Friday 27 October 0:44:31 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookHundreds of new emoji are finally starting to make their way into the world. Apple dropped the latest public beta of macOS High Sierra and the update comes with hundreds of new emoji, including animals, dinosaurs, and a bunch of smileys. SEE ALSO: Apple's New Emoji Are Finally Here The update, which is officially called macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, is available … [Link]

Mashable » Long may she reign: Broadchurch star is set to take over 'The Crown'

Friday 27 October 0:34:02 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookBroadchurch star Olivia Coleman will take over the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the hit Netflix drama The Crown as of Season 3, Mashable has confirmed.  Netflix had long intended to pick a different actress to succeed Claire Foy, who played the queen in the 1950s, the early years of her reign. Putting Coleman in the role for Seasons 3 … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Mussel-inspired plastic could make self-repairing body armour

Friday 27 October 0:19:59 UTC 2017

Mussels grip onto rock using stretchy fibres with self-repairing molecular bonds. Mimicking the trick has inspired an extremely tough and elastic new material [Link]

Mashable » Louis Theroux made a Twitter bet to read out a fake intro, and he stuck to it

Friday 27 October 0:08:40 UTC 2017

Twitter FacebookIf you haven't heard about the Louis Theroux bot, you've been missing out. The Twitter account spits out fake documentary intros in the style of Theroux, who often focuses his attention on weird cults, religions, felons and well, anyone you'd probably never find yourself talking to. SEE ALSO: This video Q&A with Louis Theroux is both revealing and hilarious Here are … [Link]

Slashdot » Monsanto Attacks Scientists After Studies Show Trouble For Weedkiller Dicamba

Friday 27 October 0:05:00 UTC 2017

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: Dicamba, an old weedkiller that is being used in new ways, has thrust Kevin Bradley, a professor of weed science at the University of Missouri, and a half-dozen other university weed scientists into the unfamiliar role of whistleblower, confronting what they believe are misleading and scientifically unfounded claims by one of the … [Link]


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