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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

Slashdot » Ask Slashdot: Companies That Force Employees To Join Social Networks?

Sunday 19 February 23:44:00 UTC 2012

First time accepted submitter rubeon writes "Companies can get a lot of mileage out of social networking services from the likes of Google or Facebook. Chat, document collaboration, and video conferencing using services like Google+ Hangouts or Facebook's Skype are seductive additions to an IT arsenal. But a lot of people have privacy concerns about these services, and there's … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Crowdsourcing & Smartphone Technology Saving Lives

Sunday 19 February 23:00:36 UTC 2012

This is a talk by Dutch technologist and innovator Lucien Engelen giving some pretty cool insights into how technological innovation has and can revolutionize the healthcare system, and may just save lives.He covers his wifi weighing scale that automatically gives you your own personal pressure, Biggest Loser style with your Twitter followers, as well as a blood pressure metre that … [Link]

Slashdot » Physicists Create a Working Transistor From a Single Atom

Sunday 19 February 22:31:00 UTC 2012

stupendou writes "Australian and American physicists have built a working transistor from a single phosphorus atom embedded in a silicon crystal. The group of physicists, based at the University of New South Wales and Purdue University, said they had laid the groundwork for a futuristic quantum computer that might one day function in a nanoscale world and would be … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Wearing Pac Man

Sunday 19 February 22:00:45 UTC 2012

How incredibly cute is this?! Not to mention the dress.[Via College Humor]Related posts:Happy Birthday, Pac-Man!Pac Man RapPac-Man on the Moon [Link]

Slashdot » Google Chrome: the New Web Platform?

Sunday 19 February 21:25:00 UTC 2012

snydeq writes "The Chrome dev team is working toward a vision of Web apps that offers a clean break from traditional websites, writes Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister, in response to Google's new Field Guide for Web Applications. 'When you add it up, it starts to look as though, for all the noise Google makes about Web standards, Chrome is … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Batman Screams At Strangers in Toronto [Video]

Sunday 19 February 21:00:59 UTC 2012

MY PARENTS ARE DEAD![Via Io9]Related posts:The Walken Dead [Video]Batman Pug Sings Batman ThemeAmazing Batman Short Fan Film: City of Scars [Video] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Warning: MAY CONTAIN BRAAAAAINS

Sunday 19 February 20:13:04 UTC 2012

When the zombies strike, an abundance of warning signs can help prevent the spread of infection. Our advice? Wear a reminder. It may seem obvious but humans are easily distracted, especially when they find a stash of canned foods with valid expiration dates.[Get it @ – 10% off with promo code "geeksaresexy"]Related posts:WARNING: You Are Being Monitored [PIC]A Warning From … [Link]

Slashdot » Canada's Online Surveillance Bill: Section 34 "Opens Door To Big Brother"

Sunday 19 February 20:11:00 UTC 2012

Saint Aardvark writes "Canada's proposed online surveillance bill looked bad enough when it was introduced, but it gets worse: Section 34 allows access to any telco place or equipment, and to any information contained there — with no restrictions, no warrants, and no review. From the article: 'Note that such all-encompassing searches require no warrant, and don't even have … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » The 100 Greatest Nicolas Cage Quotes

Sunday 19 February 19:30:21 UTC 2012

I am such a fan. The man is crazy. I love crazy.via FilmdrunkRelated posts:100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes of All TimeThe Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Nicolas Cage Goes Hadouken!160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes [Link]

New Scientist – News » Single atom transistor gets precise position on chip

Sunday 19 February 19:00:00 UTC 2012

A phosphorus atom precisely positioned within a sheet of silicon could one day be a building block for traditional or quantum computers [Link]

Slashdot » Space Team Reunites For John Glenn's Friendship 7

Sunday 19 February 18:57:00 UTC 2012

Hugh Pickens writes "An era begins to pass as only about 25 percent of today's American population were at least 5 years old when John Glenn climbed into the Friendship 7 Mercury capsule on Feb. 20, 1962 and became the first American to orbit the earth. This weekend John Glenn joined the proud, surviving veterans of NASA's Project Mercury … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Everything is a Remix Part IV: System Failure [Video]

Sunday 19 February 18:30:51 UTC 2012

Our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren’t so tidy. They’re layered, they’re interwoven, they’re tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality… the system starts to fail.-Everything is a Remix Part I: The Song Remains the Same -Everything … [Link]

Slashdot » Security Tool HijackThis Goes Open Source

Sunday 19 February 17:40:00 UTC 2012

wiredmikey writes "The popular free security tool HijackThis has been open sourced by its owner, Trend Micro. The tool scans systems to find settings that may have been modified by spyware, malware or other programs that have wiggled their way onto a system and caused problems. Downloaded over 10 million times, HijackThis generates reports to help users analyze and … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Gallery 1988′s “Multiplayer X2″

Sunday 19 February 17:30:41 UTC 2012

Video game art? Video game art.Last Friday Gallery 1988 Melrose in Los Angeles opened “Multiplayer X2″, their second exhibition of video game inspired art posters. The show runs through March 3rd, 2012 and includes works from over 30 artists including Olly Moss, Matt Owen, Fernando Reza, Todd Slater, Ian Glaubinger, and many more. [Source | Via Gamma Squad]Related posts:Pop Culture Silhouette Art … [Link]

Slashdot » Heartland Institute Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Comments On Leaked Documents

Sunday 19 February 16:34:00 UTC 2012

Layzej writes "Bloggers around the world have been commenting on recently leaked Heartland Institute documents that reveal their internal strategies to discredit climate science. These posters are now under threat of legal action. According to the Heartland Institute 'the individuals who have commented so far on these documents did not wait for Heartland to confirm or deny the authenticity … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » The Internet: Saving Lives of Languages Everywhere

Sunday 19 February 16:30:11 UTC 2012

Photo: Taken by Chris Rainer for National GeographicThe Internet is a veritable superhero for ancient languages across the globe, saving them from extinction. Some languages that haven’t ever been written or recorded in any way are now being stored in a sort of language zoo in order to preserve languages that may otherwise be lost. This is all happening at the … [Link]

WIRED » Intel Chefs Bake WiFi Into Mobile Chips

Sunday 19 February 16:30:00 UTC 2012

Researchers at Intel have come up with a way to make WiFi faster and more energy efficient. It's a chip called Rosepoint, and although it's just a research project today, it could show up in mobile phones and laptop computers by the middle of the decade. [Link]

WIRED » In Life's Too Short, Famous Dwarf Tangles With Ricky Gervais

Sunday 19 February 15:30:00 UTC 2012

Yes he?s a dwarf, but the fictionalized version of Warwick Davis is also a vain, self-delusional, preening egotist beset by an endless succession of humiliating social encounters. He?s the perfect antihero for Ricky Gervais? new fake documentary comedy series Life?s Too Short, which debuts at 10:30 p.m. Sunday on HBO. [Link]

Slashdot » Tetris In 140 Bytes

Sunday 19 February 15:27:00 UTC 2012

mikejuk writes "Is it possible to write a JavaScript program in no more than a tweet's length? A website called says it is and has an implementation of Tetris to prove it. Ok, it only has two types of block — hence its title "Binary Tetris" — and there's no rotate, but it works. The blocks fall down … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Clearly They Need Geek Spies

Sunday 19 February 15:17:36 UTC 2012

Photo Credit: KitA recent pile of declassified MI5 files reveals some of the idiocy that those that call themselves “intelligence” agencies can come up with behind closed doors.The Atlantic reports that some of the ideas were incredibly ludicrous like the one where the Nazi propaganda minister was going to be testing “propaganda weapons” like a leaflet catapult that would spread leaflets … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Tetris Leggings

Sunday 19 February 15:00:11 UTC 2012

The title of the article over on technabob is “Attract Geeky Attention to Your Legs” which makes me laugh. “Sorry honey, can’t look at your legs tonight, I’m too busy getting my Tetris on…wait a minute! Those leggings!” These are pretty nifty, though. Cop them over at Black Milk. $80.via technabobRelated posts:The Right Way to Beat Tetris [Video]Tetris on two guitarsTetris Theme … [Link]

Slashdot » Human Rights Groups Push To Save Condemned Programmer In Iran

Sunday 19 February 14:19:00 UTC 2012

First time accepted submitter debiangruven writes "Human rights Groups are making one final plea to save the life of Canadian programmer, Saeed Malekpour, who was sentenced to death for writing a program to upload photos to the Internet. From the article: 'Malekpour's supporters have created Facebook pages and websites in his support dating to at least 2009. Amnesty International … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » 15 “What-If” Batman Flicks

Sunday 19 February 13:16:41 UTC 2012

Pretty creative collection of “What-If” Batman movie posters. You’d probably understand more in the Miyazaki version without subtitles than Bane in TDKR. Just sayin.via GeekTyrantRelated posts:10 Greatest Batman Villains of All TimeThe Many Faces of Batman [Animated GIF]Batman vs. Wolverine [Video] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » GAAAHHHH NEW “PROMETHEUS” TRAILER!!!

Sunday 19 February 13:16:40 UTC 2012

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!![Via Gamma Squad]Related posts:Prometheus: First Official Trailer [Alien Prequel]6 Image Comics You Should Be Reading (Besides ‘The Walking Dead’)Weekly Cosplay Roundup From Gamma Squad [Pics] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Far Cry 3 [Game Trailer]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:39 UTC 2012

Warning: Trailer contains NSFW Language.Far beyond the reach of civilization is a mysterious island overrun with violence and suffering. While traveling with friends, you are taken captive and brutalized. Your only hope of survival lies in unraveling the dark secrets of the island and its deranged inhabitants. Alone at the edge of the world, where nothing is what it seems, … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Every TV Show Has An Omar Little

Sunday 19 February 13:16:38 UTC 2012

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the best show on television. I mean, that was ever on television. I’m speaking, of course, about The Wire. Well the fine folks over at Warming Glow have created a little mash-up meme-age in which Omar Little quotes are placed over the pictures of different shows respective “Omar Littles” (ie the … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » John F. Kennedy and Andrew Jackson: Alien Hunters [Pics]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:37 UTC 2012

[Sharpwriter | Via]Related posts:Andrew Garfield in Full Spidey Gear [Pics]Jason Heuser’s Kickass Art [Pics]Michael Jackson: Information Overload [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Blade Runner: The LEGO Edition [Pics]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:36 UTC 2012

This awesome Blade Runner-themed LEGO set comes from the mind of LEGO builder extraordinaire Legohaulic, who got commissioned to create this blocked re-creation of the movie.[Source: Legohaulic | Via Flavorwire]Related posts:Amazon Deal of the Day: 52% Off Blade Runner: The Final Cut [Blu-ray] – $11.99Android Dreams: A Time-Lapse Tribute to Blade Runner [Video]Blade Runner Papercraft [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Where’s Waldo: The Star Wars Edition [Pic]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:35 UTC 2012

Can you find him? Click here to embiggen.[Source: | Via Buzzfeed]Related posts:Star Wars Pancakes: The AT-AT Edition [Pic]Newest Change from the Blu-ray Edition of Star Wars [Animated Gif]Star Fiction? Pulp Wars? [Pic] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » DIY Tardis Phone Charger

Sunday 19 February 13:16:34 UTC 2012

My lady introduced me to Doctor Who awhile ago. I just got through Season 3 and over my crush on Martha Jones and decided I’m a total fan. So I think I’ll be doing this. Instructions here.via technabob Related posts:DIY TARDIS Cufflinks for the Classy GeekWind-powered phone charger unveiledAwesome TARDIS DVD Bookcase [Pic] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » The Digger: A Snow Shoveling FPS [Video]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:33 UTC 2012

A live-action snow shoveling game by Youtuber Francesco Zucchi.[Via LS]Related posts:Chewbacca Hates Shoveling SnowGoogle “Let it Snow” TrickEpic Optimus Prime Snow Sculpture [Pic] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazon Deal of the Day: 50% Off Samsung B2230 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor – $119.99 + Free Shipping

Sunday 19 February 13:16:32 UTC 2012

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Samsung B2230 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor for just $119.99 + Free shipping. That’s 50% off the monitor’s usual retail price of $238.For those for whom ordinary is not an option, we created Samsung B2230 widescreen LCD monitor. This monitor features a glossy black finish accented by an elegant clear acrylic … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Goats Can Form Accents

Sunday 19 February 13:16:31 UTC 2012

Experts previously thought only a select group of mammals has the ability to modify vocal sounds according to their surroundings, and that other species’ “voices” were determined solely by genetics. Whales and bats pick up accents as well.The researchers recorded the bleats of four groups of pygmy goats at one week old, when kids, as young goats are known, from the … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » SKYRIM: To Lydia with Love [Video]

Sunday 19 February 13:16:30 UTC 2012

A SKYRIM parody created by Kristen Nedopak. An Ode to my favorite game and to Lydia, the companion I love to hate.[Kristen Nedopak]Related posts:Skyrim Intervention [Video]Beautiful Skyrim Covers by Mimi Page: Secunda and Sons of Skyrim [Video]Song of Skyrim [Video] [Link]

Slashdot » Should Microsoft Put Office On the iPad?

Sunday 19 February 13:16:00 UTC 2012

theodp writes "Microsoft is working on a touch-friendly version of Office for Windows 8, writes GeekWire's Todd Bishop. But what about Microsoft Office on the iPad? 'The decision,' Bishop says, 'will say a lot about Microsoft's priorities in this new era. The company can give Windows 8 a boost if it makes Office exclusive to Windows-based tablets. But that's … [Link]

New Scientist – News » How fresco-wrecking salty towers build themselves

Sunday 19 February 11:00:00 UTC 2012

Tiny coral-like formations of salt sometimes sprout up on brickwork, and now researchers know why – which could help save delicate frescoes [Link]

Slashdot » Successful Test Flight and Landing for Xombie Rocket Lander and GENIE

Sunday 19 February 10:19:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader sends word that Masten Space Systems' Xombie rocket has successfully demonstrated vertical takeoff and landing for NASA's Flight Opportunities Program. It was guided autonomously by the GENIE system from Draper Laboratory. "The rocket rose 164 feet, moved laterally 164 feet, and then landed on another pad after a 67-second flight. The flight represents the first step … [Link]

Slashdot » UK Plans More Spying On Internet Users Under 'Terrorism' Pretext

Sunday 19 February 7:20:00 UTC 2012

Wowsers writes "In vogue with other countries cracking down on freedom and democracy on the internet as discussed in Slashdot recently, the UK is joining in with plans to track all phone calls, text messages, email traffic and websites visited online, all to be stored in vast databases under new government anti-terror plans. As reported in The Telegraph, security … [Link]

WIRED » A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Feb. 19

Sunday 19 February 5:21:11 UTC 2012

Google's daily brainteaser helps hone your search skills. [Link]

Slashdot » Google Working On Password Generator For Chrome

Sunday 19 February 4:31:00 UTC 2012

Trailrunner7 writes "Google is in the process of developing a tool to help users generate strong passwords for the various and sundry Web sites for which they need to register and authenticate. The password-generator is meant to serve as an interim solution for users while Google and other companies continue to work on widespread deployment of the OpenID standard. … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » 15 “What-If” Batman Flicks

Sunday 19 February 2:30:58 UTC 2012

Pretty creative collection of “What-If” Batman movie posters. You’d probably understand more in the Miyazaki version without subtitles than Bane in TDKR. Just sayin.via GeekTyrantRelated posts:10 Greatest Batman Villains of All TimeThe Many Faces of Batman [Animated GIF]Batman vs. Wolverine [Video] [Link]

WIRED » Multitenancy and Cloud Platforms: Four Big Problems

Sunday 19 February 1:56:00 UTC 2012


Slashdot » VLC 2.0 'Twoflower' Released For Windows & Mac

Sunday 19 February 1:54:00 UTC 2012

Titus Andronicus writes "Years in the making, the major new release of VideoLAN's media player has better support for multicore processors, GPUs, and much, much more. From the announcement: 'Twoflower has a new rendering pipeline for video, with higher quality subtitles, and new video filters to enhance your videos. It supports many new devices and BluRay Discs (experimental). Completely … [Link]

Slashdot » Flash Memory, Not Networks, Hamper Smartphones Most

Sunday 19 February 0:45:00 UTC 2012

Lucas123 writes "New research shows that far more than wireless network or CPUs, the NAND flash memory in cell phones, and in particular smartphones, affects the device's performance when it comes to loading apps, surfing the web and loading and reading documents. In tests with top-selling 16GB smartphones, NAND flash memory slowed mobile app performance from two to three … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » GAAAHHHH NEW “PROMETHEUS” TRAILER!!!

Sunday 19 February 0:30:22 UTC 2012

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!![Via Gamma Squad]Related posts:Prometheus: First Official Trailer [Alien Prequel]6 Image Comics You Should Be Reading (Besides ‘The Walking Dead’)Weekly Cosplay Roundup From Gamma Squad [Pics] [Link]


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