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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

Slashdot » Sexually Rejected Flies Turn To Booze

Thursday 15 March 23:52:00 UTC 2012

sciencehabit writes "Offer a male fruit fly a choice between food soaked in alcohol and its nonalcoholic equivalent, and his decision will depend on whether he's mated recently or been rejected by a female. Flies that have been given the cold shoulder are more likely to go for the booze, researchers have found. It's the first discovery, in fruit … [Link]

Slashdot » US ISPs Become 'Copyright Cops' July 12th

Thursday 15 March 23:32:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon are among the ISPs preparing to implement a graduated response to piracy by July, says the music industry's chief lobbyist. ISPs, including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable, have officially agreed to step up efforts to protect the rights of copyright owners. From the article: 'Supporters say this could … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Diablo 3 to be Released May 15th!

Thursday 15 March 23:30:48 UTC 2012

The long wait for Diablo3 is over. Well, almost over. The official release date for the game is May 15th, 2012. Yes. THIS YEAR.While it was first officially announced for June 28, 2008, at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris, France, the Godfather of the dungeon adventure genre seemed to be in development forever. The former Blizzard North first started working … [Link]

WIRED » Ubuntu Is Spanking Red Hat, Says Ubuntu Founder

Thursday 15 March 23:22:06 UTC 2012

Mark Shuttleworth says his Ubuntu Linux distro has now overtaken arch rival Red Hat when it comes to running the all-important "enterprise workloads" — i.e., the heavy software lifting done by big businesses. [Link]

WIRED » Apple's New iPad 4G is Tough to Crack Open, Even Tougher to Fix

Thursday 15 March 23:22:05 UTC 2012

The new iPad gets an iFixit teardown. Yields concerns about recycling and battery replacement. [Link]

WIRED » Senators Demand DOJ Release Secret Spy Court Rulings

Thursday 15 March 23:22:04 UTC 2012

Two Democratic senators urged the Obama administration Thursday to declassify secret court rulings that provide broader interpretations of the domestic spy law known as the USA Patriot. A secret tribunal known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court has issued classified rulings about the Patriot Act that U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) and Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) have suggested expand … [Link]

WIRED » Google Flushes Heat From Data Center With Toilet Water

Thursday 15 March 23:22:03 UTC 2012

Google is using recycled sewer water to cool its data center in western Georgia. In 2007, when Google first opened its massive data center in Douglas County, Georgia, it cooled the facility's equipment using the county's potable water supply — i.e., the same water that's pumped into local homes. But at some point, the company realized that the water used … [Link]

WIRED » Skydiver Makes Test Jump From 13 Miles Up

Thursday 15 March 23:22:02 UTC 2012

Skydiving superstar Felix Baumgartner rode a pressurized capsule to the dizzying altitude of 71,580 feet this morning, paused to admire the curvature of the Earth and then … jumped. [Link]

WIRED » Control a Giant Modular Synthesizer From the Comfort of Your Home

Thursday 15 March 23:22:00 UTC 2012

Now, anyone can play one of the biggest modular synthesizers in the world, thanks to a new project, code-named ?PatchWerk.? With PatchWerk's simple web interface, users around the world can control the colossal rig in real time, from its current home at the MIT Museum. [Link]

Slashdot » Judea Pearl Wins Turing Award

Thursday 15 March 22:47:00 UTC 2012

alphadogg writes "Judea Pearl, a longtime UCLA professor whose work on artificial intelligence laid the foundation for such inventions as the iPhone's Siri speech recognition technology and Google's driverless cars, has been named the 2011 ACM Turing Award winner. The annual Association for Computing Machinery A.M. Turing Award, sometimes called the 'Nobel Prize in Computing,' recognizes Pearl for his … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Massive Megaman X community Album from Overclocked Remix

Thursday 15 March 22:30:36 UTC 2012

Without a doubt some of the most enduring video game music comes from the Mega Man franchise. So prepare yourselves because with 62 tracks, 5 discs, 49 artists, and 4 1/2 HOURS of music, you should be overdosing on awesome from the remixes from Mega Man X1-X8, called Maverick Rising, that was just released by Overclocked Remix! The entire compilation is … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » FullContact API Knows Everything About a Name

Thursday 15 March 22:30:11 UTC 2012

William Shakespeare said “What’s in a name?” In the world of APIs, this question takes a completely different form. What if you were given the difficult task of taking a list of names and performing operations like splitting them up in first and last names, along with their titles? What if you had to determine what the name is from an … [Link]

WIRED » CIA Chief: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

Thursday 15 March 22:08:23 UTC 2012

It's great that you've got so much new household hardware connected to the internet. Especially for the CIA, whose director wants to spy on you through it. [Link]

WIRED » Here Are the 24 Retina-Ready iPad Apps Available Now

Thursday 15 March 22:08:22 UTC 2012

If you've been wondering which apps, besides Apple's, are going to be ready to take advantage of the new iPad's Retina display tomorrow morning, wonder no longer. Here's the official list of Retina-ready third-party apps that will be ready for you to download as soon as your iPad lands on your doorstep. [Link]

WIRED » New NASA Video Depicts the Moon's Fiery History

Thursday 15 March 22:08:21 UTC 2012

The man in the moon might not change from month to month but the lunar surface didn't always look this way. A new NASA video depicts the fiery history of the moon, showing how the familiar shapes we see each night were actually caused by barrages of asteroids and blazing flows of magma. [Link]

WIRED » Real-Name Registration Threatens the Lively World of China's Microblogs

Thursday 15 March 22:07:00 UTC 2012

Twitter-like services are hugely popular in China, and though there is much censorship, people have found clever ways to speak out. But that may change in the face of a new, more stringent policy designed to clamp down on free expression where other methods have been less successful. In a move to exert greater control on citizen speech online, the … [Link]

WIRED » With Square in Its Sights, PayPal Debuts Mobile-Payment Hardware

Thursday 15 March 22:05:00 UTC 2012

E-payments service PayPal unveiled new hardware for its payments system on Thursday, signaling in no uncertain terms the company?s intent to fight Square ? Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey?s up-and-coming mobile payments company ? for the hearts of customers and retailers everywhere. [Link]

Slashdot » New Service Lets Users Try Apple's New IPad For 30 Days Before Buying

Thursday 15 March 22:01:00 UTC 2012

zacharye writes "A new subscription service allows potential gadget owners to test out new devices like Apple's new iPad tablet before committing to a purchase. YBUY, which bills itself as a try-before-you-buy online subscription service, charges users a flat monthly fee of $24.95 for access to a wide range of consumer electronics as well as home and kitchen gadgets. … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Livefyre Gets People Talking

Thursday 15 March 22:00:25 UTC 2012

LivefyreFor a long time the comment section on any webpage was nothing more than internet real estate about to be foreclosed on. Plagued by spammers, pointless shout outs, and unreal amounts of bickering, most users chose to forgo perusing what was once a land of potential user interaction. Livefyre, a designer of Dynamic comment platforms, is working hard at ushering commenting … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » TV Stars Present Spoiler Etiquette

Thursday 15 March 21:24:53 UTC 2012

College Humor once again brings us a hilarious video where some of our favourite TV stars tell you how to make sure that you aren’t one of those awful people ruining TV shows for others.My favourite? “Mandarin is ok!”[Via College Humor]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Slashdot » Crying Foul At the BSA's "Nauseating" Anti-Piracy Tactics

Thursday 15 March 21:18:00 UTC 2012

Barence writes "The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has been accused of heavy-handed tactics that could drive small companies to incriminate themselves. The Microsoft-backed piracy watchdog generates a quarter of its cases by offering employees cash rewards for informing on their own employer. 'It is basically harvesting allegations from disgruntled employees and farming them out to expensive law firms,' one … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Intel Invites Thai People To Unleash Violence for New Notebook

Thursday 15 March 21:00:22 UTC 2012

What you’re about to see is what Intel calls a “social experiment” to see just what people are ready to do to get their hands on the manufacturer’s new ultrabook. So they had a team travel to Bangkok to put one of their ultrabooks on display inside a special case, along with a punching bag-type apparatus that can unlock the … [Link]

Slashdot » Canadian Charges Against US Manga Reader Dropped

Thursday 15 March 20:36:00 UTC 2012

tverbeek writes "The U.S.-based Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Canada-based Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund have announced that the Canadian government has withdrawn all criminal charges in R. v. Matheson, a case which involved a U.S. citizen who was arrested and faced criminal charges in Canada relating to manga found on his computer when he entered the … [Link]

WIRED » Advanced Israeli Drone May Spy on Mexican Drug Cartels

Thursday 15 March 20:11:26 UTC 2012

The $50 million mystery customer for Israel's latest advanced spy drone — officially still an undisclosed Latin American government — may very well be Mexico. [Link]

WIRED » Real or FUD? When the Cloud Really Fails

Thursday 15 March 20:11:25 UTC 2012

A CSO report cites Microsoft Azure's leap-day outage as a clarion call for backup and recovery for when the cloud "REALLY" fails. Fair enough. But with all-caps in headlines, it's a reminder there's real and then there's FUD. Is the cloud going down really-really any more of a concern than an on-premises IT failure? [Link]

WIRED » App Measures the Madness of March Madness

Thursday 15 March 20:11:24 UTC 2012

Want to know how much madness is in March Madness? There's an app for that. Its idea of an exciting matchup may surprise you. [Link]

WIRED » iPhone Finally Gets Better E-Mail Option With Sparrow

Thursday 15 March 20:11:23 UTC 2012

Sparrow for iPhone is the e-mail client that Google couldn't deliver. [Link]

WIRED » Internet Explorer 10: Touch-Friendly and Securely Sandboxed

Thursday 15 March 20:11:15 UTC 2012

Microsoft gives the world another sneak peek at Internet Explorer 10's new touch-friendly Metro interface, designed for the coming-soon Windows 8 tablets. [Link]

WIRED » You'll Go Mad Playing Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land

Thursday 15 March 20:11:13 UTC 2012

iPad version of the classic horror RPG brings back the original's sense of chilling fun. [Link]

WIRED » A 1979 Mars Rover Mission (1970)

Thursday 15 March 20:11:00 UTC 2012

Shortly after the Soviet Union plopped its first robotic rover on the moon in 1970, NASA envisioned a Mars rover for the to launch in 1979. Space historian and Beyond Apollo blogger David Portree describes the rover's design and capabilities that would be impressive even today. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Space Travel Could Cause Visual Problems

Thursday 15 March 20:00:43 UTC 2012

News that long-term space travel can risk causing damage to vision may dampen enthusiasm for future trips.The University of Texas Medical School in Houston has run MRI scans on 27 astronauts who’ve been on either the International Space Station (pictured), a NASA shuttle, or both.The scans found that:with nine astronauts, the cerebospinal fluid space around the optic nerve had expanded;six … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Using APIs to Automate and Personalize Infographics

Thursday 15 March 20:00:01 UTC 2012

Infographics have played an increasingly visible role in communicating complex analytic data in an easy-to-digest way. Until recently infographics were hand-crafted by graphic designers with a special interest and ability in data communications. has made a name for itself by authoring web-based data visualization applications that can be customized and populated on an individual level. It’s no secret that data … [Link]

Slashdot » LightSquared Satellite Disabled By Last Week's Solar Storm

Thursday 15 March 19:50:00 UTC 2012

volts writes "Troubled LightSquared's primary Skyterra 1 satellite has been out of service since the solar storm on March 7. The company says it is 'working through the rebuild of the satellite tapping into the resources that were involved in the original program.' This development follows a stream of bad news including layoffs, default on payments, the resignation of … [Link]

WIRED » SCOR Wedges Tighten Up Your Short Game

Thursday 15 March 19:44:00 UTC 2012

A new line of golf clubs from SCOR lets players replace their standard 9 iron and their various wedges with a set of clubs designed for precision from 130 yards and closer. [Link]

Pogue's Posts » A Few Questions (and Answers) About the New iPad

Thursday 15 March 19:30:34 UTC 2012

David Pogue answer's readers' questions about the new iPad. [Link]

WIRED » Supersized Squid Eyes Likely Evolved to See Whales

Thursday 15 March 19:25:00 UTC 2012

A giant squid's soccer ball-sized eyeballs are three times wider than any other animal's, but explaining why has kept squid researchers busy. Now, thanks to a rare well-preserved squid specimen, they have an idea: The enormous peepers likely evolved to see bioluminescent trails of light left by sperm whales, the squids' great predator. [Link]

Slashdot » Ask Slashdot: Do You Find Self Tracking Useful Like Stephen Wolfram Does?

Thursday 15 March 19:08:00 UTC 2012

New submitter Manzanita writes "The domain of personal analytics, or 'Quantified Self,' is rich with interesting things to measure and many hackers have started projects. But they will only take off if it is sufficiently easy to gather and use the data. Stephen Wolfram has collected and analyzed a lot of his personal data over the last 20 years, … [Link]

WIRED » Exclusive Video: Richard Hammond Causes a Fender Bender in Crash Course Trailer

Thursday 15 March 18:53:00 UTC 2012

Richard Hammond drives a Bugatti Veyron on Top Gear, no sweat. But on Richard Hammond's Crash Course, he's inside an Abrams A1M2 tank. It's mayhem in the name of modern machinery — multi-car pileups, rampant street fires and loose goats. See the first trailer for the upcoming BBC America show. [Link]

WIRED » Thanks to Amazon, Android Could Overtake iPad by 2016

Thursday 15 March 18:43:00 UTC 2012

Cheap Android tablets, namely from Amazon, could boost Android tablet sales numbers past the current dominating force known as the iPad, according to research firm IDC, thanks to budget devices like the Amazon's Kindle Fire. [Link]

WIRED » Inside the Cloud: Google, Amazon Server Secrets — Shhh! — Revealed

Thursday 15 March 18:38:00 UTC 2012

The mystery surrounding the move in compute cycles from our PCs to the cloud has taken on a spy novel-like quality. Shedding light on the subject should help dispel some of the mystery. But does this secret-revealing serve to quell any of folks' real concerns about the shift to the cloud? [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazon Deal of the Day: 51% Off The Adventures of Tintin (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) – $21.99

Thursday 15 March 18:31:33 UTC 2012

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has The Adventures of Tintin (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) for just $21.99. That’s 51% of the movie’s suggested retail price of $44.99.From Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson comes the epic adventures of Tintin. Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » WANT: Star Wars Hooded Bath Robes

Thursday 15 March 18:31:32 UTC 2012

Oh my… aren’t these the most awesome-looking bathrobes you’ve ever seen? Available in the “Vader” and “Jedi” varieties.[Star Wars Hooded Bath Robes: Vader | Jedi]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Ordinary Batman Adventures by Sarah Johnson [Animated Gif]

Thursday 15 March 18:31:31 UTC 2012

Poor Batman, his parents are dead! :([Sarah Johnson]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Beer Venn Diagram + Entertainment for Beer Geeks [Pic + Videos]

Thursday 15 March 18:30:09 UTC 2012

For all you beer geeks out there… because beer = science!Where malt, water, yeast, and hops meet, magic happens.And since we’re already on the subject of beer, here’s a short video demonstrating a technique that will help you pour that perfect pint of Guinness you’re all looking after.And finally, here’s a video showcasing Hahn Brewery’s new spill-proof beer robotic arm.[Source: Pop … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Have we summoned the mysterious Majorana fermion?

Thursday 15 March 18:30:00 UTC 2012

The first signs of a theoretical particle that was suggested 70 years ago hold new hope for quantum computing [Link]

New Scientist – News » Jilted flies drown their sorrows with alcohol

Thursday 15 March 18:30:00 UTC 2012

Boozing boosts a reward chemical in the fly brain after sexual rejection, a finding which could inspire treatments for depression and alcoholism [Link]

New Scientist – News » Today on New Scientist: 15 March 2012

Thursday 15 March 18:30:00 UTC 2012

All today's stories on, including: what a solar storm sounds like and Assad emails reveal Syrian leader's private life [Link]

New Scientist – News » The latest map of Everything

Thursday 15 March 18:24:37 UTC 2012

A map of the whole sky has been compiled from 560 million stars, galaxies and other objects seen by NASA's infrared space telescope, WISE [Link]

Slashdot » Gamestar Mechanic Teaches Kids to Write Their Own Computer Games (Video)

Thursday 15 March 18:24:00 UTC 2012

In this video, Brian Alspach tells you how Gamestar Mechanic helps turn kids from game players into game authors, which helps them learn a lot about programming and how computers work in easy steps while having a good time. If you're a parent, you'll especially want to read this page on their site, which will help reassure you that … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Speed-dating, stolen cars and Scrabble

Thursday 15 March 18:15:00 UTC 2012

In Brain Trust, Garth Sundem looks to science for tips on how to improve our daily lives, from hawking stuff on eBay to losing weight [Link]

New Scientist – News » Zoomable timeline of the cosmos puts us in our place

Thursday 15 March 17:50:00 UTC 2012

ChronoZoom is an online timeline that lets you travel through the entire history of the universe [Link]

Slashdot » George "geohot" Hotz Arrested In Texas For Posession of Marijuana

Thursday 15 March 17:42:00 UTC 2012

n1ywb writes "Goerge 'geohot' Hotz, famous for being the first to jailbreak an iPhone and for his spat with Sony over PS3 jailbreaking, was busted for possession of a small amount of marijuana at a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in Texas on his way to SXSW. The shakedown goes like this: drug dogs are run around vehicles; when they … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Gadgets in 2000 vs. Gadgets in 2012 [Pic]

Thursday 15 March 17:30:38 UTC 2012

[Via]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Slashdot » Campaign Urges People To Send MPAA and RIAA Copied Currency

Thursday 15 March 17:12:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "In response to the still-raging MPAA & RIAA, a kind of reverse piracy campaign has arisen. The "Send Them Your Money" campaign urges pirates and landlubbers alike to send scanned images of American currency to these agencies. According to the campaign's webpage, 'They've made it very clear that they consider digital copies to be just … [Link]

New Scientist – News » The next US president will be a social media expert

Thursday 15 March 17:10:08 UTC 2012

Tweets and Likes may be the key to winning hearts and minds in the US presidential race (full text available to subscribers) [Link]

New Scientist – News » A museum of creatures re-engineered by humans

Thursday 15 March 17:10:07 UTC 2012

The newly opened Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh is devoted to plants and animals that have been deliberately altered by humans [Link]

New Scientist – News » A message from your presidential candidate

Thursday 15 March 17:02:00 UTC 2012

Political "microtargeting" via social media is a double-edged sword [Link]

Slashdot » Wikipedia Didn't Kill Brittanica — Encarta Did

Thursday 15 March 16:52:00 UTC 2012

rudy_wayne writes "The end of Encyclopedia Britannica has been widely reported and its demise has been blamed on Wikipedia. However, this article at Wired points out that the real reason is something entirely different. 'In 1990 Britannica had $650 million in revenue. In 1996, long before Wikipedia existed, it was bankrupt and the entire company was sold for $135 … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Neutrinos send wireless message through the Earth

Thursday 15 March 16:44:44 UTC 2012

Just as these subatomic particles look likely to lose their faster-than-light crown, neutrinos have a new claim to fame as a wireless communication system [Link]

New Scientist – News » Assad emails reveal Syrian leader's private life

Thursday 15 March 16:36:00 UTC 2012

Syrian activists had access to the private emails of President Bashar al-Assad for nine months, until a leak from Anonymous caused them to be discovered [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Support DOME: A Simple Robot on an EPIC Journey

Thursday 15 March 16:30:32 UTC 2012

When a simple little robot falls off his spaceship home he finds himself lost in a strange world. Encountering a young boy and girl, he finds companions on his epic quest to return home.This is the story that the start-up company Mighty Treehouse want to bring to life in a full-feature 90-minute movie/series. Mighty Treehouse is a digital content creation and … [Link]

WIRED » Wait Is Almost Over for New Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon Says

Thursday 15 March 16:23:04 UTC 2012

Joss Whedon may be the new hardest-working man in show business. The director, who's about to unleash The Avengers and is putting the finishing touches on his whirlwind production of Much Ado About Nothing, plans to produce a new installment of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog very soon. [Link]

WIRED » 10 Ways to Future-Proof Your Child

Thursday 15 March 16:23:01 UTC 2012

A few simple suggestions for how to make sure your offspring are ready for a rapidly changing future, online and off. [Link]

WIRED » The Avengers: Hawkeye, World's Worst Archer?

Thursday 15 March 16:23:00 UTC 2012

Not long ago, Marvel released a teaser poster and a trailer for The Avengers both including Hawkeye, the greatest archer in the Marvel universe. So how good is he? [Link]

WIRED » Gastroenteritis Deaths, Foodborne Outbreaks Increase (ICEID 3)

Thursday 15 March 16:22:47 UTC 2012

Not only are more people dying from vomit-inducing illnesses such as C. difficile, but tainted food imported to the U.S. seems to be fueling disease outbreaks. Superbug author and blogger Maryn McKenna reports. [Link]

New Scientist – News » Command robot planes with a wave of your arms

Thursday 15 March 16:14:00 UTC 2012

Drones could soon be controlled by gestures, according to new research and a Boeing patent [Link]

Slashdot » VisiCalc's Dan Bricklin On the Tablet Revolution

Thursday 15 March 16:11:00 UTC 2012

snydeq writes "Dan Bricklin, the co-creator of the PC revolution's killer app, weighs in on the opportunities and oversights of the tablet revolution. 'In some sense, for tablets the browser is a killer app. Maps is a killer app to some extent. Being able to share the screen with other people — that it's a social device — also … [Link]

WIRED » Diablo III Will Be Released May 15

Thursday 15 March 15:51:00 UTC 2012

The wait is almost over: Diablo III will finally be released on May 15, Blizzard said Thursday morning. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Japan Expo Sud 2012 Cosplay Compilation [Videos]

Thursday 15 March 15:30:58 UTC 2012

French photographer Omaru is back with a two new videos showcasing some of the best cosplay he’s seen at Japan Expo Sud 2012 in Marseille, France. There’s some pretty awesome stuff in there, check these out!Previously on [GAS] from the same videographer: Cosplay Highlights 2011 [Video][Omaru]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Slashdot » Stolen iPad's Reported Location Not Enough To Warrant Search, Say Dutch Police

Thursday 15 March 15:30:00 UTC 2012

lbalbalba writes "A location message sent from a stolen iPad by an anti-theft application turns out to be insufficient evidence to issue a search warrant for the Dutch authorities. A Dutch man reported his iPad as stolen to the Dutch authorities last month. Despite the fact that the rightful owner was able to locate his iPad within hours of … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Zoologger: Unmasking the Zorro of the avian world

Thursday 15 March 15:18:00 UTC 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, wait, it is a bird – just one wearing a face mask, like the swashbuckling fictional hero. But why? [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Japan Expo Sud 2012 Cosplay Compilation [Videos]

Thursday 15 March 15:02:51 UTC 2012

French photographer Omaru is back with a two new videos showcasing some of the best cosplay he’s seen at Japan Expo Sud 2012 in Marseille, France. There’s some pretty awesome stuff in there, check these out!Previously on [GAS] from the same videographer: Cosplay Highlights 2011 [Video][Omaru]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazon Deal of the Day: 51% Off The Adventures of Tintin (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) – $21.99

Thursday 15 March 15:02:50 UTC 2012

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has The Adventures of Tintin (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) for just $21.99. That’s 51% of the movie’s suggested retail price of $44.99.From Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson comes the epic adventures of Tintin. Racing to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that may hold a vast … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » WANT: Star Wars Hooded Bath Robes

Thursday 15 March 15:00:11 UTC 2012

Oh my… aren’t these the most awesome-looking bathrobes you’ve ever seen? Available in the “Vader” and “Jedi” varieties.[Star Wars Hooded Bath Robes: Vader | Jedi]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Slashdot » Berkeley HTML5 Timeline Tool Can Show a Day, Or the Lifetime of the Universe

Thursday 15 March 14:48:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "UC Berkeley Professor Walter Alvarez, most widely known for his theory that dinosaurs were killed by an asteroid impact, is developing an open source HTML5 timeline tool for visualizing all 13.7 billion years of the past called ChronoZoom. Originally conceived by one of his former students, Roland Saekow, ChronoZoom can zoom from a single day … [Link]

Slashdot » Scientists Work Towards Naturally Caffeine-Free Coffee

Thursday 15 March 14:29:00 UTC 2012

First time accepted submitter eternaldoctorwho writes "Research has been underway to produce a coffee bean plant that naturally has no or little caffeine content. Now, it looks like that might become a reality in the near future: Paulo Mazzafera of the University of Campinas in Brazil has come closer than ever with a strain containing 'only 2% of normal … [Link]

New Scientist – News » What a solar storm sounds like

Thursday 15 March 14:29:00 UTC 2012

Listen to a new soundtrack that turns activity on the sun's surface into audio [Link]

Slashdot » UK Plan Would Use CCTV To Stop Uninsured Drivers From Refueling

Thursday 15 March 14:08:00 UTC 2012

Mr_Blank writes "Cameras at UK petrol stations will automatically stop uninsured or untaxed vehicles from being filled with fuel, under new government plans. Downing Street officials hope the hi-tech system will crack down on the 1.4 million motorists who drive without insurance. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are already fitted in thousands of petrol station forecourts. Drivers can … [Link]

New Scientist – News » How to dismantle a nuclear reactor

Thursday 15 March 13:54:29 UTC 2012

The decommissioning of nuclear power plants will become a huge global business in the 21st century (full text available to subscribers) [Link]

Slashdot » New Frog Species Found In NYC

Thursday 15 March 13:49:00 UTC 2012

interval1066 writes "Ars Technica reports that a paper by biologists Catherine E. Newmana, Jeremy A. Feinbergb, Leslie J. Risslerc, Joanna Burgerb, and H. Bradley Shaffer, in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (abstract of paywalled article), describes a new subspecies of leopard frog has been found living exclusively in New York City. The researchers describe in the paper that the new … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Ordinary Batman Adventures by Sarah Johnson [Animated Gif]

Thursday 15 March 13:40:35 UTC 2012

Poor Batman, his parents are dead! :([Sarah Johnson]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

New Scientist – News » We must fight back over lab animal blockade

Thursday 15 March 13:33:00 UTC 2012

A growing blockade of lab animal imports must be resisted before it hinders work on new medical treatments, warns Robin Lovell-Badge [Link]

Slashdot » Diablo 3 To Be Released On May 15th

Thursday 15 March 13:23:00 UTC 2012

Blizzard announced today that Diablo 3 has finally gotten a release date: May 15th. "After many years of hard work by our development team and months of beta testing by hundreds of thousands of dedicated players around the world, we’re now in the homestretch," said Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime. This comes after significant changes to the skill and rune … [Link]

Slashdot » Report: Amazon Cloud Backed By 450,000 Servers

Thursday 15 March 13:13:00 UTC 2012

1sockchuck writes "How many servers does it take to power Amazon's huge cloud computing operation? A researcher estimates that Amazon Web Services is using at least 454,400 servers in seven data center hubs around the globe. The analysis suggests up to 70 percent of those servers may be in Virginia." Share on Google+ Read more of this story at Slashdot. [Link]

WIRED » Salesforce Ramps Up Facebook Impersonation

Thursday 15 March 13:00:00 UTC 2012

SalesForce is offering business managers a new way to give their employees a shout out. On Thursday, the company announced that Rypple — the "social performance platform" Salesforce acquired in December — will now integrate with Salesforce's primary business management service. [Link]

O'Reilly News and Commentary » #Ebook Deal/Day: Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – $11.99 (Save 50%)

Thursday 15 March 12:49:05 UTC 2012

Get "Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript" today and save 50%!This sale ends at 2:00 AM 2012-03-16 (PDT, GMT-8:00). [Link]

Slashdot » Google Introduces Programming Challenge In Advance Of GoogleIO

Thursday 15 March 12:46:00 UTC 2012

First time accepted submitter X10 writes "Google announced some time ago that they want only developers to attend their Google IO conference. They hinted at developing a 'programming test' that you have to pass before you can register. Now, they have introduced the Input Output machine at the same time they announced that Google IO registration will open on … [Link]

Slashdot » Pentagon Wants Disposable War Satellites

Thursday 15 March 12:05:00 UTC 2012

Hugh Pickens writes "BBC reports that the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has invited manufacturers to propose squads of disposable mini-satellites costing about $500,000 each, capable of providing reconnaissance to soldiers at the press of a button. 'We envision a constellation of small satellites, at a fraction of the cost of airborne systems, that would allow deployed … [Link]

WIRED » March 15, 1854: Diphtheria's Foe

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012


WIRED » Crowdsourced Movie Studio Creates a Bold New Kind of Sci-Fi Series

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012


WIRED » Recommendation Engine: 5 Rums for Landlubbers

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

Wired's editors try raising their spirits with Navy strength, Jamaican-style, special reserve, and $1,100 grog. [Link]

WIRED » Cultivating Genius in the 21st Century

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

Our cities can crank out modern-day Shakespeares — if we get our priorities straight, says Wired's Jonah Lehrer. [Link]

WIRED » Super-Secret Google Builds Servers in the Dark

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

Just how far will Google go to hide its custom-built data-center hardware from the rest of the world? In one Silicon Valley data center, the company is apparently so paranoid about competitors catching a glimpse of its gear, it's been known to keep its server cages in complete darkness, outfitting its technical staff like miners and sending them spelunking into … [Link]

WIRED » U.S. Starts to Close Bases in Afghanistan

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

It's taken the U.S. ten years. But it's finally starting to close bases in Afghanistan in earnest, as the troop drawdown goes from rhetoric to reality. [Link]

WIRED » Apple's New Retina Display: Do All Those Pixels Matter?

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

How does the screen of the new iPad compare to the display inside the iPhone 4 and 4S? Raymond Soneira, a leading display expert, breaks down Apple's claims, and explains the precise image-quality improvements the new tablet delivers. [Link]

WIRED » Storyboard: Joanna Pearlstein on Getting Your Facts Straight

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

Journalists fight two battles. One: Inform and engage readers. Two, and more importantly: Keep your integrity?which means getting the facts right. As much as reporters dream of errorless copy flowing from their minds and cascading onto the page, it?s the fact-checkers? duty to ensure what writers say is true. [Link]

WIRED » How to Wait in Line for an iPad ? The Right Way

Thursday 15 March 11:30:00 UTC 2012

If you think you're going to waltz into the nearest Apple Store on Friday morning and quickly secure an iPad, think again. There's going to be a very long line — which you can mitigate with these tips. [Link]

New Scientist – News » Should we rewrite the autism rule book?

Thursday 15 March 11:07:00 UTC 2012

Big changes are proposed for the way autism is diagnosed. It's troubling, says Fred Volkmar. Reform is right, insists Francesca Happé [Link]

Slashdot » Playing With Friends Makes You a Better Gamer

Thursday 15 March 11:01:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "Computer scientists at the University of Colorado and the Stevens Institute of Technology have shown that gamers that play with friends play better. The study used the blockbuster FPS Halo: Reach as a testbed, and combined ground truth data on friendships from an anonymous survey with data about the multiplayer competitions extracted using the Reach … [Link]

WIRED » Instant Cult Classic The FP Does it for the LuLz

Thursday 15 March 11:00:00 UTC 2012


Slashdot » Algorithm Finds Thousands of Unknown Drug Interaction Side Effects

Thursday 15 March 9:38:00 UTC 2012

ananyo writes "An algorithm designed by U.S. scientists to trawl through a plethora of drug interactions has yielded thousands of previously unknown side effects caused by taking drugs in combination (abstract). The work provides a way to sort through the hundreds of thousands of 'adverse events' reported to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration each year. The researchers developed … [Link]

Slashdot » Internet Crime Focus of Black Hat Europe

Thursday 15 March 7:45:00 UTC 2012

kierny writes "'The Internet needs crime,' said renowned cryptographer Whitfield Diffie, kicking off the Black Hat Europe conference in Amsterdam. His analysis — that there can't be good guys without bad guys — helps explain not just the rise of black hat hackers and, more recently, hacktivism, but signals that the information security profession will continue to not just … [Link]

Slashdot » Minefold Launches Minecraft Game Hosting Service

Thursday 15 March 6:21:00 UTC 2012

itwbennett writes "If you drew the short straw among your Minecraft-playing friends and ended up running the game server, this news is for you. A YCombinator-funded startup called Minefold will handle all the server admin tasks for just $5 a month. 'Minefold isn't the first firm to offer servers dedicated to game hosting (see for example but as … [Link]

Slashdot » Instant Messaging With Neutrinos

Thursday 15 March 5:09:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "A group of scientists has for the first time sent a message using a beam of neutrinos – nearly massless particles that travel at almost the speed of light. The message was sent through 240 meters of stone and said simply, 'Neutrino.' From the article: 'Many have theorized about the possible uses of neutrinos in … [Link]

WIRED » A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Mar. 15

Thursday 15 March 5:00:45 UTC 2012

Google's daily brainteaser helps hone your search skills. [Link]

WIRED » Sex Tape Screw-Up Sparks Crazy Laughs in frankie go boom

Thursday 15 March 4:22:00 UTC 2012

Remember that time your brother got out of rehab, videotaped your really uncomfortable sexual encounter with a woman you just met, and then the video found its way onto the internet? And you had to get it off, so to speak, before the girl found out? No? Well, in frankie go boom, Frankie does. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » WANT: Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Chrome Centurion

Thursday 15 March 3:22:34 UTC 2012

Oh my. I never thought a Cylon Centurion could actually look this cute.Standing a gleaming six inches tall (not including his upraised rifle or pentagonal base), the Little Frakkin’ Toasters Classic Cylon Centurion is cast in resin and beautifully chrome plated. Designed by Battlestar Galactica special-effects artist Dustin Adair, this classic chrome toaster features a highly detailed design, showing off the … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Unexpected Game Boy Music [Video]

Thursday 15 March 3:22:33 UTC 2012

No Game Boys were harmed during the making of this video.[MrSeberi]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Me Gusta Latte Art [Video]

Thursday 15 March 3:22:32 UTC 2012

Me gusta![Via OW]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Slashdot » 51% of Internet Traffic Is "Non-Human"

Thursday 15 March 2:33:00 UTC 2012

hypnosec writes "Cloud-based service Incapsula has revealed research indicating 51 per cent of website traffic is through automated software programs, with many programmed for malicious activity. The breakdown of an average site's traffic is as follows: 5% is due to hacking tools looking for an unpatched or new vulnerability within a site, 5% is scrapers, 2% is from automated … [Link]

WIRED » Amazon Cloud Powered by 'Almost 500,000 Servers'

Thursday 15 March 0:30:00 UTC 2012

It's one of Amazon's best-kept secrets. How many computers does it take to keep its Elastic Compute Cloud platform afloat? And now, a researcher with Accenture thinks he has the answer: 445,000. That's the number that Huan Liu came up with when he did a bit of internet sleuthing. [Link]

WIRED » Wikipedia Didn't Kill Britannica. Windows Did

Thursday 15 March 0:18:00 UTC 2012

Print will survive. Books will survive even longer. It's print as a marker of prestige that's dying. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Pi Day: Failure is Success Rounded Down [Comic]

Thursday 15 March 0:12:45 UTC 2012

[Source: Dinosaur Comics]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Dork Freaks Out Over Magic the Gathering Game [Video]

Thursday 15 March 0:12:44 UTC 2012

Warning: Strong Language.Yeah, the whole thing was probably staged, but it’s still entertaining anyways.[Via]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Encyclopedia Britannica Closes Final Page

Thursday 15 March 0:12:43 UTC 2012

What’s 244 years old, weighs 129 pounds, and is about to die? As the headline and image suggest, it’s the printed edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.There have already been responses pointing the blame at Wikipedia, though it seems to be more a case of the Internet as a whole being the culprit. After all, when used as designed, Wikipedia is simply … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Chocolate…in Dinosaur Shape!

Thursday 15 March 0:12:42 UTC 2012

I’m pretty sure that chocolates like these would entertain me for hours. When I’m done creating little stories about the wonderful world of Littlefoot at the gang, I’ll just pop em in my mouth. Yummy Petrie… (Bonus points if you get the reference!)Made in Italy, these molds can be used in an oven, microwave or the freezer, (can take temps from … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Om Nom Nom Nom: Jawa Bento Box [Pic]

Thursday 15 March 0:12:41 UTC 2012

[Via]No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazon Deal of the Day: Alice: Madness Returns [PC Download] – $8.99 + Get 2 DRM-Free Games for $5

Thursday 15 March 0:12:40 UTC 2012

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has Alice: Madness Returns (PC Download) for just $8.99. That’s 70% off the game’s usual retail price of $29.99. The site also has a large variety of “Buy one, Get One” DRM-free $5 game deals all available via this link.Alice: Madness Returns is an Action-Adventure game that delves deep into the dark … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » India to follow in China’s Footsteps to Ban Facebook?

Thursday 15 March 0:12:39 UTC 2012

India’s ready to put Facebook and Google on trial for hosting content that’s considered inappropriate according to Indian regulations, rearing the threat of banning access to the sites altogether.The case stems from laws implemented last year that Internet companies are required to remove material, within 36 hours of being notified, which could be “ethnically objectionable,” “grossly harmful,” “defamatory” or “blasphemous,” according … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Math Lovers and Bakers, Rejoice! Today is Pi Day!

Thursday 15 March 0:12:38 UTC 2012

Hey Everyone, today is Pi day! For those not in the know, Pi day is celebrated by math enthusiasts (as well as bakers) all around the world each year on March 14th for the simple reason that Pi= 3.141592…, and 3.14 = March 14. Yeah, I know, this is kind of ridiculous, but hey, why not? “And why is the … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Flash Mob [Video]

Thursday 15 March 0:12:37 UTC 2012

Your favorite, disgruntled, oddly flamboyant, death-dealing, floor humping, techno raving heroes are back with a new challenge they must face… could this be the end?! Or the start of something… beautiful?Thanks Joshua! (Scorpion)No related posts. flattr this! [Link]

WIRED » Exclusive: Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Heder Joins The Aquabats' All-Ages Weirdness

Thursday 15 March 0:06:00 UTC 2012


Slashdot » FBI Tries To Force Google To Unlock User's Android Phone

Thursday 15 March 0:02:00 UTC 2012

Trailrunner7 writes "Those multi-gesture passcode locks on Android phones that give users (and their spouses) fits apparently present quite a challenge for the FBI as well. Frustrated by a swipe passcode on the seized phone of an alleged gang leader, FBI officials have requested a search warrant that would force Google to 'provide law enforcement with any and all … [Link]


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