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Anyone who works as a freelancer these days has to be at least a bit familiar with techie things. But it isn’t just that. When I was a kid and those vaguely SF puppet shows were on the television and all the other kids wanted to be Greg Gogetem or Steve Savetheuniverse, I wanted to be the guy in a white coat and glasses called Doc or Brains. Here are some technology-related feeds I find useful and/or entertaining.

Slashdot » USPTO Declares Invalid Third of Three Critical Rambus Patents

Friday 27 January 23:55:00 UTC 2012

slew writes "This is a followup to this earlier story about 2 of 3 of Rambus's 'critical' patents being invalidated. Apparently now it's a hat-trick." There's something that seems unsavory and wasteful about a business environment in which a company's stock value "fluctuates sharply on its successes and failures in patent litigation and licensing." The linked article offers a … [Link]

Slashdot » White House Chief Technology Officer Steps Down

Friday 27 January 23:35:00 UTC 2012

New submitter Krazy Kanuck writes "The White House is running a story on their OSTP blog that Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra is stepping down after being appointed to the post by President Obama in 2009. There is some mention of him returning to his home state of Virginia, and the Washington Post suggests a possible bid for lieutenant … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Sneaky Geeky Save the Date Card

Friday 27 January 23:30:18 UTC 2012

Save the Date cards are not geeky, and a classy black and white picture is likely worth the dozen or so words on this card, but Ben still managed to make this card while expressing his geeky side.Of course he managed to wait until they were printed, mailed out, and received by friends and family before he spilled the beans of … [Link]

WIRED » Pentagon Confused by Its Own 'Subs vs. Terrorists' Plan

Friday 27 January 23:06:00 UTC 2012

It's the Pentagon dream that won't die: hitting enemy targets with missiles anywhere around the world within mere hours. (Too bad it could trigger a nuclear war.) Now that the brass swears it's got a technological fix for the ambitious missile project, it's got a bigger problem: the Pentagon can't seem to decide how it should actually work. … [Link]

Slashdot » DARPA Funding a $50 Drone-Droppable Spy Computer

Friday 27 January 22:56:00 UTC 2012

Sparrowvsrevolution writes "At the Shmoocon security conference, researcher Brendan O'Connor plans to present the F-BOMB, or Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors. Built from just the disassembled hardware in a commercially-available PogoPlug mini-computer, a few tiny antennae, eight gigabytes of flash memory and some 3D-printed plastic casing, the F-BOMB serves as 3.5"-by-4"-by-1" spy computer. With a contract from … [Link]

Slashdot » North Star May Be Wasting Away

Friday 27 January 22:34:00 UTC 2012

sciencehabit writes "The North Star, a celestial beacon to navigators for centuries, may be slowly shrinking, according to a new analysis of more than 160 years of observations. The data suggest that the familiar fixture in the northern sky is shedding an Earth's mass worth of gas each year." Read more of this story at Slashdot. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Skyrim Schmyrim [Video]

Friday 27 January 22:30:29 UTC 2012

NEVER KILL THE CHICKENS![Thunderhumor]Related posts:Beautiful Skyrim Covers by Mimi Page: Secunda and Sons of Skyrim [Video]Song of Skyrim [Video]Epic Skyrim Glitch [Video] [Link]

WIRED » Microsoft Kinect Could Make Its Way to Laptops

Friday 27 January 22:20:00 UTC 2012

The ability to control a Windows desktop with a simple hand gesture could become reality sooner than we once thought. The Daily got a sneak peek at two Microsoft-developed Windows 8 notebook prototypes with built-in Kinect sensors. The system would allow for gesture recognition in portable devices for the first time. [Link]

Slashdot » Flaw In YouTube Takedown Process Exposed

Friday 27 January 22:14:00 UTC 2012

New submitter BraveThumb writes "One independent rap group found it impossible to post their song on YouTube. When they tried to put up their video, they were informed that the copyright belonged to Universal Music, even though the rap group wasn't signed to any label. Another group working with Universal had used the music in a video of their … [Link]

WIRED » Lark Wristband Reveals the Best Lifestyle Choices For a Good Night's Sleep

Friday 27 January 21:37:00 UTC 2012

The Lark isn't the first wearable device to track one's sleep patterns, but the system adds a clever coaching element that other sleep trackers don't include. It's an important addition, as competing devices tend to smother the user in sleep data, but don't provide many tools to make sense of the data in an actionable way. [Link]

Slashdot » When Viruses Infect Worms

Friday 27 January 21:33:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "Bitdefender reports that there exist viruses which, when they encounter other viruses, will merge and combine effects so that they create a new virus. 'A virus infects executable files; and a worm is an executable file. If the virus reaches a PC already compromised by a worm, the virus will infect the exe files on … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » The Quest for the Mythical Fire Flower [Video]

Friday 27 January 21:30:25 UTC 2012

Freddie Wong goes on a quest to find the mythical fire flower, and as usual, ends up causing a whole lot of trouble in the process.[Freddiew]Related posts:Freddie Wong vs. Katamari Ball [Video]The Future of Gaming According to FreddieW [Video]Psychedelic Flower Warfare [Link]

WIRED » Vulcan's View 7: Volcanoes Seen From Space

Friday 27 January 20:55:30 UTC 2012

From a lava-oozing crater in the Congo to a smoke-puffing volcanic summit in Russia, volcanologist and Eruptions blogger Erik Klemetti shows off the planet's latest volcanic activity in photos taken from space. [Link]

WIRED » More Evidence Supports Barefoot Running

Friday 27 January 20:55:27 UTC 2012

Runners, start striking with your forefoot. And wear those goofy minimalist shoes while you're at it. Your body will thank you. [Link]

Slashdot » The ACTA Fight Returns: What Is At Stake & What You Can Do

Friday 27 January 20:51:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "The reverberations from the SOPA fight continue to be felt in the U.S. and elsewhere, but it is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that has captured increasing attention this week. Several months after the majority of ACTA participants signed the agreement, most European Union countries formally signed the agreement yesterday (notable exclusions include Germany, the Netherlands, … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Corporate Logos Get Re-Branded for Video Games Characters

Friday 27 January 20:30:02 UTC 2012

[Source: Dueling Analogs]Related posts:Blow Me [Comic]It’s not my fault I lost, because… [Comics]I Just Don’t Know What You See in Him [Comics] [Link]

WIRED » You Aren't Tough. These Guys Are Tough

Friday 27 January 20:30:00 UTC 2012

If the risk of hypothermia, burns, electrical shocks, broken bones and severely mussed hair isn't your thing, move along. There's nothing for you here at Tough Guy. [Link]

Slashdot » Bill Gates Gives $750M To AIDS Fund

Friday 27 January 20:29:00 UTC 2012

redletterdave writes "Microsoft chairman and philanthropist Bill Gates pledged $750 million to the troubled global AIDS fund on Thursday and urged governments to continue their support to save lives. Since the fund was launched 10 years ago, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $1.4 billion to the charity, having already contributed $650 million prior to the latest … [Link]

Slashdot » FBI Building App To Scrape Social Media

Friday 27 January 20:08:00 UTC 2012

Trailrunner7 writes "The FBI is in the early stages of developing an application that would monitor sites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as various news feeds, in order to find information on emerging threats and new events happening at the moment. The tool would give specialists the ability to pull the data into a dashboard that also … [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Developers Make a Difference at CleanWeb Hackathon

Friday 27 January 20:00:53 UTC 2012

The CleanWeb Hackathon wrapped up this weekend in New York City, with the goal of building apps that explore sustainable business models leveraging the mobile and social web, challenging developers on what they can do in 24 hours with utility, transport and smart grid datasets, and APIs. Two energy related APIs were on hand to help developers build applications on their … [Link]

WIRED » Documentary Meaning of Robots Unearths Droid-Porn Creator's Gadgets

Friday 27 January 20:00:00 UTC 2012

When director Matt Lenski first went to Michael Sullivan?s apartment, he probably never imagined he would be walking into a den of robot porn. [Link]

WIRED » Game|Life Podcast: Are Used Games Doomed to Extinction?

Friday 27 January 19:31:00 UTC 2012

Could the Xbox 720 (or whatever Microsoft?s next game console ends up being called) take steps to kill off the market for used gaming? We discuss the possibility on this week?s Game|Life podcast. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Feel The Force: Kinect Star Wars Teaser [Video]

Friday 27 January 19:30:29 UTC 2012

Unfortunately, Kinect Star Wars won’t be released anytime soon, but in the meantime, here’s a funny teaser featuring Darth Vader and Chris Pratt. The game will also be included in Microsoft’s upcoming uber awesome R2-D2-themed xbox 360 console.Related posts:Amazon Deal of the Day: 64% Off Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II + Free Starkiller Flash Drive – $29.19Star Wars kicks: … [Link]

WIRED » Galaxy Formation on a Benchtop

Friday 27 January 19:30:00 UTC 2012

Astrophysicists have simulated the magnetism of newborn galaxies using carbon rods and lasers in a small laboratory setup. [Link]

Slashdot » Russian Rocket Fleet Grounded Again

Friday 27 January 19:24:00 UTC 2012

Velcroman1 writes "Failed pressure chamber tests have forced Russia to postpone two manned launches to the International Space Station — echoing a 2011 situation that left the country's space transport vehicles grounded and led to speculation that scientists may be forced to abandon the orbiting space base. Six astronauts are currently aboard the ISS including two Americans: Commander Dan … [Link]

Slashdot » Mars Rover Opportunity Turns 8

Friday 27 January 19:01:00 UTC 2012

New submitter el borak writes "Never mind all the talk about the revival of the American auto industry. What may be the greatest car the U.S. has ever built is currently a tidy 78 million miles (125m km) away from this world — resting on the edge of Endeavour crater in the southern hemisphere of Mars. It was on … [Link]

Slashdot » ReDigi Defends Used Digital Music Market

Friday 27 January 18:41:00 UTC 2012

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "ReDigi has fired back, opposing Capitol Records's motion for a preliminary injunction. In his opposition declaration, ReDigi's CTO Larry Rudolph explains in detail (PDF) how the technology employed by ReDigi's used digital music marketplace effects transfer of a music file without copying, but by modifying the record locator in an 'atomic transaction,' and how it verifies that … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Gold-coated ant wields microcog

Friday 27 January 18:35:38 UTC 2012

Don't fear, ants haven't started constructing micromachines: this cog-wielding insect has been sealed in golden armour after death [Link]

WIRED » Palms Down: Mobile Hardware Guru Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP

Friday 27 January 18:35:00 UTC 2012


Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazon seller accused of five star fix

Friday 27 January 18:30:01 UTC 2012

While most of us object to politicians or law enforcement officials taking bribes, it turns out that the public is quite happy to be complicit in corrupt behavior.Amazon has been forced to delete hundreds of reviews after a newspaper revealed that the customers — while genuine — had effectively been bribed to write the positive comments.The New York Times told Amazon … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Today on New Scientist: 27 January 2012

Friday 27 January 18:30:00 UTC 2012

All today's stories on, including: arsenic life does not exist after all and repeated drought in east Africa may prompt aid rethink [Link]

New Scientist – News » US voters are less partisan than they think

Friday 27 January 18:30:00 UTC 2012

Democrat and Republican voters' views on touchstone issues are not as strongly polarised as they assume – but mistrustful activists may often swing elections [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » Best New Mashups: Book Mashups using Freebase, Google Maps and Amazon

Friday 27 January 18:29:30 UTC 2012

FreebaseRecently we have seen some imaginative mashups centered on books. From mapping story locations, building communities around book genres and even discovering the most obscure connections between details in your favorite stories, these mashups are nothing short of creative. In addition we’ve rounded up a couple of standard book search and recommendation applications. Some of the popular APIs used include Google … [Link]

WIRED » Why Popcorn Smells Like a Bearcat?s Butt

Friday 27 January 18:28:00 UTC 2012

Special glands on the rumps of binturongs, or bearcats, excrete a chemical that smells like popcorn. Laelaps blogger Brian Switek explains how the chemical concoction plays a crucial role in the animal's bizarre mating ritual. [Link]

New Scientist – News » Cane toads lose their killer touch in east Australia

Friday 27 January 18:18:55 UTC 2012

Australia's native species die when they eat poisonous cane toads – but not the blue-tongue lizards of eastern Australia [Link]

Slashdot » Man Who Downloaded Bomb Recipes Jailed For 2 Years

Friday 27 January 18:00:00 UTC 2012

chrb writes "Asim Kauser, a 25-year-old British man, has been jailed for two years and three months for downloading recipes on how to make bombs and the toxin ricin. Police discovered the materials on a USB stick Asim's father gave to them following a burglary at the Kauser family home. Asim pled guilty and claimed that he only downloaded … [Link]

WIRED » HTML5 Video on the Web Today

Friday 27 January 17:43:00 UTC 2012

The hype surrounding HTML5 video may have died down, but as a recent report on the state of HTML5 video on today's web shows, the actual technology is better than ever. [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Wastelander Panda: Where Mad Max Meets Kung Fu Panda [Video]

Friday 27 January 17:30:01 UTC 2012

Holy. Crap. I’m not sure about what I just saw, but surprisingly, I thought it was actually pretty good!The tale of the last remaining panda in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.Like this and want to see more? Leave a comment, share the video with your friends and become a fan of Epic Films on Facebook.This prologue is based on a TV series … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Creativity takes teamwork

Friday 27 January 17:18:40 UTC 2012

What does creativity in science look like? The most creative scientists may be those that collaborate with others from different disciplines, concludes a panel [Link]

Slashdot » AT&T Threatening To Raise Rates After Merger Failure

Friday 27 January 17:18:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "In the quarterly earnings call following the defeat of his attempted acquisition of T-Mobile, AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson was quick to lash out at the FCC, claiming that because his company was unable to acquire more spectrum to handle the explosion of mobile data users, AT&T would be forced to raise prices and take additional … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Astrophile: Picture yourself on a sandboard on Titan

Friday 27 January 17:17:00 UTC 2012

Taking in plastic sand, marmalade skies and methane rivers, a tour of Titan's sand dunes would be as trippy as a late Beatles song [Link]

Slashdot » America's Future Is In Software, Not Hardware

Friday 27 January 16:35:00 UTC 2012

New submitter tcjr2006 writes "Obama's State of the Union focused on the return of manufacturing jobs to America. This New Yorker story makes the case that the manufacturing jobs aren't going to come back, and he should be focusing on software. Quoting: 'Yes, there are industries where manufacturing jobs can be brought back to America through proper tax incentives … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Awesome Tee: Falcon Girl (Tank Girl / Star Wars Mashup)

Friday 27 January 16:30:22 UTC 2012

[GAS] friend James Hance just released this really cool shirt bringing Tank Girl and Princess Leia together in the same design.[Falcon Girl T-Shirt – $25.56 | James Hance on Facebook]Related posts:Princess Leia Geek Girl Tattoo [Pic]Best iPhone Game of All Time – Star Wars Arcade: Falcon GunnerStar Wars + Classic Movies = Amazing Mashup Movie Posters [Pics] … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Virtual trees sway in wind just like the real thing

Friday 27 January 16:23:00 UTC 2012

Animators will soon be able to construct startlingly realistic sylvan beauty in movies and video games with a new system for generating 3D virtual trees [Link]

WIRED » An Intimate Look at Egypt's Youth in Ongoing Revolution

Friday 27 January 16:10:59 UTC 2012

If you?ve been following the Arab Spring, you?ve seen Ed Ou?s work. At age 25, he has made some of the most impactful photos of the revolutions in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. His photography has helped translate the ongoing uprisings for a Western audience and he continues his work on the ground there even now. [Link]

WIRED » Stone Age Social Networks May Have Resembled Ours

Friday 27 January 16:10:58 UTC 2012

Ancient Stone Age humans may have paved the way for their modern brethren — us — to cooperate with each other by developing the first sets of what are now-common social characteristics. [Link]

New Scientist – News » Repeated drought in east Africa may prompt aid rethink

Friday 27 January 16:05:00 UTC 2012

Rainfall patterns over east Africa have changed in a way that makes severe droughts more likely – aid agencies need to rethink the way they operate [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » AllTrails Drops Google Maps in Favor of NatGeo’s TOPO

Friday 27 January 16:00:13 UTC 2012

Google Maps API has become so entrenched in developer minds, that if you are looking for a mapping feature in your application, you did not look beyond them. But ever since Google announced its pricing last year, websites that have a large number of visitors have been disappointed with the potential fees that they will have to shell out for the … [Link]

Slashdot » Iwata Confirms Nintendo Network, New Wii U Controller Functions

Friday 27 January 15:52:00 UTC 2012

New submitter DeanCubed writes "In a Nintendo investor meeting, CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed a new Nintendo Network for the company's 3DS and upcoming Wii U game systems. This includes multiple user accounts per console (not tied to hardware, a first for Nintendo) and digitally distributed retail software releases for their online store. Iwata also noted that the Wii U's … [Link]

Slashdot » Close Approach By Asteroid 2012 BX34

Friday 27 January 15:38:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes with news that asteroid 2012 BX34, 11 meters wide, is in the process of passing within 60,000km of Earth — about a fifth of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. At that size, the asteroid would pose no danger even if it hit the Earth's atmosphere. Read more of this story at Slashdot. … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Things That Go BOOM in a Microwave [Slow-Mo Video]

Friday 27 January 15:30:46 UTC 2012

Ever wonder what would happen if you put a watermelon in the microwave? Or a lightbulb? Or a champagne bottle? We slowed it down for you so you wouldn’t miss a thing. Real explosions…just not in real time.[Via Geekologie]Related posts:The Best Spot in the Microwave [Video]Transparent Touchscreen Window! [Video]Raiders of the Lost Ark Stop Motion [Video] … [Link]

Slashdot » Graphene Membranes Superpermeable to Water

Friday 27 January 15:12:00 UTC 2012

Dr Max writes "Not only is graphene the strongest, thinnest and best conducting material known to man, it is now shown to have superpermeability with respect to water as well. This allows a membrane made with graphene to pass water right through it (PDF), while another atom or molecule (even helium) gets blocked. 'The properties are so unusual that … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Launching a Minifig into Near Space [Video]

Friday 27 January 14:54:40 UTC 2012

After watching a video of a balloon launched into near space by a team of MIT students, two 17-year-old kids from the Agincourt Collegiate Institute in Scarborough decided to launch a minifig 24 kilometres into our atmosphere via a helium-filled balloon.[Via Metafilter]Related posts:Paper Airplanes Launched from Edge of SpaceAerostat: Launching a Camera to the Edge of Space [Video]LEGO Star Wars … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Nintendo Wii U to have touch-free payment system

Friday 27 January 14:45:18 UTC 2012

Nintendo's next console will have a near-field communications (NFC) chip, opening up the possibility of new kinds of games and new ways to pay for them. [Link]

Slashdot » Judge Denies Dismissal of No-Poach Conspiracy Case

Friday 27 January 14:30:00 UTC 2012

theodp writes "Testifying before Congress in 2007, Google's HR chief stated: 'We make great efforts to uncover the most talented employees we can find.' But according to the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Google actually went to some lengths to avoid uncovering some of tech's most talented employees, striking up agreements with Apple, Intel, and other corporations to avoid recruiting … [Link]

WIRED » Survival Flick The Grey Is a Tear-Jerker for Tough Guys

Friday 27 January 13:53:08 UTC 2012

Adventure-thriller The Grey reveals its gutsy story like a clockwork onion. A propulsive tale of plane-crash survivors fighting for their lives in the Alaskan wilds, the movie strips its characters of their bravado and exposes their souls layer by layer, one brush with death or honest moment of brotherhood at a time. [Link]

WIRED » Blind Motocross Rider Aims for the Record Books

Friday 27 January 13:53:07 UTC 2012

Matt Wadsworth is not letting the fact he's blind keeping him from reaching for his dream of setting a record for distance jumping on a motorcycle. [Link]

Slashdot » Scientists Organize Elsevier Boycott

Friday 27 January 13:47:00 UTC 2012

An anonymous reader writes "The academic publisher Elsevier has attracted controversy for its high prices, the practice of bundling journals for sale to libraries and its support for legislation such as SOPA and the Research Works Act. Fields medal-winning mathematician Tim Gowers decided to go public with a blog post describing how he'll no longer have anything to do … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Let's give science a bad name in schools

Friday 27 January 13:35:00 UTC 2012

The best way to get teens interested in science is to wash its dirty laundry in public, says Michael Brooks [Link]

New Scientist – News » Friday Illusion: Einstein's face emerges from tapestry

Friday 27 January 13:31:26 UTC 2012

Watch knitted stripes reveal a portrait of the famous physicist when viewed from an angle [Link]

Slashdot » Pentagon Drafts Kids To Build Drones and Robots

Friday 27 January 13:05:00 UTC 2012

MrSeb writes "In a world where warfare is fast becoming fielded by remote controlled and autonomous robots, innovation is the key to victory. The most technologically advanced superpower can see more, plan better, and attack from further away than its inferior adversaries. What better way to revolutionize the drone and robotics industry than use the brilliant minds of our … [Link]

WIRED » HBO's Luck Dives Deep Into Horse Racing

Friday 27 January 13:00:00 UTC 2012

David Milch, of NYPD Blue and Deadwood fame, takes you into the world of thoroughbred racing through a new HBO series. [Link]

WIRED » Jan. 27, 1888: National Geographic Society Gets Going

Friday 27 January 13:00:00 UTC 2012


WIRED » For Newt, 'World War III' Is Just the Beginning

Friday 27 January 13:00:00 UTC 2012

Newt Gingrich doesn't just want to lay waste to his political enemies and a large part of the news media. The former House speaker and presidential hopeful wants to bomb a significant part of the planet, too. [Link]

WIRED » America's Most Dangerous Mall: Going Shopping at the Pentagon

Friday 27 January 13:00:00 UTC 2012

Most people think of the Pentagon as a giant warplanning center. But the Pentagon is also a giant mall, complete with a Taco Bell, a nail salon, a Redbox DVD rental, a florist, a Best Buy and even a fancy supermarket. Warfare has gone retail. [Link]

WIRED » The World's First Computer Password? It Was Useless Too

Friday 27 January 13:00:00 UTC 2012

If you're like most people, you're annoyed by passwords. You've got dozens to remember — some of them tortuously complex — and on any given day, as you read e-mails, send tweets, and order groceries online, you're bound to forget one, or at least mistype it. You may even be one of those people can't help but scribble your passwords … [Link]

New Scientist – News » Learning without remembering: Brain lab goes to school

Friday 27 January 12:30:00 UTC 2012

Insights from brain science are finally coming into the classroom with a method based on seeing patterns, finds Peter Aldhous (full text available to subscribers) [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Chocolate Solar System too Pretty to Eat

Friday 27 January 12:19:18 UTC 2012

I found this today while checking out the aptly named This Is Why Im and I just fell in love with the presentation.Of course my inner child couldn’t resist the subtitle “Ever wonder what Uranus tastes like?” either. I giggled. From the Official Japanese website with a french name, L’éclat, Google Translate gives us a rough translation:All the chocolate taste eight … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Boromir Explains MMORPGs [Pic]

Friday 27 January 12:19:17 UTC 2012

[Via]Related posts:This Explains Everything [PIC][GAS] Explains: Music Royalties for DummiesFelicia Day Explains Colliding Galaxies [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » We live as we dream: alone – C64 Alien (1984) LIVE Remix [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:16 UTC 2012

A very cool live remix of the C64 “Alien” theme song, which was originally composed by Paul Clansey in 1984.[Via]Related posts:Davyd: An A.I. Musical Remix by Pogo [Video]“Alien” Wedding Cake: Chest-bustingly AwesomeMurmurs Of Middle-Earth – A Musical LOTR Remix by Pogo [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » How Bioshock Should Have Ended [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:15 UTC 2012

Jack saves the Little Sisters, but he gets way more than he bargained for… 5 pesky little brats.[Hishedotcom]Related posts:Bioshock Infinite Preview [Video]New BioShock: Infinite Trailer [Video]How Captain America Should Have Ended [Video] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Every Doctor Who Story from 1963 to Now (In Just 10 Minutes!) [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:14 UTC 2012

This almost complete video compilation lists every Doctor Who story from ‘An Unearthly Child’ in 1963 right up to ‘The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe’ Christmas Special. Unfortunately, the BBC currently has 106 episodes missing from their archives, so these are absent from the video.[Via Topless Robot]Related posts:Doctor Who: Regeneration (All The Doctor’s Regenerations 1963 – 2010) [Video]Doctor Who … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » The Mushroom Kingdom Like You’ve Never Seen it Before: Mario Warfare

Friday 27 January 12:19:13 UTC 2012

The folks from Beat Down Boogie have just released this really cool series of posters to promote their upcoming Mario Warfare web series. There’s not much details about the series on their website, but if it looks like anything they’ve produced in the past, this is going to be one cool show. [Beat Down Boogie]Related posts:Mario’s Mushroom Mix-up [Video]Wednesday Geeky Pics: Mario, … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » New Xbox could destroy used games market

Friday 27 January 12:19:12 UTC 2012

In what would surely be one of the dumbest decisions in entertainment tech history, there are rumors that the next generation of the Xbox won’t allow owners to play used games.With a release expected to be about 18 months away, we’re at the point where Microsoft is likely firming up the final specs and planning production. That’s led to a flurry … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » 10 Misconceptions Debunked [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:11 UTC 2012

In this video, Youtuber C.G.P. Grey debunks ten popular misconceptions that most of us have probably heard a few times in the past.[Via]Related posts:Facts can make misconceptions strongerSex Education Fail: Contraception Misconceptions2012 & The End of the World [Video] [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Amazing Minimalist Superhero Posters – Part II [Gallery]

Friday 27 January 12:19:10 UTC 2012

We’ve already featured some of BloOp’s amazing artwork in the past, and to my great pleasure, the artist has just released a new batch of awesome minimalist-style superhero posters. My initial inspiration for these designs comes from designer Marko Manev and his superhero posters Marko Manev Although I’m not selling these I am a designer always looking for work![Source]Related posts:Marvel Minimalist Posters … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Geek Therapy: There’s nothing geek girls hate more than poseurs [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:09 UTC 2012

I just love this new show from the ladies over at Oh, and about that geek girl therapist? Hottest geek girl alive! :)[Comediva]Related posts:Geek Therapy: What is your Geek Quotient? [Video]“Some girls like superheroes, some girls like princesses….” [Video]Holy Crap that’s Awesome: Geek & Gamer Girls Music Video [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Blizzcon 2012 Canceled

Friday 27 January 12:19:08 UTC 2012

While Blizzard Entertainment’s official All-Things-Starcraft-Warcraft-Diabl~ gaming convention is such a big deal, it seemed odd that they would NOT have one this year. After all, the media gaming giant has Heart of the Swarm (Starcraft2 Expansion), Mists of Pandaria (World of Warcraft Expansion) and Diablo 3 all being released this year. But in a side note in a news post … [Link]

Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Mario is Just Too Mainstream [Video]

Friday 27 January 12:19:07 UTC 2012

You’ve probably heard of him…[Dorkly]Related posts:The Night Before Mario’s Christmas [Video]Mario’s Mushroom Mix-up [Video]Mario is a Furry [Video] [Link]

O'Reilly News and Commentary » #Ebook Deal/Day: MongoDB and PHP – $7.49 (Save 50%)

Friday 27 January 12:17:17 UTC 2012

Get "MongoDB and PHP" today and save 50%!This sale ends at 2:00 AM 2012-01-30 (PDT, GMT-8:00). [Link]

New Scientist – News » Arsenic life does not exist after all

Friday 27 January 10:48:00 UTC 2012

Controversial claims that bacteria can exchange phosphorus in their DNA with arsenic have failed to be replicated [Link]

New Scientist – News » Go with the flow system

Friday 27 January 10:44:00 UTC 2012

In Design in Nature by Adrian Bejan and J. Peder Zane a new theory of nature is mooted, but is the idea stretched beyond its reach? [Link]

Slashdot » Ask Slashdot: Techie Wedding Invitation Ideas?

Friday 27 January 10:21:00 UTC 2012

Qa32 writes "I am getting married in a few months and being a hardcore techie I wanted to come up with some novel way of making my wedding invite that will truly have even my mom say, 'wow, that was cool.' Has anyone out there done anything similar, or have you thought of something similar you'd like to share? … [Link]

Slashdot » Team Creates Footwear Recognition System

Friday 27 January 8:59:00 UTC 2012

Zothecula writes "Facial recognition might be all the rage in giving computer systems the ability to ascertain the identity of individuals — what with most people having different facial features and all. But a team from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, has taken a different approach to identify users of touch-based tabletop computers like Microsoft's Surface. Instead … [Link]

The Joy of Tech » JoT 1645: What Apple could do with their $100 billion.

Friday 27 January 8:06:33 UTC 2012

JoT thumbBesides give it to you. Click here to visit the comic. [Link]

ProgrammableWeb » APIs Enables Alaska Airlines to Fly Higher and Grow Faster

Friday 27 January 8:00:20 UTC 2012

Even though Alaska Airlines was one of the first airlines to offer an iPhone application, allowing travelers to check-in and use their phone as mobile boarding pass, early efforts were essentially just “screen-scraped” from the companies website, providing a very poor user experience, not really delivering on the process of the mobile web. Since you’re a ProgrammableWeb reader, you can probably … [Link]

Slashdot » EU ACTA Chief Resigns

Friday 27 January 7:55:00 UTC 2012

bs0d3 writes "The EU ACTA chief has resigned, saying, 'This agreement might have major consequences on citizens' lives, and still, everything is being done to prevent the European Parliament from having its say in this matter. That is why today, as I release this report for which I was in charge, I want to send a strong signal and … [Link]

WIRED » A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Jan. 27

Friday 27 January 6:46:24 UTC 2012

Google's daily brainteaser helps hone your search skills. [Link]

Geek Culture » Thirsty Cat drinks with his head.

Friday 27 January 6:10:04 UTC 2012


Slashdot » 1st 'Super Wi-Fi' Net Goes Live In North Carolina

Friday 27 January 5:45:00 UTC 2012

alphadogg writes "Lucky residents of Wilmington, N.C., will be the first in the nation to have access to a 'Super Wi-Fi' network. Officials from New Hanover County, N.C., announced Thursday that they had become the first in the United States to deploy a mobile data network on so-called 'white spaces' spectrum that the FCC first authorized for unlicensed use … [Link]

Slashdot » Twitter Can Now Block Tweets In Specific Countries

Friday 27 January 3:22:00 UTC 2012

itwbennett writes "In a blog post on Thursday, Twitter announced that it can now block individual Tweets in specific countries, while leaving them visible in other countries. 'We try to keep content up whenever and wherever we can, and we will be transparent with users when we can't,' the blog said. Twitter will publish requests it receives to block … [Link]

WIRED » Railroad Association Says Hack Memo Was Inaccurate

Friday 27 January 1:41:19 UTC 2012

A government memo saying a railway was hacked in a targeted attack has numerous inaccuracies, according to a spokeswoman for the Association of American Railroads. [Link]

Slashdot » Scientists Create World's First Atomic X-Ray Laser

Friday 27 January 1:00:00 UTC 2012

New submitter newmission33 writes "Government researchers have created the fastest, purest X-ray laser pulses ever achieved, and have fulfilled a 1967 prediction that an atomic scale X-ray laser could be made in the same manner as visible-light lasers, according to a statement released Wednesday. Researchers at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory used the Linac Coherent Light Source to aim … [Link]

WIRED » Apple Employee Meeting Reveals More Corporate Kindness From Tim Cook

Friday 27 January 0:51:00 UTC 2012


Geeks are Sexy Technology News » Chocolate Solar System too Pretty to Eat

Friday 27 January 0:30:09 UTC 2012

I found this today while checking out the aptly named This Is Why Im and I just fell in love with the presentation.Of course my inner child couldn’t resist the subtitle “Ever wonder what Uranus tastes like?” either. I giggled. From the Official Japanese website with a french name, L’éclat, Google Translate gives us a rough translation:All the chocolate taste eight … [Link]

Slashdot » US Plummets On World Press Freedom Ranking

Friday 27 January 0:15:00 UTC 2012

Jeremiah Cornelius writes "Reporters Without Borders released its 2011-2012 global Press Freedom Index. The indicators for press freedom in the U.S. are dramatic, with a downward movement from 27th to 47th in the global ranking, from the previous year. Much of this is correlated directly to the arrest and incarceration of American journalists covering the 'Occupy' protest movements in … [Link]


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